Luce sighs softly, letting her eyes fall closed, blue eyes hidden behind eyelids now. She honestly missed Daniel and his billowy white wings, the way they used to wrap her in his warmth...

But now he was gone.

Lucifer had killed himself and Daniel in a fit of rage, and the world was now left in chaos due to the angel of Chaos being gone and the Scale going crazy. Not only that, but the angels and all were still waiting for her to choose either good - where she'd be with Her - or evil - where she'd become the new angel of Chaos.

She knew what to choose, though.

The raven haired female opens her eyes and gets up, stretching out her silver wings before going off to where the Throne was.

"Hello, Lucinda," She says. "Have you come to a decision?"

"I have," she replies, bowing her head in Her presence. "I have chosen to become the new angel of Chaos, in order to tip the balance back to where it once was."

A breath is sucked in before She nods, "So be it. You will not be welcome back into Heaven, Lucinda Price, Angel of Chaos."

Luce nods, eyes closed as she lifts her head, soon opening them again, "I know that."

Silver wings turn a dark gold, and Luce was banished from Heaven; a little sliver of hope disappearing with the banishment.

Welcome to Hell on Earth.