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During the first week after bringing Emiko home, things weren't so bad considering all she mainly did was sleep, but as soon as she turned three months old, things were a different story. For the most part she was a good baby, but when she was hungry or sleepy, she turned into a screaming demon. At night, the new parents got about three hours of sleep before she began her begging to be fed and held. Needless to say, Emiko didn't spend much time in her own room or her own bed, but the two captains eventually learned to deal with their new schedule and sleeping arrangements.

Shunsui had to go back to squad duty a few weeks after Emiko was brought home, but Jushiro didn't have to start back until Emiko was four months old allowing him time to heal due to the complications during the baby's birth. The thirteenth captain often found himself alone with Emiko just talking to her as if she could understand everything he was saying. In fact, the white haired shinigami found himself doing that exact thing at this moment.

"Let's see, maybe we should put you in the dress Rangiku gave you tomorrow. I think she said she was coming over for a visit tomorrow afternoon." He turns to Emiko, who happens to be lying on the futon, with the dress in his hand as if he's showing it to her for her approval. He frowns when he sees that she's asleep, "You always nap when I need your opinion. You act just like your father."

He lays the dress out on the futon and nods his head deciding that it is the outfit for tomorrow, "Your daddy should be home any minute and you know he's going to wake you up with all his rowdy playing." He picks the dress up knowing Shunsui will swan dive onto the futon and wrinkle it as soon as he enters the bedroom.

Sure enough, within the next few minutes, the brunet enters the house with a loud greeting, "I'm home! Where's my baby?!"

"We're in the bedroom!" Jushiro rolls his green eyes at having to tell his lover where they were when it should be obvious considering they weren't in the living room.

The eighth captain soon appears in the doorway of the bedroom and smiles at the sleeping baby on the futon. He then makes his way to Jushiro and kisses his lover on the lips in greeting, "How has your day been?"

The thirteenth captain puts the dress in the closet and frowns, "Boring. All I do is walk around here talking to Emiko and I might as well be talking to myself considering she's either napping or crying for food. She reminds me of you."

"Ha, ha…just think about how you'll feel when you have to leave our little cutie to go back to squad duty." Shunsui kisses Jushiro once more before turning to the futon where he promptly dives onto it as predicted, waking the baby in the process. Emiko wakes with a startle, but quiets down as soon as Shunsui scoops her into his arms and greets her with his reiatsu, "How's my pretty little girl today?"

Jushiro shakes his head in disapproval, "I wish you wouldn't jump on the futon and jostle her so much."

"Aw, come on, mom! She likes it…don't you, Emiko? You like it, don't you?" He brushes her tiny nose with his and she smiles at the attention.

The thirteenth captain lays down beside them on the futon and smiles at the image of Shunsui holding their baby so lovingly. He stares at the two of them for a long time before speaking with a nostalgic tone in his voice, "I'm glad you decided to kiss me at Academy."

The pink clad captain tears his gaze away from his smiling daughter to look at his grinning lover, "Oh, really?" Jushiro nods and Shunsui continues, "I'm glad you let me take it to the next level after the first kiss."

"Don't say that in front of Emiko." He playfully shoves the eighth captain as his pale cheeks turn a soft shade of pink, "Did you ever think that one kiss would turn into all this. Did you think that after all these years we'd still be together and have a baby?"

Shunsui begins rocking Emiko in his arms and returns his gaze to her face as he answers his lover's question, "I knew I wanted to be with you forever from the first time I held your hand, but since I didn't know us having a baby was possible until a few months ago, I didn't quite predict her." He looks up at Jushiro again with an affectionate expression on his face, "But, if you're asking if I'm happy with the way things turned out then the answer is yes."

The thirteenth captain's smile widens at Shunsui's words, "I love you, Shunsui."

"I love you too." The eighth captain leans over to connect his lips to his lover's lips in a short but loving kiss.

That night, the two shinigami are in their futon sleeping, when Emiko decides it's a great time to test her lung capacity. The new parents open their eyes sleepily from the sounds of their daughter crying. Shunsui is the first to sit up, "I got it…I'll get her."

Jushiro nods and rolls back over as the brunet stands up and makes his way to the baby's room. He walks in and gives her a worried look, "And, what has you so upset this time of night?" He picks her up and wrinkles his nose, "I see." He carries her to the changing table with a frown, "Do you ever poop for your mom? It seems like every time I check on you in the night you have a present for me."

Emiko continues crying and her wails only get louder as he goes about changing her soiled diaper. When he's finished, he redresses her and picks her up, "Shhh, it's okay. Daddy has you and daddy will never let anything hurt you." He carries her to the kitchen and begins preparing her bottle as he continues talking soothingly to her, "You better be glad I love you cause I'm too old for this."

The eighth captain finally gets Emiko fed and back to sleep before making his way back to the bedroom. He crawls back under the blanket and wraps his arms around his lover's waist, "Hey, Ju? Are you asleep?"

The thirteenth captain groans, "I was trying to be. What do you want?"

Shunsui snuggles closer to the white haired man and buries his face in the crook between Jushiro's neck and shoulder, "Can we have sex?"

"It's the middle of the night." He lets out an exhausted yawn.

"I know, but Emiko's asleep and we haven't done it since you were pregnant." He frowns against his lover's skin, "That's been almost four months. I think I might explode if we don't do it soon."

Jushiro rolls his eyes, "I don't think you'll explode." He closes his eyes again trying to ignore Shunsui's persistence, "I'm tired."

"Pleeeeeease! I'll do all the work and I promise it will feel amazing." He snakes his hand underneath the blanket and gently caresses his lover's crotch through the fabric if his pajamas.

The thirteenth captain slaps the brunet's hand away in annoyance, "Stop it, Shunsui! I said I'm tired!"

"But, you always say that." He forgets trying to touch his lover and begins rubbing his own crotch against the clothed backside of his white haired friend, "I really want you tonight."

Jushiro lets out an aggravated growl, "Shunsui, stop it! I'm serious!"

The thirteenth captain continues to struggle against Shunsui's advances, but as he tries to move away from the bearded man, he finds himself underneath the eighth captain. The brunet smiles down at him as he places a kiss against Jushiro's lips, "It's been awhile since we were in this position." His smile widens as he lowers his mouth down to Jushiro's again and this time he deepens the kiss as he slips his tongue between his lover's lips.

He hears the white haired shinigami moan, making Shunsui feel extremely proud of himself as he continues to explore Jushiro's warm mouth with his tongue. The eighth captain eventually breaks the kiss as his lips travel down the pale neck of his lover. He continues down Jushiro's skin when the thirteenth captain makes no move to stop him and Shunsui pulls the shoulder of his lover's pajamas down to kiss the newly appearing flesh there, "Shunsui…Shunsui, I…"

The brunet doesn't stop kissing Jushiro's shoulder and begins pulling the pajamas open, but he doesn't get very far as the white haired man quickly covers himself with his hands and turns onto his side. Shunsui gives him a confused look, "Jushiro, what's the matter? If you really are that tired then we don't have to, but I thought you were enjoying it."

"It's not that I don't want to, but…" He shakes his head and readjusts his clothes.

The bearded man rolls off of his friend to sit next to him on the futon, "But what, Ju? Is it me? Did I do something you didn't like?"

"No, it's nothing like that." A conflicted expression appears on the thirteenth captain's pale face, "You're going to think I sound stupid or girly."

Shunsui reaches out and smoothes his hand over Jushiro's cheek in an affectionate manner, "I'm sure I won't think that. Tell me what's wrong."

Jushiro swallows his nervousness and turns to face the brunet, "I don't look the same as before and I'm afraid that when you see me naked you'll think I look terrible." Shunsui opens his mouth to respond, but Jushiro stops him as he continues speaking himself, "I'm not as big as I was when I was pregnant obviously, but I'm still not the weight that I was before and I have stretch marks and that scar on my stomach." He lets out a breath of anxiety, "I'm afraid you won't find me attractive anymore and that's silly, I know, but that's how I feel."

The eighth captain is quiet for a long time as he contemplates what to say. When he finally speaks again an understanding expression appears on his face, "I have been with you through countless attacks with your illness and I have witnessed you getting pretty beaten up in battles, not to mention I almost witnessed your death only months ago. I have seen you at your worst and if all of those things didn't make me run away screaming then a few little stretch marks and some extra pudge aren't going to make me think you're unattractive." He runs his large fingers through the snow white strands of his lover hair as he continues reassuring him, "The only thing I think about when I see those stretch marks or that incision is the fact that you brought our kid into this world." His voice trembles with his next words, "The fact that I get to see those things means everything to me because when you woke up and I saw all that blood…I-I thought I'd lost you and I thought our baby was dead." He pulls his lover into a tight embrace, "The fact that you and Emiko are here means everything to me and I could care less what kind of marks or scars you have."

Jushiro returns the embrace and smiles against Shunsui's shoulder, "I'm sorry that you had to witness something so terrible, Shunsui. I shouldn't complain about my body after all of that."

"You don't need to apologize, Ju." He breathes in the smell of the thirteenth captain and tightens his hold on the white haired man, "You and Emiko are with me and that's apology enough."

The two shinigami silently embrace for a long time until Jushiro breaks the quiet of the bedroom, "Let's do something about your possible explosion. I wouldn't want to have to explain that to anyone."

Shunsui laughs as he releases the embrace and kisses his lover again, "We really don't have to have sex if you don't want to, Ju."

"I want to." The brunet helps his lover lay back down on the futon and they help each other out of their pajamas before Shunsui resumes his position on top of the thirteenth captain.

Shunsui once again makes his way down his lover's body using his lips and tongue, stopping only to lazily circle one of Jushiro's nipples with his tongue. He circles the current nipple a few times before giving it a little nip with his teeth before moving on to the other one. Jushiro lets out a soft moan as the brunet tires of teasing his nipples and kisses his way down his chest to his abdomen. The eighth captain lifts his head to gaze into his best friend's green eyes before placing a tender kiss to the raised, pink scar resting on Jushiro's lower abdomen, "You're perfect, Ju."

A tint of red dusts the thirteenth captain's cheeks at Shunsui's words as the brunet places his hands on Jushiro's pale thighs to gently coax them open. He then rests his body between his white haired lover's thighs as very lightly strokes the hard, heated flesh between Jushiro's legs, "Sh-Shunsui…ah!"

The pale captain lifts his hips to try and gain more friction, but Shunsui pulls away, "Not yet, Ju. It's been too long and I don't want this to end just yet."

The bearded shinigami stretches his arm out to reach the lube and quickly opens it to gather some of the slick content onto his fingers. As he prepares his lover's extremely snug opening, said lover grips the sheets of the futon as several sounds of pleasure fall from his lips, "That's enough, Shunsui. Please, just do it."

Shunsui nods as he spreads the lube onto his length with a groan. He then opens his lover's legs a little wider as he guides the head of his cock into the tight ring of muscle, "Oh, it's…it's been t-too long." He bites his bottom lips with his teeth as he pushes in some more, "You're so tight…ah hah... and it's so g-good."

He finally enters his entire length into his lover and waits until Jushiro wraps his slender legs around his waist before pulling his hips back and snapping them forward with a sigh of pleasure. Before long, the only sounds in the bedroom are the blissful moans and groans of the two men at the height of pleasure. The thirteenth captain lets out a gasp as his sweet spot is hit, "I can't…last much longer…I-I'm so…close, Shunsui!"

The brunet's thrusts become erratic as he pounds into his lover harder, "I'm close too, Ju!"

With a few more thrusts and a couple of tugs to the white haired captain's erection, the lover's reach their climax together with a cry of each other's name. Shunsui rolls onto the futon to lay beside Jushiro and is about to wrap his arms around the thirteenth captain when they hear the high pitched cries of their daughter. Jushiro chuckles softly, "Apparently, cuddling is against the rules."

Shunsui sits up and heads to the restroom, "Let me wash up a bit and I'll get her."

"Are you sure, Shunsui? You did it last time." He sits up and uses the edge of the sheet to wipe his own skin clean.

"No problem, Ju." The sound of water can be heard splashing in the restroom and before long Shunsui emerges and begins redressing, "You just get some sleep, love."

With those words, the brunet leaves the bedroom to go check on Emiko and unknown to him, Jushiro watches the fatherly interaction through the baby monitor they received as a shower gift and he smiles.

Two weeks later, Jushiro is once again burdened with squad duty. He welcomes the baby sitter and soon, he and Shunsui are out the door. However, Jushiro doesn't get very far away from the house before stopping and looking back. Shunsui walks to stand beside him and places a hand on the thirteenth captain's shoulder, "Come on, Ju. You don't wanna be late on your first day back."

The white haired man lets out a heavy sigh, "Do you think she'll be okay? I wish I didn't have to leave her."

"She'll be just fine with the baby sitter and I know you didn't wanna leave her, but she's not gonna be a baby forever." Jushiro rests his head on Shunsui's shoulder as the brunet continues talking, "She's gonna be a grown up woman one day so you might as well start giving her some space now."

Jushiro lifts his head and gives the eighth captain a frown, "Why did you have to bring that up? I just want to imagine her being a baby forever."

"I didn't mean to upset you, Ju." He kisses his lover on the forehead and smiles, "Let's get to work now."

The two captains begin walking again and just as they're about to part ways, Jushiro speaks, "Shunsui, how would you feel about having another baby?"

"I'm not used to the one we have yet." He looks at his best friend for a moment and a worried expression appears on his face, "You haven't ingested anything strange from any mad scientists lately, have you?"

A sly smile appears on the thirteenth captain's face, "Not lately, but you never know when I might need lozenge." Jushiro laughs at the horror-stricken look on Shunsui's face, "I'm kidding, Shunsui. We would discuss it first."

Jushiro turns and begins walking in the opposite direction and he can hear Shunsui's words behind him, "This isn't funny, Ju! I don't want any more surprises!"

The white haired shinigami chuckles to himself and can't wait until he's back at home holding Emiko in his arms again.

The End.

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