For this story to work:

a) M never died at the end of Skyfall. It is set around a month after the events of the most recent Bond movie, and M is on her way home after her first day back at MI6 following taking a month off to recover from the injuries she sustained during the final battle at 007's childhood home.

b) Silva had a daughter. I shall say no more on the subject.

c) I have referenced Johnny English a little. I know that that is MI7 not MI6, but I was running out of character names for something.

M grimaced as she tried her hardest to see anything through the heavy sleet pelting at the windscreen of her black Mercedes. She couldn't drive a pig with a stick at the best of times, and the weather was hardly helping. M hated November. Aside from the fact that it was the month of her birthday, and hardly made her feel good about her age to say the least, the weather was always appalling and she hated the way people were constantly banging on about Christmas now that it was the month before it. In the vague hope that some kind of Little Mix tat, or whatever the hell it was that Eve was always listening to nowadays that always made M grimace when she heard it wasn't going to come on, M switched on the radio.
"It's five forty-five and you're listening to Newsbeat with Chris Smith. The following program may be unsuitable for young children and more squeamish listeners. Our top story tonight; MI6 secretary Eve Moneypenny has been left in a critical condition after she was stabbed in the back by an unidentified Spanish female, who is thought to be Lila Silva, daughter of the notorious recently deceased cyber-terrorist, Raoul Silva. Newsbeat's Sonali Shah has more..."

M floored the break, nearly taking the bonnet off of the aged Transit van behind her. The man driving gave her an 'up yours' gesture and mouthed "BITCH!" at her, but M ignored this and pulled into the car park of the Tesco a few yards away from them. The radio was still blaring. "It was around four o'clock today when Eve Moneypenny, secretary of the MI6 chairwoman, Evelyn Cameron, was making her way home from work, when a masked woman in her early twenties jumped out from behind a bin and plunged a hunting knife deep into the twenty-four year old's lower back. Eve is currently undergoing surgery at London BMI Hospital to remove the nine-inch blade from her spine, but it is thought that it is likely that she will remain paralyzed either completely or from the waist downwards due to excessive damage to her spinal chord. Colleagues of Ms Moneypenny Gareth Mallory, James Bond, Pamela Thornton, Johnny English, the Prime Minister, her parents and close family and both the Greater Manchester and Scotland Yard police forces are urging the woman who assaulted Ms. Moneypenny to come forward on charges of assault and attempted murder. An eyewitness description of the woman charged with injuring Ms Moneypenny as being Eastern-European in appearance, medium built and rather top-heavy with long blonde hair and brown eyes. She allegedly speaks with a Spanish or Portuguese dialect. She is described to fit the description of the daughter of MI6 agent turned terrorist, Raoul Silva, allegedly named Lila Naomi Silva. A colleague and close friend of Ms Moneypenny, Mr James Bond, says: "It is a real shame what has happened to Eve, and I for one don't find it fair for someone like her who would never intentionally harm another living creature has been put through all this. Wherever you are, whoever did this to Eve; please come forward. It's just not right to do something like that to another person, especially someone like Eve." Evelyn Cameron, head of MI6, was unavailable to comment-"

M turned it off. She was breathing heavily. She couldn't bear to hear any more. God, poor Eve. Since when did Silva have a daughter? Does this whole terrorism thing run in the family or something? Next thing, M would be finding out that this Lila girl's mother was in the Mafia. How could this have happened, and she didn't know about it? And now her name was all over national radio as well. Could this get any worse?