"Wolf!Ruby gets dirty and Belle has to wash her."

8) Bath (Red Beauty)

Following Rumpelstiltskin's rather tasteless quip involving Ruby's ability to turn (or lackthereof), which he had conveniently executed (er, unpredictable magic did) upon finding out that Ruby had kissed the young librarian, Belle was literally up to her knees in a glorious cocktail of mud, fur, twigs and possibly carnivore drool. Trying to bathe Ruby in her wolf form proved to be an impossible task, what with the wolf, who happened to be twice the size of a crouching Belle, squirming and thrashing about in the inadequately small tub.

"Good grief, did you chase something through a swamp again?" asked Belle through gritted teeth, careful to accept incoming oxygen only through her mouth.

The wolf's ears tilted backwards and the beast whimpered, looking up at the brunette with convincing puppy dog eyes. Instead, with her back and legs scrubbed to a slightly more survivable level of stink, Ruby proceeded to topple over on her back, seemingly oblivious to the giant splash that produced and rained all over Belle, wagging her tail to convey a rather understandable request.

"Ruby," the now soaked Belle growled in her own less animalistic fashion, pointing an accusatory finger at her indisposed friend, "Let me make this perfectly clear — wolf or not, I am not under any circumstances touching anywhere close to your belly until at least the third date!"