Chapter 2

Sorcere Academy

Atticus had been summoned to have a meeting with his Mother. He had been training with Gromph when Triel walked in and told him to hurry down to her. These last few days he had been going to see his mother every day. He spent his time with her learning what Loth was all about. It was mainly to teach him his place in this life. He already knew his place way before he started having these meetings, but of course he was going to try to explain to his mother that he didn't need these meetings. As he walked in he was greeted with a very rare smile," It has come to my attention that you turn twenty five today, am I correct Atticus."

"Yes, Matron Mother," he said kneeling before her.

"A week from now a new class is being accepted into Sorcere Academy and you will be going. It is time that you got started on your real training."

"I was under the assumption I had already been doing real training."

She smirked at the thought that their training might be tougher then the Sorcere Academy," I have kept track of your progress and see that it has been very excellent. I got fighters and mages scared of what you might become. It pleases me and pleases Loth above all."

"Thank you Mother, I am honored."

"That is all Atticus, be on your way. You got a lot of packing to do in the next few days."

Atticus nodded and then headed out of the room toward the Arch Mage tower, where Gromph resided when not at Sorcere Academy. He entered the tower and climbed the stairs to the top. The drow came to the double doors at the top and knocked," Come in," Gromph voice came from the room.

Upon entering he saw a drow he had never seen before standing beside Gromph's desk. He wore a odd wide-brimmed hat with a large black feather sticking out of it. Over his right eye was a black eye patch. The shirt he wore was dark purple color and black pants. He also wore black bracers and high black boots. He seemed very mysterious to Atticus, but wasn't really too worried about him.

"Speak of the devil," Gromph said looking up at Atticus.

"So this is my nephew. Thought he would be taller the way you spoke of him brother."

"Gromph has a tendency to over exaggerate… who is this?"

"Let me introduce the infamous Jarlaxle Baerne."

"Jarlaxle I never heard…"

"Quenthel don't really like to talk about me. To tell you the truth no drow really likes me that well."

"Brother I believe you have a few drow of your own that love you."

"I don't know about that, but anyways Atticus I hear you rather good with magic and melee."

Atticus smirked, noting the fact that his uncle had been talking about him;" Yea and I keep getting better."

"Confident, that is a very good quality to have," Jarlaxle replied with a wink.

"I got things to take care of Gromph, I will be back to see if you made any progress."

Atticus watched as Jarlaxle exited the door. When the door closed Gromph stood up," Quenthel already informed me and I agree with her. This way I can personally train you with no interruptions. I expect that you will train yourself in melee since you will not be able to train with And'zrel."

"We will not be training today, instead I want to give you something for your next fifty something years of training."

Atticus raised an eyebrow confused on what his uncle, who treated him like he was nothing, wanted to give him. He watched as the Arch Mage pulled black leather Armor from his drawer in his desk. It was a whole set of armor Vest, Leggings and boots," This armor I magically enhanced to turn a blade and also decrease you fatigue when using spells. It is made with the strongest leather in Menzoberranzan."

Amazed Atticus took it from him and instantly put it on. It fit perfectly and was very light. The young drow felt like he could take on the world, even though he knew better. He looked up at his uncle with a grin," Thank you uncle."

"This doesn't mean that I like you or anything boy. You have not done anything special yet and got a long way to go before you impress me."

"Now go I have things to take care of. I believe And'zrel is waiting for you."

Atticus nodded and left the tower feeling a lot more confident. He made his way to the dojo and when he got there he found it empty. This was very unusual for the dojo to be empty this early in the day. When he was about to walk out, deciding that maybe his uncle became busy, the Weapon Master stepped out of room in the back. He was holding an actually two bladed-sword in one hand and his own sword in the other.

"Leaving already kid?"

Atticus turned to him with a grin," Figured you got scared of me uncle."

"Don't be so proud of yourself boy," he retorted tossing the two-bladed weapon in the middle of the room." I was instructed to get you the weapon you prefer and got lucky to find this one in the back. Take it up and face me first blood wins."

Atticus paused for a minute then walked up to the weapon and picked it up. It was very light considering how long it was. The back edge of each bladed curved up. This blade was known as a trailing-point sword. The blades ran down to an elaborate looking hilt. The cross guard curved up with swirl designs. The tang was made of nice black leather and instead of a pommel the grip just ran up to the next cross guard. Atticus took note where the sword could come apart to form two separate blades.

"One rule, no magic," his uncle said." We wouldn't want to make this fight unfair now would we?"

Atticus smirked," Whatever, let's just start."

The Weapon Master made the first move coming up with a vertical slash which only just caught Atticus blade. Both Fighter movements were flawless, almost looking like a dance instead of a fight. And'zrel would attack up high and then attempt to attack low to catch Atticus off guard. Atticus was not a novice anymore, so basic attacks like that were not going to get through his defense. The young drow forced his uncle blade down low and then pushed off making the And'zrel stumble. Atticus then went on the attack, mixing up his moves with low and high strikes. He then did a quick spin to dodge another jab aimed at his shoulder, in the middle of the spin he twisted and pulled his blades apart. Atticus followed the spin up with a backhand slash. And'zrel was quick to swipe the attack away, but missed the other downward slash, that caught the side of his face.

And'zrel stood up throwing his blade to the ground," Well done, I officially cant train you anymore. Quenthel was right you are now ready to start your schools."

"Was there ever any doubt uncle," he replied attaching his blade back together.

"You are good boy, but there are others that are better."

"I will continue my training while in Sorcere Academy so I will be ready for those in Melee Magthere."

"Yea if you have time, but you will learn."

The rest of the week was not very eventful, most of the time he was just training on his own with both magic and melee. He found himself being very restless and when he was not training he was thinking about what challenges laid ahead of him In the Sorcere no one has ever beat his uncle in grades and this traitor Drizzt Do'Urden held the title for being the best in Melee Magthere. He was able to impress his family, but will he be able to impress Menzoberranzan.

Two weeks have passed since he had been processed into the academy. It was not what he expected at all. He thought that he would be under his uncle the whole time, but no that is not how it worked. The whole academy was broken down into small schools each taught about a different type spell. For example there was the illusion school. . In this class he learned how to cast illusion magic and what it was used for. Atticus took a lot of interest in the schools of Evocation and Abjuration. Evocation he could cast powerful magic that destroy things easily and Abjuration was used for defense purposes. After his classes he then had to go meet up with his uncle to show what he has learned and how he might apply it. Sometimes when he met up with him he had to focus on nothing but meditation and preparing spells. When all this was over with then it was either sleep or train with his blade in his room. Being dedicated and wanting to be the best, most of the time he would train.

"So how did you like the evocation class today," a drow named Nazeran Del'Armgo.

Nazeran a pretty good Mage and Atticus kind of took a liking to him. The drow was a little shorter then Atticus with short white hair and red eyes. He wore his Black and purple academy robe with his black pawfai. The same outfit all students in the Sorcere wore. Nazeran was not to be trused, just like any other drow in Menzoberranzan.

"Very enlightening, but my uncle already showed me the uses of Chain Lightning."

"So you figure, you better than everyone else just because you get private lesson with your brother the Arch Mage."

"Well… yea I am better than everybody else. Especially you," Atticus replied with a laugh.

Nazeran glared at him hatred in his eyes," We will see about that."

Atticus watched as he stormed off, laughing at how pathetic a drow Nazeran was. He took note to keep a eye out for him, for all he knew the stupid drow would try and kill him. Atticus didn't really care though, he knew Nazeran was a second rate mage. He made his way to his uncle office and entered without knocking. The Arch Mage was expecting him so there was really no need to knock.. His uncle was at his desk with what looked like skull gem.

"You do well not to ask question Atticus," Gromph said not looking up from his spell book," But since you are curious it's called Phylactery."

"Magical item that holds a lich when it dies, so he can rise back up again."

"Very good seems you have been doing some studying," he said in surprise.

"Why do you have one?"

"Your rogue uncle Jarlaxle paid me a visit earlier today. Some things happening in the above world and the lich in this phylactery might have some of the answers he needs to stop it."

"Doesn't sound very drow like."

"Jarlaxle isn't like us," he retorted.

"Today is not a good day for lessons, so the rest of the day you have off to do as you will. I would say do some melee training or be lazy I don't really care."

Atticus took his leave and headed down to his dorm to grab his weapon. He got lost in thought wondering what was so bad above ground that his uncle didn't have time to teach him. Then he thought about what he said about Jarlaxle not being like normal drow. He entered the corridor to the dorms and went to the last door on the left. Atticus entered his room and collected his things. He decided that today was a good day to train outside behind the dorms. He left his room and made his way to the back.

Today he had a lot of extra time so he decided it was a good time to break open his spell book and try to imbue a recent spell into his blade. He remembered that he had learned the spell Chain Lightning today and figure that was a good one to do. He picked up his blade and said,"Valm Nizzre Velve."

Lightning shot from his finger tips and jumped into his blade. He could see the lightning dancing around his weapon daring anyone to touch it. He smirked and then did a upward thrust with his blade. Lightning jumped out from his weapon and cracked against the wall, taking out huge chucks of the cavern wall. He laughed at the devastation it left and he loved it. The rest of the day he practice his stances with both complete and separated blade forms. Once he finished he headed back to his dorm and like all drows meditated for the rest of the night.

Twenty five years passed by, this seemed to take forever to Atticus. During this time he became very good with magic. Now he was able to cast spells without saying a single word, just thinking them. There was others that could do this like Nazeran, but most of the students never really got that far. He was able to easily imbue his weapon with all kinds of spells and also able to protect himself from harm if need be. His melee skills stayed about the same because sometimes he would go without months of touching his blade. His progress did not go unnoticed and many of the students in the school did not like, some were even scared of him. Atticus enjoyed the negative attention, in fact he welcomed it.

Atticus sat behind the dorms meditating, trying to imbue the tough petrify spell into his blade. He could barely cast this spell though and trying to use it on his blade was near impossible. He stopped though when he felt a presence behind him," Not a good thing to sneak up on me friend."

"I figured you would sense me, but I didn't pick up any detect spells."

"That's because I can sense you with just my natural senses Nazeran. Why have you disturbed me," Atticus said irritated.

"It has come to my attention that there are a lot of drow families that want you…. Well dead and I have decided that it is you time to DIE!" the drow mage yelled shooting a fire ball from his hands.

Atticus would have been dead if it was him sitting there. No, it was an illusion and so the fire ball harmlessly went through it and blew up on the ground. Atticus then appeared behind him and attempted to stick him, but somehow his skin deflected the blow. Atticus knew the spell as stoneskin and he knew it was going to take a few hits to penetrate it. He dove to the side just in time to avoid Nazeran harm touch. The nimble drow rolled to one knee and quickly imbued his two-bladed sword with chain lightning his most preferred spell.

"Very interesting Atticus. Who knew you was so fast on your feet."

"The best part is to come," he said angrily as he shot lighting from his blade.

Nazeran did not know his opponent could do this and took the full force of the blow. Stone flew everywhere and the mage flew back rolling on his head, and landing face down on the ground. Atticus let Nazeran stand up and took note of all the open spots in his stone defense. The mage notice too and decided that he need more protection so he conjured a sword in his hands. Atticus dove to the side just as Nazeran conjured up another fire ball and sent it toward him. The main attack didn't catch him, but the blast dazed him a little bit. Atticus silently got a magic fire element shield up just in time to take a full blast of fireball. It sent him sailing into the wall of the dorms. The magic shield protect him but he still had some burns and his robe was burnt reveling his armor that he got from his uncle. He saw that Nazeran was surprised he survived the acting and was quickly trying to perform another spell. Atticus quickly shot a globe of light at the mage just to distract him. It worked and Atticus came up on him with a downward slash. Nazeran blocked it with his sword, but the strike was meant to be blocked. Atticus twisted off the bottom blade and thrust it through the opening in Nazeran's side. The mage fell to one knee and Atticus took his other blade and decapitated him. The Mages body flopped to the ground.

"Stupid Mage," Atticus said pulled his blade out of the corpse and attaching back to its partner.

Suddenly a bunch of students and teachers appeared around the corner. Followed his uncle Gromph," What in the Underdark….Oh..Atticus follow me."

"Arch Mage he attacked…."

"I said follow me," his uncle said sternly. He then looked at one of his instructors and told him to take care of his body. Atticus followed him to his office and waited for his uncle to sit down.

"I can't have you running around killing other students Atticus."

"Sir he attacked me I was…."

Gromp held up his hand to stop him," I know what happened. We got some information not too long ago that House Del'Armgo was planning an attack. Obviously they thought taking you out would be a big help to them. Now that you took their second to last mage out I don't think they are going to go through with it."

"Why attack us?"

"Even though we are first house nephew, we still have one weakness," Gromph replied.

Atticus raised a brow and Gromph continued," Our lack of clerics and priestess. Mother has failed to have another daughter and since we don't have that many priestess they see that as a weakness."

"What they don't know is they have me," Atticus replied smirking.

"Don't get cocky boy."

"So what are we going to do about this?"

"Nothing yet, Quenthel thinks that waiting would be a good idea. I will inform you when we are going to take action. So for now continue doing what you are doing and get down to the academy cleric so she can take care of those burns."

Atticus nodded and took that as a queue to leave. As he walked down to the infirmary, he looked down at his charred robe and his unscathed armor. He thought about how far he has come in his studies and if it wasn't because of the shield he put up it might have been dead. Atticus quickly pushed that thought aside as he entered the infirmary to see a beautiful female cleric waiting for him.

The Last five years was very easy. One because most drow in the Sorcere were scared of him two because they have pretty much learned everything they could be taught in the Academy. Atticus spent the remainder of his time with his uncle studying. The rest of the time he was training his body to get ready for Melee Magthere. He knew after this he would be going there unlike the rest of the mages they were headed to Arach-Tinilith to learn about Loth.

On the last day of the Academy they did not have a ceremony or anything. Graduating the school was normal for all male's and wasn't deserving of a ceremony. Instead all them except Atticus were walked over to Arach-Tinilith. Atticus was however walked over to Melee Magthere to join the new batch of male drow entering the academy. Unlike the mages of Sorcere these drow were physically more fit. All of them had their own armor own and their own weapons. When it was Atticus's turn to give his name they all snickered. He knew what they were saying, that a mage will not last long here. Little did they know how proficient he was with his blade. When he was finish giving his information they enchanted his weapon to not be able to kill anybody or do any real kind of damage. Atticus was very annoyed at this. This didn't keep his hopes down long because he was finally at a new stage in his life a new challenge awaited him.