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Mayan Calendar

Chapter 6


Kim and Ron had just crawled into bed after saying their good nights to her father and Wade, who had just come up out of the pyramid, when the phone rang. Ron groaned in annoyance but answered it anyway. After all, it wasn't like he and Kim could be out on the town celebrating like the rest of the world since they were in isolation.

"Hello. Yeah, my wife is here. Just a minute," Ron said into the receiver before handing it to Kim. "It's the General."

Kim warmly smiled at Ron, knowing that he'd specifically mention that she was his wife because General Simms kept calling her Miss Possible whenever they talked. Kim had given up on trying to get the General to call her by her married name but Ron obviously wasn't giving up.

"Hello General Simms," Kim sighed into the receiver.

"Miss Possible," the General started in his no nonsense manner. "I hope I didn't wake you but we have an A-1-A scenario and someone has requested your presence at the Pyramid of Cheops immediately."

"I thought the crisis was over since Nemesis was destroyed," Kim yelped in slight annoyance, thinking that the General hadn't heard the news about the successful firing of the pyramid weapon. "And besides, I'm still under quarantine."

"I understand all that, but another A-1-A situation has arisen and the only person who can handle the threat wants you there," the General barked as if it were an order. "A jet should be landing at your location as we speak. You're to get on the jet immediately so you can meet up with the person when they arrive at the pyramid."

"Well, what about the quarantine?" Kim questioned still not sure how that would be handled.

"Your doctors have been informed about the situation and have agreed to allow you to leave the complex wearing an environment suit. Your gear should be arriving at your door any second now."

Ding dong. The doorbell to the isolation apartment rang. Ron got out of bed, donned a robe and said, "I'll get it," as he left the bedroom.

"Alright, General," Kim sighed again, not looking forward to donning one of those bulky yellow monstrosities like Ron had worn in high school their senior year when he'd become obsessed with statistics and the odds of surviving a mission. "My husband and I will leave as soon as we get dressed."

"Thank you Miss Possible," General Simms intoned, still sounding as if he were giving orders. "Your country and the world are grateful for your sacrifice." He didn't wait for Kim's reply. The no nonsense General just hung up the phone.

"Yeah. A big sacrifice," Kim grumbled to herself before her countenance brightened a bit as Ron returned to the room carrying a white bundle. "Well, at least Ron and I will be able to get out of here for a day or two."


Fortunately for Kim, the environment suit turned out to be very different than the bulky thing she'd envisioned. The suit Ron had gotten from the doctors at the door fit almost as snugly as her old super suit had. The only difference was that this one had a clear bubble helmet that completely enclosed her head and it also had a small air purifier unit she had to wear as a fanny pack.

Kim wasn't too surprised when they boarded the plane and were greeted by Afmed and Afmed, the two aliens from Area 51. After all, General Simms arranged for the ride and the two Sednanians probably left the base more than he did.

During the flight, Kim and Ron had a pleasant conversation with Mrs. Afmed, the one with the translator mustache, while Rufus carried on his own animated dialogue with the other alien. Kim had no idea what Rufus was saying but Afmed and Ron occasionally laughed at something the alien and the naked mole rat were talking about. (Kim realized she really needed to learn how to speak fluent Rufus one of these days.)

Neither alien would say exactly why they'd been summoned to the Pyramid of Cheops, but both hinted that they were needed and knew what was going on.

When they'd arrived, the sight of the pyramid was magnificent. The golden capstone gleamed in the afternoon sunlight. What was even more amazing was the sight of the Sednanian ship which our three intrepid heroes had only seen in space before, that had landed between two of the pyramids. It was much larger than either Kim or Ron remembered, almost equaling the size of the stone structures.

As the two humans, one naked mole rat and two aliens disembarked from the plane they were met by Afmed and Afmed, two of the aliens from the space ship. (Luckily they both were wearing translator mustaches since they found their supply of them shortly after Kim and Ron had departed back to Earth.)

"Greetings, Mrs. and Mr. Stoppable," the leader from the spacecraft said with a Southern drawl and an outstretched hand. Both Kim and Ron shook his four-fingered hand. He turned to the naked mole rat and, with a 'high one' slap of Rufus' paw, said, "Hey there little one."

"Yo-ha, Bro," Rufus returned the greeting.

"It's nice to see you again, Afmed," Kim said with a genuine smile before she became serious. "What's going on? Ron and I haven't been told just why we've been brought here. We thought the danger was over now that Nemesis has been destroyed."

"That right, y'all. But that wasn't why we were comin' here in the first place." He pointed over to the space ship where a beam of light shot out toward the top of the pyramid, lifting the capstone off again. "We didn't know about the meteor that was hurdling towards you. We were on our way to take care of another threat to your planet."

"Another threat," Ron whined, slapping his forehead in disgust. "Maaaan, how many planet threatening threats are we supposed to foil this year?"

"This threat is most dire," Afmed, the one from Area 51 who spoke with the British accent, said as everyone watched the capstone lift off the pyramid and get moved into the cargo hold of the space ship. "As you may not have heard, there's a cosmic alignment happening in a few hours between the exact center of your galaxy, your Sun and the Earth. When it occurs, the Sun will act as a focusing aperture for cosmic rays coming from the black hole at the center of our galaxy. Those enhanced rays will disrupt your gravitational field and tip your planet on its axis, causing destructive earthquakes to occur. Your global weather patterns will also shift causing massive storms."

"That sounds like a bad thing," Ron understated in his usual naive way.

"That's more than bad, Ron," Kim sternly said. "It'll throw the entire planet's ecosystem into chaos. The Sahara Desert may become the North Pole and Middleton would be on the Equator."

"No more winter weather in Middleton?" Ron perked up with his goofy smile beaming. "That doesn't sound so bad. That'll mean more beach time."

"But the shift in the Earth's axis will also cause the tectonic plates to move. Violently," Kim quickly informed her husband. "That will lead to massive earthquakes, tidal waves of epic proportions and volcanoes erupting. The whole world will be in chaos and disarray."

"Okay," Ron deadpanned. "Were back to bad."

"What can we do to stop it?" Kim questioned her planet's guests.

"That's the reason we all were comin' here in the first place," Afmed, the leader from the spacecraft, said as he hitched a slender thumb toward his ship. "We need to get the capstone moved to what you call the Yucatan Peninsula. We can take care of the problem from there."

"Well," Kim said, her cheerleader smile beaming bright and using a catch phrase she hadn't in a while, "let's get started."


The whole operation was explained to the young couple as they flew to Chichén Itza, Yucatan. Kim knew there was an Mayan pyramid there called the Pyramid of Kukulcan, but that was about all she knew of the area.

Afmed, the leader of the whole group of aliens (was Kim going to have to number them to keep them all straight in her mind?) informed her that she and Ron had been brought along to keep the Earthling tourists mollified while they preformed the operation necessary to save the Earth. Afmed had dismissed her father, Shego, Wade and his internet friends after the ship had landed, telling them that the alien crew would handle the cleanup.

Luckily, the flight took less than an hour since they were in the spaceship, and that the U.S. and Mexican armies were on hand to herd the crowd of humans clear of the pyramid and landing area when they arrived.

It didn't take long for the Sednanians, using their tractor beam again, to remove the two story tall temple from the top of the 79 foot tall pyramid, replacing it with the golden capstone from the Egyptian pyramid. Surprisingly, the cap seemed to fit, having somehow been shrunk down to the correct size by the Sednanians during the flight. Ron also noticed that the inscriptions on the capstone had somehow been altered to resemble Mayan glyphs instead of the Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Kim was able to quell the fears of the tourists when she took a bullhorn off of one of the soldiers and told the crowd what was going on. (Well, in general terms, nothing specific. She didn't want the tourists to freak out or anything.) She was slightly chagrined when someone in the audience asked why she had a spacesuit on and whether they needed one. The crowd all cheered when she explained the reason for her isolation, and soon she and Ron were inundated with congratulations on the impending arrival of a new Stoppable child.

The celebration was interrupted when a loud hum was heard and a bright pink light shot out of the top of the pyramid. The beam lanced up then spread out like it hit a barrier, covering the entire sky. What the humans didn't know was that if someone was looking down at the Earth from space, the whole world would've had a pink glowing shield surrounding it.

Mere minutes after the pink glow encompassed the Earth it changed color to a deep burgundy, the morning Sun being blotted out and the sky appeared as if it were night once again. The crowd oohed and aahed at the spectacle, most not knowing the full extent of what was happening so they were blissfully unconcerned about the utter devastation that was being averted.

Both Kim and Ron knew, though. Afmed had explained that the change in color signified that the event had started and would only last a few minutes during the precise alignment.

Soon enough the sky changed back to the pink hue and the crowd went wild, marveling at the light show they'd just witnessed. Some were even bragging that they'd be famous, having seen it first hand. Unfortunately they didn't know that the entire planet had witnessed the event.

The beam was shut down and both Kim and Ron let out a heavy sigh of relief when they saw Afmed, Afmed, Afmed et. al. exiting the pyramid. They knew the operation was over and all was right with the world.

"Well," Ron chirped when they greeted their alien friends, "was that it or is there another dire threat that we haven't heard about yet that we need to take care of?"

"No, that's all our colleagues came to fix," Afmed said with a British accent. (Obviously he was the one from Area 51.)

"What will happen to the capstone now?" Kim curiously asked.

"We will keep it with us at Area 51," Afmed said, pointing to his wife. "That way it'll be available if another meteor happens to head this way."

The alien crew levitated the capstone back onto their ship and replaced the temple back onto the pyramid. Then, with Kim, Ron and Rufus on board, lifted off to head back to Colorado to drop off the trio, and then move on to Area 51.


Kim, being slightly depressed since she hadn't been a major player in saving the world twice on this mission, and also being the curious type, buried herself in reading about the two ancient Earth cultures she'd come in contact with after returning to their isolation apartment.

"Ron?" Kim asked as she walked over to her husband, a large book open in her hands, "did you get a good look at any of the carvings around either of the pyramids?"

"Not really, KP," Ron said as he paused the video game he and Rufus were playing on the television. "Why do you ask?"

"Take a look at this," she said, sitting down beside him on the floor and setting the book between them on their legs. She pointed at one of the pictures.

"Yeah, that's Quetzalcoatl with his head emerging from a snake," Ron nonchalantly shrugged at the picture of one of the Mayan decorations. "So what?" He unpaused the game and continued to play.

"Doesn't it look a little like Afmed?" Kim queried. "I mean the leader of the alien group from the spaceship."

"It looks like him," Ron offhandedly said, not taking his attention away the TV screen, "because it is him, KP."

"What?" Kim yelled in shock. "How can this be him?"

Ron let out a big sigh before pausing the game again. He turned to Kim and explained, "It's all of them, KP. When we were on the ship picking up the capstone thingie, I got to talk with a coupla them. They told me that they were the actual Mayan Gods Quetzalcoatl, Tezcatlipoca, Huitzilopocchtli, and Tonatuh back when they were on Earth the before. They also said that they're the ones who helped build the Egyptian pyramids and became Ra, Osiris, Horus, and Anubis."

"But the Egyptian and Mayan gods all appear to be in human form in the carvings," Kim said as she showed her husband a few more pictures of the different gods. "And Quetzalcoatl was described as being pale white with a beard." She let it pass that Ron was able to pronounce the names of four of the Mayan Gods without missing a beat. He was just strange that way sometimes, remembering the oddest things. "And they'd have to be thousands of years old now if they were here on Earth during the reign of the pharaohs."

"Yeah, about that" Ron nervously laughed as he absently rubbed the back of his neck. "It seems that they have a extremely long lifespan since they're on a planet that's in a trans-Neptune orbit-type-thingie. They also go through a color change of their skin every hundred years or so, from pale white to gray and back."

"Okay," Kim accepted his explanation so far. "But what about looking like us humans?"

"Oh that," Ron nonchalantly waved off her question. "The aliens were wearing disguises to blend in with the human, and the beard was an older form of their translation mustache."

"And they told you all this while we were on their ship in space?"

"Well, yeah," Ron shrugged again like it was totally understandable. "I mean the 'Greeting Feast' was three days long and they kinda ran off at the mouth after drinking for so long. The stuff they served us is like alcohol here on Earth. It didn't affect us but it got them drunker than a skunk."

Rufus became a bit put out since the video game was paused and he wasn't interested in ancient history at all. While Kim and Ron were talking, he slammed his controller down, marched over to the TV and shut it off. The mole rat then got out the checker board and set up the game before he kicked Ron in the leg.

Ron turned to his little buddy and asked, "What?"

"Checkers!" Rufus squeaked, pointing at the board.

"Awww, Maaaan!"



Being nine months pregnant and in isolation was driving Kim apsolutely bonkers. She hadn't been allowed to exercise for months and there was nothing else to do. There's only so much reading and television to distract you before you become totally bored.

At least the doctors finally told her just why she was being kept in isolation. The fears of radiation affecting the baby were dire and the lack of gravity during the first few weeks of gestration could've caused major problems with the bone structure of the fetus. Luckily neither of those problems seemed to have arisen. The ultrasound tests showed the baby was developing nicely.

Ron had been almost avoiding his wife. The mood swings Kim had experienced were extreme and that made him cautious around his wife.

Fortunately, the villainous community decided it wasn't worth trying to take over the world after Professor Dementor tried to obtain the Pan Dimensional Vortex Inducer once again a few months back. Ron went to retrieve the device, but he had a secret weapon with him.


The mint green hued villainess tagged along because she was bored and literally tore through his henchmen. After that, Henchco had a hard time recruiting. And losing a major source of income, they shortly went out of business. Without any henchmen, the rest of the uber-villains decided it would be too hard to take over the world.

Kim paced in the small apartment for the umpteenth time that morning, literally wearing a rut in the carpeting. Suddenly she doubled over in pain and felt a wetness between her legs.

"Ron, it's time!" Kim hollered when the initial contraction subsided.

"I'm on it," Ron yelled back as he came out of the bathroom naked, having been in the shower. They'd rehearsed what to do quite a few time over the months, not having anything better to do so Ron was well versed in just what needed to be done. He grabbed the phone and dialed a number, telling the doctors that Kim had gone into labor.

All seemed to be going as planned but Kim still had to remind her husband to put some clothes on before the medical team arrived.

Ron only fainted twice during the delivery and after only fifteen hours in the delivery room, the proud parents looked upon their new baby boy.

"What should we name him?" Kim questioned her husband who was beaming to beat the band.

"Well," Ron pondered for just a moment before his goofy smile amped up a notch or two. "since he was conceived in space on that mission, maybe we should call him Afmed."

Kim was not amused.


Author's Notes: And so the mysteries of December 21, 2012 are put to rest. I know I fudged a few of the facts and there wasn't too much action in this little tale, but I rushed this out to be available before the end of the world.

Sedna is a real planet in a trans-Neptune orbit. Unfortunately, it take approximately 11,400 Earth years to complete said orbit, so if there is life on that small world it wouldn't have been anywhere near Earth during either the Pharaoh or Mayan time periods. As Kim said, they'll be closest to the Sun in 2076.

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