As I gather my composure Alfred greets the stranger. Apparently his name is Clark and Bruce was expecting him. I haven't been able to tell much about Clark but judging by his voice (if nothing else) he's not from Gotham. Tim seems to know him too which makes me slightly annoyed. "I'm here too you know." Never seen Bruce blush before. "Where are my manners? Song this is Clark Kent. Clark this is Song." Clark extends a hand towards me. "Nice to meet you." "You too." O.K. now what? What is Clark here for anyway?

I watch him head off to the study with Bruce. Feeling slightly curious listen in on their conversation. "I hear you've got a new sidekick." "I can't keep anything hidden from you." "I do more than just writing the news. It's Song isn't it?" "You are becoming a detective." "I've learned a few things from being around you." "What brings you here from Metropolis anyway? You better not be here for an interview." "Here I thought you liked the press." "Funny."

Their conversation goes on for quite some time. But the gist of it is Clark knows about our nightlife and from what I gathered he's also Superman. My mind flashes to Bruce's reaction to my Superman shirt. For a brief moment I wonder if Clark knew my Mom. She used to live in Metropolis. I don't remember her because she died when I was 3. I dismiss the issue and feeling slightly tense I open the door to the study. "Anything you guys want to tell me?" "Looks like I've got some explaining to do." MAJOR understatement Bruce.

Interesting observation: Metropolis and Gotham City have the same number of letters...R & R.