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Dean and Castiel wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Dean was up early to help Castiel with the food. There was a lot of work to do, and Dean took orders from the angel to make himself useful. Sam and Amelia helped too and the kitchen was filled with a busy family atmosphere for the first time. Riot watched as the food was prepared and Alice was curled up on one of the chairs to sleep. They had settled their differences at last and were quite happy being in the same room now.

They sat down to eat at midday around the table, which was piled high with steaming food that made Dean's mouth water and even tempted Castiel to stack up his plate with food. They laughed and shared stories, such as the time Sam cried his eyes out when he fell of a bike and into a pond, and when Dean got so drunk he woke up dressed in drag, and the time Dean found Castiel dancing dramatically to Kansas at 5am, not to mention the time Amelia fell down the porch steps and face first into the cake she had been carrying.

They retreated after cleaning up another of Castiel's amazing pies, cherry this time, to the living room with a few beers and a bottle of wine, not to mention the stash of eggnog Dean had revealed that morning. They all settled down around the living room and Sam started to drag the presents out from under the tree. There weren't many, but it was always the thought that counted. He started to pass the presents around from where he was sprawled out on the floor on his stomach. "Dean," he said as he held out a small package for his brother.

Dean took the parcel and read the label. To Dean, Merry Christmas, from Sam and Amelia (and Riot). He chuckled and pulled at the paper until it ripped and started to fall away. It revealed a box with Star Trek written across it and an image of the Enterprise. Dean raised an eyebrow and looked up at Sam. "You build it yourself," Amelia explained as Sam continued sorting through the presents. "We thought that now you had your own place you could have a few hobbies, healthy hobbies," she chuckled. "And when you build it, at least you'll have somewhere to put it." Dean nodded and smiled.

"Yeah, thanks, it's great," Dean laughed, placing it down in front of him and reading the text on the box as Sam passed a present over to Amelia.

Dean immediately recognised it as the present Cas had poorly wrapped from her. Angels may have been dextrous and intelligent but they were still defeated by sticky tape. Amelia peeled apart the paper slowly to reveal the dark red box that contained a selection of chocolate liqueurs. She laughed and popped the lid off. "Oh, how did you know," she chuckled as she popped one into her mouth. Dean smirked.

"It was Cas' idea, I was just gonna get you perfume or something," Dean mumbled as Sam started to open his present.

"Amelia never smelled of perfume, I knew she wouldn't be interested," Castiel mused gently as he handed Dean a small parcel. He took it and started to pull away the paper. A little box was inside, and inside the box was an amulet hanging off a leather cord. It wasn't like the amulet he used to have, but it was old, possibly ancient. It was circular and a tarnished gold, with an engraving of a lightning bolt, and something that looked like a sun.

Dean ran a finger over the pendant and looked up to meet Castiel's expectant eyes. "It's Aztec," the angel said quietly. "It's meant to represent the celebration of joy and life in every living day." A small smile tugged at Dean's lips as he looked back down and slowly removed the pendant from its box. He slipped it around his neck and it settled against his chest comfortingly.

"Thank you, Cas," he muttered as he leaned across the space between them and pressed a kiss to the angel's lips.

Sam unwrapped his present from Dean and Castiel, a new knife, ornamental and an antique, and then helped Riot to open his. The dog had a present from both Dean and Castiel and also Sam and Amelia, and he revelled in tearing open the paper to pull out a marrow-filled bone and then a brand new tug toy. Alice unwrapped a new stuffed toy and a fancy scratching post, and Castiel unwrapped a bundle of new clothes from Sam and Amelia.

It left only the small present Dean pulled from his pocket for Castiel. He offered to the angel and he took it slowly. He had really not expected anything for Christmas, it was not his place to expect. He turned the present over in his hands. It was small, a box, and wrapped untidily. He gently started to open it, revealing a black box beneath the paper. The room was silent as he pushed the lid up, and at first he was confused when all that was inside was a key.

Castiel lifted his gaze to Dean, asking silently for some explanation. The hunter smiled gently, but there was some nervousness about him. "It's a key to the Impala," he explained softly. "I know we have this place but… she's always been my home, always been there for me. Even when this place is gone, she'll still be there. She'll always be there for you too." He rubbed the back of his neck and chuckled softly. "And maybe when the snow clears a bit you can learn to drive, too."

He looked at Castiel with sheepish eyes and the angel smiled before crawling over to him. "Thank you, Dean, I love it." He wrapped his arms around Dean's neck and buried his face against his skin. He may have been falling, he may have been facing humanity, but he had been given the best gift he could ever have. He had been given a home.