It's late at night. Most people would be asleep. But as for me, well, I'm busy doing other things. Like fighting crime as Batman's sidekick Red. That's not a problem is it? No? Good. As a teenage girl the last thing I need is feelings of insecurity. Okay I just stopped a mugging. Now what? I hear someone land behind me. I turn around to see Robin. Batman's other sidekick. "How many times have I told you not to do that?" "Do you mean just tonight or in total?" I roll my eyes. "Do you have anything of actual importance to tell me or did you come here just to be a smart aleck?" Before he can say anything Batman shows up. Spoilsport.

At the cave I change into a sky-blue nightgown then head upstairs to the Manor. Sidekicks like me need their sleep. "You're still wearing your mask Song." "Whoops." I take it off and feeling slightly embarassed but it in Bruce's waiting hand. "Guess I didn't notice that I was still wearing it. Good night Daddy." I head off to my bedroom. I mean how tired must I be not to notice I still had my mask on?

Chapter 1


It's the day after my sixteenth birthday and I'm taking a walk with my Father. We enter a park and head for the swings. Before we can get there a scary looking man shows up. He looks at my Father with hate in his bloodshot eyes. In a harsh voice he says "You ruined me! I'm going to make you pay!" He then pulls out a gun and fires it at me. My Dad takes the bullet. The man runs away as my Father falls down. I look at him hoping he's still alive. He's bleeding really bad and I don't know what to do to help him. With fear in my voice I say "Daddy? Stay with me. I don't want to be alone. Please stay with me." He looks at me and with his dying breath he points to my heart and tells me "I'll be right here Song. Never forget that." I look at him knowing he's gone. I can't bear to deal with him gone. I can't. I hear sirens behind me as I run away from my only family. Later, in an alley, I cry bittersweet tears as my anguished shout of "No!" fills the air. In a tightly curled ball next to a dumpster I block out the sounds of sirens. The sirens that belong to the police that arrived too late to do anything for Father.

End Dream

I wake up with a jolt. "No!" Not THAT nightmare AGAIN. Out of the ones I've had that's the one that stands out. It's the only one that's real. Thankfully Bruce Wayne became my new Dad when he adopted me 9 months ago. Which makes Tim my smart aleck brother. When he's not being a smart aleck we get along pretty well. Alfred is a completely different story but he's like a surrogate grandfather. "Are you quite alright Miss Song?" Speak of the devil. "Just a bad dream. I'm fine." Might as well stay awake. In a house as big as Wayne Manor there's always SOMETHING to do. Especially on a Saturday. Saturdays usually mean visits from my best friend Barbara Gordon. I climb out of my bed and get dressed. Then I hear knocking at the door. Eagerly I rush to go open it. When I do I see an unfamiliar, tall (almost as tall as Bruce), glasses wearing man. All I can tell is that he's a reporter and he's definitely NOT Barbara. Who the heck is he then?

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