Sorry, that last chapter was complete fluff, but necessary for what I am intending to do with the story. It gets serious now; Lila is about to make her first cameo...

M was walking slowly, dragging her feet with every step. She had been at Pamela's funeral, and she had already decided that she couldn't bear English's tomorrow. The death of two members of her staff, plus what had happened to Eve had near broken her.
"Bond, quit following me." M saw Bond out of the corner of her eye. The agent had been walking behind her, but didn't speak. "Bond, I'm serious." Still no response. She shrugged, and kept walking, glancing behind her with every few steps. This went on for around five minutes, until she heard Bond's voice. "Duck."
M whipped round, looking at him like he was completely mental. "You what?"
"DUCK!" Bond repeated, far louder this time. But it was too late for M by the time he got the message across. A cat-like noise erupted from the blonde woman who flew at M from the side alley they were walking past and tackled her to the ground. M both felt and heard her hand jolt backwards, and pain exploded in her lower arm, but she ignored it. Someone was sitting on top of her, and when she opened her eyes, she saw the dark, forbidding eyes and high-boned features of none other than Lila Naomi Silva glaring back at her. Lila kept one hand pressed against M's chest, so she still couldn't move, but swung her lower half upwards, kicking Bond in the groin. He doubled over, and, still using her foot, Lila pushed him to the ground. She pinned M with one hand; Bond with the other, and hissed through her teeth in the exact same manner as Silva. Her voice was feminine and sugary sweet, but there was a malicious undertone in her soft Spanish accent. "Okay, I know that one of you killed my father, but who? Unless you tell me, I kill both of you." She bared her perfect white teeth in a smirk, and both M and Bond half expected her to plunge a hand into her mouth and pull them out, again, in the same way her father had, until both remembered that cyanide dissolving the muscle structure of your face wasn't hereditary. "Oh, not going to say, are we?" She sneered, and both M and Bond saw the gleam of a knife sticking out above the waistband of her tatty, low-slung jeans. She drew the weapon, and poised it above M's forearm. "Well, if you stay shut up, then part of her opens up!" Lila stuck the knife into M's arm, and she let out a low gasp of pain as the next in the Silva legacy tore a deep six-inch gash in M's forearm. Whilst Lila was turned away, James grabbed hold of a hank of her long blonde hair, pulled her head down and dragged it along the hard pavement. Lila let go of M quickly, collapsing at the sight of the blood running down her face from the massive graze in the side of her head. The two from MI6 stood up, Bond brushing himself down, M staring in disbelief at the enormous gash in her arm, an the fact that her hand was backwards. "Are you okay?" Bond said, picking up a now-unconscious Lila and throwing her over his shoulder. "Who'd have thought that Silva's daughter the knife murderer faints at the sight of her own blood?"
"Not me, that's for certain. Good job I don't do that, look at the state of me!"
Bond stared at M's arm, taking in both the blood and her broken hand. "Ouch. That doesn't look good."
"It doesn't exactly feel that great either! It's bloody sore, I can tell you that!"
"Keep your knickers on, we both know you've survived worse. Look, I'll phone Q. He can take you to A&E to get that sorted out, and I'll take this back to base." Bond gestured at Lila.
"Right, just don't do anything to her that I wouldn't do to you, and try to restrain yourself from killing her please. We need her for information."
"Right, the only thing I can think of that you wouldn't do is shoot her yourself. That's pretty much it. Could I get Eve to do it?"
"Do you have to keep digging that back up?"