A Very Human Matter

by Satin Ragdoll

Angelina Conners stepped out of the ship's chapel and almost ran into Spock. She straightened up, touched her cross, and blushed furiously, "Mr. Spock."

Spock watched her curiously as she walked away. McCoy came up behind him, "What's up, Spock?"

Spock tilted his head, "I am curious of Lieutenant Conners' reaction to me. I am at a total loss as to the emotional context."

McCoy regarded Angelina's retreating back, "She's a devout Christian, Spock. Every day she comes here, to chapel, and prays for your soul."

Spock quirked a brow, "My soul?"

McCoy's eyes roamed the ceiling, while he tried to remember exactly what she had said.


Angelina was one of his nurses. Everybody knew she went to chapel each day, and to pray for the same thing. At first nobody knew what it was. There was even an nurse-wide pool as to the subject matter.

When Bones found out, he felt he had to say something. If he didn't, he was afraid things might get a little ugly, "Praying for Spock's soul, eh? He's Vulcan, you know. He probably won't like it."

Angelina's mouth tightened up, "Yes, sir. Permission to speak freely?"

McCoy nodded, "Of course!"

She stood up straight, "As much as I'm glad he's alive, and as much as I'm very, very grateful that you carried his katra, the very idea of a soul in a bottle is detestable."

Her eyes went far away, "In the face of eternity, it's a stop-gap measure at best. What's going to happen when Vulcan is gone, nothing but dust?"

She looked up at him, her eyes suddenly hostile, "He's half Human, too. But because of his hybrid nature, everybody mostly think of his Vulcan half. I don't know if anybody else ever prays for his soul, or not. I'm sure they pray for his safety and his welfare, but this is something a little different!"

Angelina slumped a little, "I feel all alone in this. I hope I'm not. You are all such good friends. You would risk anything for each other, everyone knows that. I just have to wonder if anyone else thinks about this."

Bones regarded her, a little shamed. His own daddy had been a pastor, but he never prayed for Spock's soul either. He had carried his katra, but never prayed for his soul. "I'm sure there are others praying for his soul, Angelina, but that doesn't chang the fact that he still won't appreciate it."

She had sighed, "I know, but it doesn't matter." Her eyes had lit a little, "You bait him all the time, everybody knows that, and you must feel that at least part of it's for his own good, right? You are too much of his friend to do so otherwise. I'm guessing you feel that if you keep him rattled a little, maybe he won't turn to stone, yeah?"

Bones smiled, "Yeah."

She nodded, "He doesn't appreciate that, does he?"

Bones blushed, "Yeahhhh...wellll...he gives as good as he gets! There has to be something to that, doesn't there?"

She just crooked a brow at him.

McCoy sighed, "Okay, maybe he doesn't like it. Much."

Angelina nodded, a quiet light in her eyes, "Much the same, doctor. Much the same. He might not like it, but I have to. I have to, for his sake, and for my own conscience's sake."


After relating their conversation, Bones spoke quietly, "Love comes in many forms, Spock. Here she is, doing something for you very few others are probably doing. You know, I might just say a prayer for you tonight, myself. Well, if God still listens to an cantankerous, old, Southern coot like me. I haven't talked to Him in a good, long while. Good night, Spock."

Spock thought for a long moment. Angelina was praying for his soul. Did he even have a human soul, or just a Vulcan katra? Perhaps he had a combination of the two. Hmm. Fascinating. He had a lot to meditate on, and he would have to tell Angelina that he had no objection to her praying for him. It reminded him of his maternal grandmother. She used to pray for him all the time.