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Chapter 3

After a while of driving, we turned down a country path. It got narrower as we went on. We stopped as it got too narrow for us to continue down in the car. Edward got out and was at my door in a second, holding it open for me.

I stepped out the car, wondering where we were going. I looked at him questioning. I had followed a stranger out of an asylum, then got into his car, and let him drive me into the forest without any complaint, though I felt like I trusted him.

He took my hand, I didn't say anything, just followed him as he travelled though the tall trees and long grass. I kept my balance whilst walking, which came to a surprise to me.

Soon I could hear the sound of flowing water, and in a couple of seconds we walked into an opening in the forest.

Right through the middle, there was a small lake surrounded by huge rocks and tiny pebbles, which transformed into beautiful green grass with little yellow and purple flowers spread among the grass.

Edward looked to me, "I'm sure you have a lot of questions." He said, and I nodded.

He took me over to one of the big boulders by the river, and sat down. The river was an amazing turquoise colour as it flowed freely though this place, and back into the forest. It was beautiful.

He let go of my hand as we had sat down, and we both looked to each other, he was waiting for me to go first. I don't know what to say? Why did he save me? Who is he? What is he?

"That's a lot of questions." He said, smiling slightly.

"I said that out loud?" I wondered, feeling my cheeks heat up slightly.

"No." Wait, what? How?

I looked at him confused, "Y-you can read my mind?" I asked, burrowing my brow.

He looked amused. "Kind of," He replied shortly.

"Kind of?" I asked, was he mad? He could read minds. So he could hear was I was thinking right now?

I looked to him, and he nodded.

Oh, what is he? He can move incredibly fast, and he could read freaking minds!

"Good question, though I'm not sure you really want to know." He said quickly, he looked at me, his face was hard. Showing no emotion, did I want to know what he was? He saved my life though. Of course I did.

"I do, tell me." I whispered, I think he just barley heard me.

He looked at me for a long time; I was a little scared, not of him, he had saved me from hell on earth. But I was scared of what he was.

He looked to me, looking into my eyes for a while before he sighed, giving in I guessed. "I'm a…vampire." He said slowly and clearly. I didn't say anything, or do anything. I don't even think I blinked.

My mind wondered on, seeing images of vampires, drinking from humans, sleeping in coffins during the day, to only go out at night, getting burnt by the sun. It was all true? How?

Edward chuckled, "No, not like that." He smiled.

I was beyond words, what do you mean you're a vampire then? I thought, knowing he would hear me. It was so strange.

"Well, we don't kill humans." Wait, we? "Me and my creator, Carlisle,"

After about 20 minutes of driving in silence, we pulled up into the driveway of a huge beautiful house. The house was painted a white colour, and had 5 windows covering the face of the house. There was a large wooden door on the right.

Edward turned around to face me in the car. In the meadow he had told me about vampires. He and Carlisle, his creator, survive off the blood of animals, though it's not nearly as satisfiying as the blood of a human, though they could never harm a human.

He told me that to become a vampire, you had to be bitten. That the pain was excruciating and it lasted for about three days before you woke up, a vampire.

When you became a vampire, all your senses were a million times better. You had super-fast speed, you could see all the tiny little details of the tiniest things, and you could see really far away. You could hear everything, the leaves blowing in the wind, the sound of animal's tiny feet patting against the forest floor. Their hearing was amazing as well they could here miles away, or the quietest things that humans couldn't hear. Another was smell, once you were changed, you would be able to smell everything, the strongest smell being blood. Apparently human food smelt really bad to vampires and it tasted like cardboard.

I also learnt that when people were changed they could sometimes bring into their vampire life, something they were good at, but it would be called a gift. Something magical, like Carlisle's compassion or Edwards mindreading, I guess as a human, Edward must have been able to read people very well. Be able to know things about them, just by the way they would act or speak.

Edward told me that Carlisle's story was a long and complicated one, of how he came to be in this world a vampire. That I should ask him about it, because he told the story better. He told me that basically he was born and raised in London, England.

And that he was changed underground, where he hid for three days so no one would find him. When he knew what he had become, he refused to drink from humans, and instead kept himself far away, hidden in forests. That where he first came across drinking animal blood. The blood called to him, and he couldn't control himself and just drank from it.

Carlisle had amazing control when around humans, probably from the years he spent staying away from them, only drinking animal blood. And he became a doctor, acting human. He was the best doctor there was, he knew everything there was to know, the years he had spent researching.

Carlisle had saved Edward when he had been brought into the hospital, he was dying from Spanish influenza and the only way Edward would survive would be for him to change. Carlisle turned him; Carlisle was getting lonely- being on his own for so long and he wanted a companion.

Though I wanted to know why he chose to save me, why not anyone else. Why he was there. He didn't tell me though, it started to get dark and we headed back.

"Are you afraid?" He asked me quietly, looking at the floor.

"No." I answered, "You wouldn't hurt me." I said, knowing it was true. They both, him and Carlisle, they wouldn't hurt any human.

"You should be," He whispered, almost like a threat.

"I'm not."

He looked at me for a while, probably deciding I was mad, Edward had told me humans were naturally scared of them, but I wasn't. Maybe I was mad? Oh well, so be it.

"Carlisle is inside, you ready?" He said motioning with his head to the beautiful house. I nodded.

He was at my car door in a millisecond, had the door open and was holding his hand out for me.

I took his hand in mine as he helped me out of the car. I kept hold of his hand as we walked towards the door.

Though his hand was hard and cold, it felt right; holding each other's hands.

Opening the door, I took a deep breath. Edward called out for Carlisle. He spoke quietly as if he were speaking to me. Though I knew Carlisle would hear him, with his super hearing.

Down the stairs descended a young man who looked to be in his late 20's early 30's. He looked at me, and then at Edward with a questioning look on his face.

Edward nodded, "I had to Carlisle, I couldn't let her stay there." He said, he turned towards me looking so sincere.

Carlisle looked towards me, "So you're Mary Alice Brandon?" He asked with a smile.

"Yes, It's nice to meet you," I replied, smiling back at him.

"Yes," He nodded, "You too."