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A/N: There's been much speculation and discussion about the end of the Mayan Long Cycle Calendar signifying the end of the world. I thought now would be a great time to add Kim and Ron to the mix since it's only a few weeks away.


Mayan Calendar

Chapter 1


December 21, 2011

"Darn," Professor Ramash swore as he leaned back from the calculations he had been going over for the fifth time with a fine-toothed comb. He couldn't find any mistakes in the trajectory, speed calculation or distance variables that went into the formula.

"I take it we need to inform the authorities now," Professor Chin, his friend and partner since college, said as he sat up from his work on the same equations. "I can't find any flaws in the calculations, either."

"Yes. It seems the Mayans were on to something when they ended their Long Cycle Calendar on December 21th of next year," Ramash said as he picked up the phone and started to dial. "Well, we might as well get the ball rolling and tell the proper authorities about a humungous asteroid heading directly toward the Earth. I'll call the President's Science Advisor while you inform the Astronomical Society and see if anyone there can find any flaws with our work."

Professor Chin somberly nodded and moved over to another telephone to make a few calls as he muttered to himself, "How do you tell someone that the end of the world will happen in exactly one year?"


While the scientific community kept its mouth shut about the impending doom of Earth, the government wasn't as silent. Only one day after the information was passed on to the President's Science Advisor about the asteroid hurdling toward Earth, which incidentally measured approximately half the size of the Moon in circumference, the leaks started to happen.

The general population took the news fairly well when it first came out. Most people thought that the news was connected to another disaster movie or a new TV show. Been there, seen it. Had it on DVD.

After a few more days reality set in and panic started to ensue.

The President, as well as the other leaders of the world, immediately took to the airwaves to assuage any and all qualms. Martial Law was immediately enforced world-wide, stabilizing prices, and the President assured the public that every option was being examined to prevent the impending disaster.

The options being considered were the usual. Plans were drawn up and implemented to launch quite a few missions to land on the meteor to mine minerals from the object before blowing the remains to smithereens with buried nukes, and nuclear missiles were readied to launch into space to blast the remaining asteroid pieces into harmless fragments that would hopefully burn up in the atmosphere or miss the planet entirely.

They had a whole year, after all.

Scholars, pundits and wags were on almost every TV and radio channel, discussing the possible outcomes of the different plans to save the world from the impending threat.

The religious community experienced a boon in new and old converts. People were seeking a final peace, or so they said, due to the impending end of the world.

The Middleton Space Center became a beehive of activity, too. Dr. James Possible's Kepplar rocket ship was being duplicated as fast as possible (pun intended) to fill all the needs of spacecraft used for the different trips to the looming meteor now dubbed Nemesis.

Dr. Possible was busy as well, designing new and bigger ships to accommodate the different missions. Excavation equipment wouldn't fit into the Kepplar III so bigger vessels were needed and other ships were designed to haul the minerals excavated back to Earth. The mined ores from the meteor were to be quickly processed into metals used to build more ships.

James Possible was a happy, yet slightly stressed, man. He was happy that he was in his element and that his services were desperately needed. James just loved to design new and more complex machines, but he was slightly stressed by the demands placed on his time and intelligence. Luckily his colleagues assisted him with his calculations and launch vectors, the things he always seemed to have troubles with.

The villainous community was in a state of flux. Most of the villains decided to quit trying to take over the world. What use was it to rule the world if they would only reign for less than a year. Ironically, those that thought that way soon lent their intelligence and facilities to the cause of saving the world. (At least until the crisis was over. Then they could revert back to their former evil form.)

Dr. Drakken's gravitomic ray became a big hit in the space endeavor. The disintegrating ray gun was quickly enlarged, duplicated and added to the fleet of spaceships used to tear Nemesis apart rock-by-rock. Most everyone in the space community knew it was a feeble attempt to solve the problem, the asteroid was just too large to completely destroy that way, but the effort would make a minor dent in the problem.

But other villains, like Duff Killigan, continued their pursuits to cause havoc. Duff figured that if the world was coming to an end, then he'd go out swinging. Literally. He was going to continue playing golf until the two worlds collided. That meant he would need new and different golf courses to play on, and he continued to try and create those new courses, however possible. (He still had a big supply of Super Seed at his castle.)

Motor Ed was divided in his thoughts. One the one hand his services could be used to build radical new space ships. On the other, if the world was going to end, then he'd prefer to cause a little destruction and mayhem of his own until Nemesis arrived. Like Duff, he finally decided to go out with his monster truck motor redlining.

Of course Team Possible was always on hand to stop Duff, Ed and any of the other villains that sought to wreck havoc.

After college, Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable had gotten married and allied themselves with Global Justice as a freelance team. Their unique dynamic showed Betty Director that it'd be better to hire them as an independent, freelance team then to straight out hire and incorporate them into the organization. It also made sense since Ron's Naco royalties were still rolling in, so GJ didn't have to pay them as employees.


September 19, 2012

Nine Months Later

Kim and Ron entered their house in the Middleton suburbs, tired and a bit frustrated, after stopping Motor Ed and his crew from destroying the same small town in New Jersey with their extremely large monster trucks for the fifth time.

"Why can't Ed get it into his thick skull that he'll never win?" Kim growled as she took off her utility belt and plopped down at the kitchen table. "And why does he keep targeting the same town?"

"I think his mullet is tied too tight," Ron joked as he went to the refrigerator and started rummaging around for something to eat.

"Uh-huh, uh-huh. Too tight," Rufus the naked mole rat enthusiastically echoed before he attacked the hunk of cheddar cheese set out on the counter by Ron.

"Maybe if we cut it off next time," Ron continued as he started to prepare their meal, "he might get a clue." He took some lean ground beef and mixed in garlic powder, salt, pepper and a little ketchup in a bowl. When it was thoroughly blended, he spread the mixture on few slices of whole wheat bread and stuck them in the oven under the broiler.

"You might be right," Kim giggled. Leave it to her husband to lighten the mood with a joke. "I'll talk to the Warden of the prison where we dropped Ed and his crew off. Maybe he can cut Ed's enthusiasm down a bit."

Beep Beep Beep-Beep

The couple groaned at the sound. While the mission against Motor Ed and his crew wasn't taxing, they had spent four tense hours in the air getting to Jew Jersey and back due to some extremely nasty weather over the Midwest. The turbulence wasn't very relaxing, to say the least. Kim thumbed on the Kimmunicator watch and asked, "What's the sitch, Wade? You know we just got back home from New Jersey."

"I know you're tired, Kim," the not so pudgy anymore Wade Load said from the tiny screen on the watch. "I just wanted to update you on the progress with Nemesis."

"Still bad news?" Ron asked from the kitchen counter where he was chopping up some lettuce for a salad.

"I'm afraid so," Wade ceded with a frustrated shake of his head. The now eighteen year old genius had been lending his brain power to the problem and called Kim and Ron daily to tell them of the progress. "We've managed to whittle Nemesis down by a third but it's still too large to destroy using nukes and there's not that much time left to complete the job to a point where the Earth will be safe."

"So we're still looking at an E. L. E.?" Kim queried with an exasperated sigh. "An Extinction Level Event?"

"Basically," Wade confirmed as he rapidly typed on his computer. "But I may have found another solution."

"Well tell us, Wade-my-man," Ron enthused as he walked over to sit beside Kim and be seen by their tech guru. "How can we get rid of the big bad rock?"

"Yeah Wade. Spill," Kim said, sitting up at the news that there might be a way to remove the threat to the world that no one else had thought of. "Have you discussed this with anyone else?"

"I've talked to a few higher-ups in the government but they dismissed my solution as strictly myth and legend; as unsubstantiated garbage," the eighteen year old grumbled.

"Which myths and legends are you talking about?" the redhead cautiously questioned. Kim knew that Wade had been helping her father, and a lot of the other scientists, non-stop in solving the threat from Nemesis. (He was the one who suggested using Drakken's gravitomic ray.) She feared that maybe Wade had been spending too many hours and put under too much stress, and that maybe he'd finally cracked.

Wade saw the dubious look on Kim's face but plowed ahead with his theory. "Well, you know there was once a capstone on the Great Pyramid of Giza and that it'd been lost over the centuries."

"Yes," Kim remembered a certain essay she'd done for one of her high school classes on the subject. "The outer casing stones for the pyramid were a type of local limestone, but the capstone was probably made out of gold and stolen shortly after it was in place; if it was ever added to finish the construction in the first place."

"That's the general consensus," Wade slyly stated. "There's also the theory that when the capstone was in place, the pyramid could be used as a powerful transmitter to some alien race."

"Yeah yeah," Kim dismissively waved off the farfetched legend as Ron brought some condiments and chopped onion over to the table, along with two cans of sodas and the salad. "The aliens were supposedly the ones who helped build the pyramids. What's that gotta do with Nemesis?"

"It might not be a legend," Wade continued. "We know aliens from other worlds do exist."

"Yeah," Ron piped in as he went over to the oven to check on lunch. "Warhok and Warmonger were definitely from another galaxy." Using an oven mitt, he pulled the broiler pan out of the oven and set it on the burners of the stove. He platted the "Spread-On" hamburgers, as he liked to called them, and returned to the table. "So what? We find the capstone and call for help?"

"That's not what I'm suggesting, Ron," Wade laughed. He always got a chuckle from Ron's far-out theories and suggestions which were more-times-than-not close to the truth. "No, it's also thought that the pyramid was built as a weapon to defend the Earth from other warring aliens races. A genius friend of mine I know from the web has recently found where the bottom section of the Rosetta Stone had been secreted."

"You mean the part of the stone that's been missing for a few millennia," Kim stated as fact as she squirted some stone-ground mustard, then sprinkled some diced onions on her open-faced sandwich.

"Right," Wade said as he put up a picture of the missing bottom third of the famed Rosetta Stone. "When translated, it tells about an all-powerful weapon to defend the Earth located in the northern part of the continent, meaning Africa."

"So all we need to do is find the capstone thingie," Ron reasoned with his mouth full as he started on his second sandwich, "put the doohickey on top of the pyramid and figure out how to fire it at a big rock hurtling toward Earth?"

"It's not that simple, Ron," Kim said after taking a sip of her soda. "If I remember correctly, the open area that the capstone would normally sit on is thirty feet square. If the cap was made of gold..." she did a quick calculation in her head, "then it'd weigh around 5 or 6 tons, or more."

"And be worth almost as much as we are," Ron marveled, comparing the price of gold verses the royalty checks that were still coming in from Bueno Nacho. Of course his calculations were slightly off. He still wasn't very proficient in math.

"Have you found out anything else, Wade?" Kim asked, now thinking that they may actually have a way to reduce, if not totally take out the threat Nemesis represented.

"Another friend of mine from the web thinks he may have found out how to use the pyramid weapon. He's been deciphering some of the hieroglyphics found in a hidden chamber under the Sphinx."

"I've never heard that they found a hidden chamber near the Sphinx," Kim nearly shouted in surprise, now totally forgetting about her lunch which was growing cold. She remembered reading that there might be a hidden library buried somewhere around the Sphinx, but never about one being found.

"It was a secret project that happened when the Sphinx was first being excavated as part of its restoration, quite a few years ago," Wade explained. "The team is just now almost finished deciphering the library."

"So like Ron said earlier," Kim said looking over to her husband who had once again hit the nail on the head, "all we need to do is locate the capstone, place it on top of the pyramid and somehow follow the directions?"

"That's about it," Wade said with a shrug. "Of course the hard part is locating the cap. It's been missing for over four thousand years."

"But by now that much gold has probably been melted down and sent all over the world," Ron yelped in dismay. "There's no way we can find it."

"Is there any way to recreate the cap?" Kim curiously pondered aloud to her technical genius.

"I'm afraid not," Wade sadly said. "My friend studying the library told me that the capstone had special markings on it. He said it didn't specifically say what kinds of markings, just that they were there and needed for it to operate."

"So we're at a dead end," Ron whined as he slumped onto the table top in defeat. "Literally!"

"I think not," Kim said perking up with a sly look on her face.

"Whaddaya mean, KP?"

"We need to find the capstone and there's only one man to see when you want any type of information."

"I'll start prepping your jet for a trip to Morocco," Wade said as he started to type real fast on his computer keyboard.


Just a quick coupla F.Y.I.'s: This story is filled with both fact and speculation about the Great Pyramids, the Mayan Calendar and other mysteries. It's up to you to figure out which is which.

Also, the recipe for "Spread-On" hamburgers is my own from when I was a kid. If you try it, just remember that the hamburger will shrink while it cooks, so make the patty a little larger than the bread slice, then place under the broiler for about five minutes. If you do it right, the bread will toast up nicely. The stone-ground mustard and onion are my favorites as toppings, but you can suit yourself. Enjoy.