Chapter 26- Ancient History

"What have you done?" Salazar said to them. Hermione was still staring in awe but both Severus's kneeled at their feet.

"It was I who released you." Dark Severus said looking up into his eyes.

"Stand." Salazar commanded. He looked around at all the faces and came to stand in front of Dark Severus. He conjured a sword and pointed it at each and every person there.

"You… this is your doing, you say?" He said to the dark Severus. Severus nodded and without a seconds hesitation he drove the sword into his gut and ripped it out clean. Severus fell to the ground and the Leviathan Hermione rushed to him. Hermione rushed to her own Severus but he didn't have the same wound.

"Their connection was severed when he activated us." Salazar said in explanation. Hermione smiled in relief but looked up at the two kings with anticipation.

"Why?" The Dark Severus asked with his last breath. Godric spoke for the first time.

"You swore an oath to watch and protect. Not watch and use when needed." He said and took a step closer to Salazar. Hermione had a very strange feeling suddenly.

Godric leaned over and whispered into Salazar's ear. Hermione felt as if she was missing something very important.

"All of you will be coming with us." Salazar said and a moment later they were in a new world. A world that was void of anything.

The only thing there was the white marble flooring and it just lead on to nothing. Hermione grabbed Severus's hand and Ginny's. The other Severus lay flat on his back, blood spilling over the white flooring. Hermione was holding his hand but she didn't look all that upset.

"Here is where the truth will be explained. We were never supposed to walk the earth again. Our time was over and we decided to be transformed. Everything was how it was meant to be. Until this weakling decided to take things into his own hands."

"What are you?" Hermione blurted. She just had a bad vibe from Salazar.

"I could ask you the same." He replied with a wide smile.

"I'm a hybrid, and you are?"

"I'm and Elemental."

Hermione's thoughts came to an abrupt stop. What?

"What? But… You're both Elementals?" Hermione asked curiously. Godric stepped forward and looked down at her.

"I'm a Leviathan. You are something that should not exist." He told her firmly. He leaned down to her level and held out his hand. Hermione placed her hand in his and was filled with a rush of immense power. It left her breathless and wanting more.

"You are half and half. Equally Leviathan and Elemental. You have more power than even I." Godric said looking at her with a searching expression, as if he wanted to find out all her secrets.

Hermione took her hand away from his and looked away from his intense gaze. She didn't want all this power! She hadn't really wanted it from the very beginning when she had made it rain in the courtyard. Even then she was scared and unsure of what was to come. But now she didn't have free will. This power was hers now and she would have to except that.

"Hermione?" Severus called. Hermione smiled at him squeezed his hand tightly. He smiled at her and did the same.

"Will he die?" That was the other Hermione who asked.

"Yes." Godric answered and Hermione moved to lie in his arms. The gesture was so intimate that Hermione buried her head into Severus's shoulder. Ginny spoke then, asking something Hermione hadn't even noticed.

"You are friends, aren't you?" She asked, getting to her feet. She walked over and stood in front of them.

They looked down on her with calculating expressions.

"You are a seer. And very wise." Salazar said.

"I am." Ginny answered. Godric held out his hand at the same time Salazar did. Ginny put her hands in theirs and let out a soft sigh. She was somewhere else, seeing things she couldn't see.

"Not friends at all. Brothers." Ginny said with a smile. Hermione's was shocked beyond belief. How could they be brothers?

"Now, that is a secret that had been kept for as long as I was born. We were separated at birth and found each other by chance. We both had our own powers and learned to use them to our advantage."

"I thought Elementals and Leviathans were naturel enemies?" Hermione said.

"No not at all. We are like two halves. They have a bond of friendship, or perhaps more than that." He said eyeing Severus.

"Okay so there was no danger. It was all in our heads?"

"Not entirely. No, but the darkness of your mind and the light of your mind are still merging. Once that is completed there is no danger. The dangerous part is when you aren't fully transitioned. The mix of raw magic is what caused the pain to touch." Godric explained.

"Oh." Hermione said at loss for words. Severus was being very quiet and when she followed his gaze he was looking at his other self, dying on the floor.

"Such a waste." He said.

"I agree." Salazar said and reached down to pull the other Hermione up.

"You'll be the leader he never was or could have been." He told her and a door appeared in the middle of the room.

"Go home to your world." He said and she looked at Severus once more before opening the door and stepping through.

"Ginny, you have a choice here. Go or stay?" Godric said softly. Ginny smiled brightly, "Go."

"Very well. I wish you all happiness. The darkness has passed and there will be no more battles. You've finished what needed to be done." Salazar said and another door appeared.

"You can go home now." They said together. Ginny opened the door and stepped through. Hermione and Severus followed, but she saw him glance back one more time at his other self.

Harry was in the Room of Requirement sitting on Hermione's bed. She'd been gone two whole weeks and everyone was getting worried. Harry was so alone. Ginny was gone and he couldn't bear to be with her family even though they were his family too. The whole place reminded him of her. It hurt so much to think of her and how she had died so young. He loved her so much and she's been ripped away just like Ron. How many more people had to die before he couldn't bear it and he drowned in his sorrow?

A door slammed into the floor and he couldn't believe his eyes. Ginny tumbled out of it and when she saw him she grinned.

"Harry." She said and was pushed forward by Severus and Hermione.

"Harry? What are you doing here?" Hermione asked.

"You've been gone for two weeks." He answered his eyes still locked on Ginny.

"Are you real or am I seeing things?" Harry asked them. Ginny leaned down to kiss him and Hermione could see tears slipping from his eyes.

"How?" He croaked wiping the tears away.

"She was a stowaway in my mind and in another world she managed to get out." Hermione answered. She was still covered in blood and dirt.

"Alright you two go catch up. I need a shower. Badly."

Ginny came over to her, "Thank you. I couldn't have asked for a better sister." She placed a kiss on her cheek before pulling Harry out of the room.

"We have to go see the family." She was telling him. The door shut behind them and Hermione turned to Severus.

"How about that shower?" She grinned.

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