It was still dark outside when Dean woke up, cocooned in the fabulous warmth of the bed sheets with an angel wrapped around him. He blinked into the shadows of the bedroom, listening to the silence and marvelling at the difference compared to the blizzard that had been kicking up the night before. Dean let out a low sigh and arched back against the angel who was curled up behind him, one arm slung over his hips, breath warm against his neck. Cas moaned softly in his sleep and drew Dean closer, strong arms tightening their grip.

Dean would have just laid there for the rest of the day and never ventured out into the chilled air of the bedroom, but nature called. "Cas," he mumbled, trying to prise the angel away from him. It only resulted in Cas tightening his grip further. "Lemme go." He heard a disgruntled groan from behind him and then felt a light kiss against his neck.

"Never," came the gruff, sleep-heavy response. Dean laughed and trailed his fingers over the angel's knuckles.

"I have take care of business, I'll be back," Dean murmured, gently removing himself from Cas' grip.

He glanced over his shoulder as he sat up, catching sight of Cas' blue eyes glinting in the dim light, watching him as always. He offered a smile briefly before straightening up and padding towards the bathroom. The floorboards were cold against his feet and he made a mental note to bug Cas into agreeing to buy carpets. The rustic, natural charm of floorboards was nothing if they froze your feet off.

The house creaked gently as Dean moved through it, its old walls settling around him and encasing him in a strange familiarity. They had only moved in a few months ago, but already it felt like home. Dean was glad they had decided to make the move to have somewhere more permanent to retreat to between hunts, somewhere that was most definitely theirs. He was also glad that the person he was sharing space with was Cas. Their relationship was still undefined, still so fresh and new, but it felt like they had been together for millennia. Of course there were still tiffs, still the odd little arguments where one of them was too stubborn and bull-headed to admit defeat, but Dean had never been in a relationship like it. Committed hardly covered what they were.

Maybe it was something to do with being dragged out of Hell by your soul mate, or running for your lives in Purgatory together, or watching the one you loved fight and fall and knowing there's nothing you can do about it, but the bond between them was something that could never be labelled, and so they never did. They were more than partners, more than boyfriends, a word that Dean would openly laugh at, more than any conventional term. They were linked at their cores, beyond skin and bone. To define it would be to tarnish the purity of it.

Dean caught sight of his face in the bathroom mirror and spotted the faint smile still tugging at his lips, the sight only making his smile broaden into a grin. Sam would say he looked a lot healthier lately, that he had filled out and not just in the physical sense. Dean would deny it and punch him on the shoulder, but whenever he spotted the faint smile in the mirror he knew it was true. Cas had changed his life in so many ways, turning it upside down and wedging himself in an empty space Dean wasn't even aware he had.

He took care of business quickly before hurrying back to the bedroom, boards creaking beneath his feet, guiding his path back to the angel. He found Cas on his back, hands behind his head, gazing up at the ceiling. The angel's eyes ticked over to him and a smile crept onto his face, that honest, bright expression that showed his top teeth and reached his eyes, lighting them up every time. "Took your time," Cas called softly as Dean shut the door behind him and moved back to the bed.

The sheets were still warm as Dean slithered back between them, soon encased in that strong embrace again as Cas rolled over to meet him. "You humans and your business," he muttered as he pressed a kiss to Dean's bare shoulder, one hand trailing slowly down Dean's side. Dean hummed and rolled to face the angel, bringing a hand up to rest against Cas' cheek.

"Shush," he grumbled, pressing a light kiss against the angel's lips. Cas smiled against the kiss, tugging gently so Dean was on top of him, settled between his legs.

"Make me," he replied softly, strong hands running down Dean's sides. Dean chuckled and tangled a hand loosely in Cas' hair.

"Mm." He teased Cas' lips softly with his tongue. "I would, but I need to get up," he murmured, kissing the angel teasingly. "Sam'll be here soon."

"Why he has to be here at sunrise is something I will never understand," Cas muttered, chasing Dean's mouth with his own as the hunter pulled away and pressed a few kisses along the angel's neck.

"Because he's a freak," Dean grumbled.

"You have time," Cas growled out as Dean nipped playfully at the soft skin of his neck. Dean hummed in gentle agreement but continued to tease. "We can be quick."

"You can be quick," Dean murmured against skin, breath hot and moist, lips teasing lightly. He heard the deep rumble in Cas' chest before he felt the strong hands against his shoulders, pushing him over until the angel was on top of him, straddling his hips easily. Cas pinned Dean's arms above his head and stared at him with those intense eyes, a grin tugging at his lips.

"I didn't hear you complaining about my stamina last night." His breath was gentle and warm against Dean's face, his fingers firm around Dean's wrists, his hips pressing down against Dean's growing arousal. There was only one way this could go.

Dean was just pulling on his jeans in a frenzy when he heard the car pull up outside. Of course Cas wasn't quick, he never was. He had had his wicked way with Dean, denying him until he was perfectly ready to let loose and fuck him into the mattress. Dean hadn't even brushed his teeth or had a shower, and already Sam was there. "I am so getting you back later," he growled as he pulled on some socks and staggered towards the bedroom door. Cas barked out a laugh and pulled on his shirt at a leisurely pace. He was never one for being humble or following social norms, he would look thoroughly fucked in front of Dean's brother and not give a damn.

Sam's amused smirk as Dean pulled open the front door said it all. He took in Dean's shirtless appearance and flushed cheeks, the bite marks still visible against his shoulders, bruises sucked into his chest and neck, and raised an eyebrow. "Wow, Dean," he said smoothly.

"Shut your mouth. This had better be good, it's cold out," Dean bit back as he retreated into the house to find a shirt. His living habits hadn't changed much. Clothes were scattered at various points in the house, belongings arranged in a similar manner, but he knew where everything was.

"It is good. Thought you might like to take your anger out on a vamp nest about twenty miles south of you. Only a day job," Sam called as he wandered into the living room. He stayed with them now and then, between hunts where he had to travel a long way, too far for him to get back to Amelia straight after or when he was just too tired to drive.

"Sounds like a blast," Dean answered from the kitchen as he tugged a shirt out of the dryer and pulled it on over his head. He heard footsteps on the stairs and met Cas in the hallway, casting a quick gaze over the ruffled, satiated appearance of the angel. "Are you coming?" Cas nodded and threw a grin at Sam as the taller man came through from the lounge.

"Of course," he replied softly, padding past the pair of them and through the door Sam had just appeared from. The younger brother raised an eyebrow at the ruffled hair and stupid grin but didn't say anything more. He had moved past tormenting after Dean had gotten him back by having a very loud session with the angel in the next motel room over.

Dean pulled on his boots, sat at the bottom of the stairs, and glanced up at Sam. "How's Amelia?" Sam grinned at that, an expression Dean would never tire of seeing on his brother's face, and nodded.

"She's doing great, thanks." Dean straightened his back and gazed at his brother for a moment, contemplating a thought that had just crept into his mind. It was slightly crazy, maybe slightly stupid, but he had to suggest it.

"Hey, Sammy, how about Christmas?" he blurted out before he could think twice about it. Sam frowned and opened his mouth to say something before closing it again. "Stupid idea, I know… but we could do it here. We have plenty of room. Cas is a great cook, you know. He hasn't burned anything yet, he just absorbs cook books like he's a sponge." He was rambling he knew that. Sam raised a hand to cut him off, a small huff of laughter escaping him.

"Dean… I think… I think it's a great idea," he said quietly. Dean stared at him for a moment, taking in that response, before a grin finally cracked onto his face. It was a great idea. The excitement started to build up in him immediately, bubbling up until he was laughing and jumping to his feet.

"Alright! It's sorted!" He spotted Cas returning from the living room, dressed in his familiar coat, hair still stuck out at odd ends but looking like it was meant to do that. "We're doing Christmas, Cas!" The angel offered him a confused frown and Dean wiped it away with a fierce hug. He was like a five year old, he was aware, but Christmas was something he hadn't really seen since he was four.

It was the best idea.