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Aro had left Jasper hours ago, but Caius had used so much enephorenia on him that he was still weak and could barely move. He had been listening to Demetri and Felix's conversations as they guarded his cell, hoping to hear something that he could alert Edward of.

"Afton and Chelsea are having trouble locating the rebels," Felix began, "They found one rebel, but he committed suicide by lighting himself on fire. He was willing to die rather than give up any information."

"Jane said that Master will be sending herself, you, Alec and I in a few days to go assist them in their investigation," Demetri informed.

"Too bad Chelsea isn't here, she could have already had the Major bonded to us. He could have created an army to suppress this rebellion," Felix commented.

"He will be joining us soon enough," Demetri said.

Jasper's heart sank at Demetri's last words. At least he had something for Edward to hear in his thoughts in his next torture session, but who knows when that could be. He would probably have to do something to force Aro to punish him. He knew his pain would hurt Alice, but he had to let Edward know what was going on.

A day had passed, so Jasper had plenty of time to think up his plan. His strength had returned to him, and he felt ready to put his plan into action.

"Demetri, Aro wants to see you," Jane's deceitfully angelic voice rang through the silence.

Jasper smiled to himself. It was imperative that one of the guards of his cell were gone. As he heard Jane and Demetri's footsteps getting further and further away, he knew that this would be his only chance. He flung the cell door open.

"Where do you think you're…" Felix yelled, but was cut off when Jasper calmed him down so much that he ended up in a trance of tranquility, completely unaware of his surroundings.

Once Felix had fallen on the ground, Jasper took off toward the exit. He knew his plan was working perfectly when he heard footsteps chasing him down the corridor. Ather lunged at him, and Jasper allowed him to tackle him to the ground. Alec assisted Ather in dragging Jasper to Aro. When he was in the center of the main chamber, the two guards released him. Aro looked amused, and he rose from his throne.

"Do you think it was wise to try and escape again, Jasper?" Aro asked. "You are aware that there is only one of you and many of us, right?"

Jasper just looked down at the ground.

"What exactly were you thinking?" Aro chuckled as he moved closer to Jasper.

Jasper looked up, a mischievous smile quickly spreading across his face.

"I thought you might enjoy this," he whispered.

He grabbed Aro's hand, sending him thoughts of his darkest memories. He used his power to fill Aro with fear and terror. Aro gasped and his eyes widened. Soon, Aro collapsed to his knees, his mouth open in pure horror.

"Brother!" Caius yelled.

He and Marcus were not used to seeing their brother afraid. They pulled him away from Jasper's grasp. The two brothers glared at Jasper.

"You will pay for this!" Caius spat at him, then he smiled, "Just remember, you will cause Alice serious pain for your actions. You know that she hates to see you in pain!"

Jasper was struggling to suppress his smile. He knew his family would be able to come save him now.

Carlisle, Edward, Leah, and Seth had returned to the house to explain everything. Each one of the Cullens felt proud of Jasper for saving Leah. They now knew that they had an edge over the Volturi, having two werewolves in their midst. After the explanation, Seth and Leah returned to La Push to notify the pack what they were doing and to get some sleep. They had just arrived the next morning when Alice received a vision.

Aro was on the ground, looking completely terrified. Marcus and Caius looked extremely angry.

"Jane!" Caius barked.

Jane nodded and smiled at Jasper. He fell to the ground, writhing in pain. She continued for several minutes until Caius ordered her to stop. As Jasper was lying on the ground, trying to recover, Marcus straddled his hips, holding a dagger in his hands.

"Get off me!" Jasper growled.

Marcus grabbed his right arm and used his foot to pin his left arm to the ground. He took the dagger and reopened each one of Jasper's battle scars. Jasper cried out in pain. Marcus finally stopped and whispered something into Jasper's ear.

"No!" Edward growled.

"What happened?" Esme asked worriedly. Alice explained what happened.

"Jane was using her power on Jasper, causing him great pain. It got worse when Marcus used the dagger to reopen every single one of Jasper's scars."

Her voice broke at the end. She hated seeing the love of her life in so much pain.

"You have no idea what he was thinking, though," Edward said through clenched teeth, "Jasper wanted me to tell you that he was sorry for making you watch that, but if he had been tortured later it would have been too late. Aro told Jasper that he wouldn't let Jasper go, even if we change Bella. Jasper overheard Felix and Demetri talking about the rebellion that has the Volturi so worried. Aro is sending Felix, Demetri, Jane, and Alec to assist Chelsea and Afton in locating the rebels. They will be leaving in two days.

"Jasper knew he didn't have much time to notify us, so he came up with a plan to force Aro to have him tortured. He felt horrible about making Alice watch it, but it was the only way for him to let us know that this will be our only chance to save him."

Carlisle stood up and looked around at his family.

"We leave for Volterra. Now!"

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