Laughter, colorful eggs, Santa Claus, a beautiful fairy, Yetis, Elves.



"I'm gonna miss you too."

Those were the last words she had heard before she fell asleep, tired from the activities in the morning and the effect from the golden sand which snowed down upon the children.

The moment she had woken up, she refused to believe that all that had been a dream. She continued to remember the joyful bunch she had met. The pretty fairy, the large man who had rosy cheeks and a large red coat, the adorable elf alongside the large, yet gentle Yetis, and most of all, she would never forget the large bunny who had boomerangs on his back and an Australian accent.

She continued to remember and most of all, believe in them. Every night, she would dream of playing with them in a large meadow, making wreaths out of flowers and dancing together.

As Sophie grew older, she continued to remember. She continued to stay up at nights sometimes, waiting for the Tooth Fairy to come collect her teeth. During Christmas, she and her brother would hide behind the stairs, in hopes that Santa would arrive any second.

And most of all, when it was the annual Easter hunt, she wouldn't just look for the eggs, she kept a lookout for that one person; the Easter bunny.

But she never saw them again, which made her a little sad on the inside, but she continued to hope and wait.

When she was ten, Sophie began to notice something. Every year, out of all the colorful spread of eggs she had managed to find, she noticed that there was always one particular egg which made it into her collection. It was colored with a light shade of pink and was decorated with a faint tinge of blue.

This was the egg which she had made, together with him; the Easter Bunny.

"Isn't that a beauty? Now let's get this fella and his friends into the tunnels."

When Sophie was eleven, her brother, Jamie was already fifteen years old.

And it was by then, that Jamie had begun to stop believing.

"Hey, Jamie, do you want to wait for the tooth fairy with me?"

"C'mon Soph, I need to go to School tomorrow. Don't be silly."

That had made her very upset, and she went to bed earlier than usual. She never thought that her own brother would stop believing. The enthusiastic boy who loved looking out for the tooth fairy, or told her stories of bigfoot and fairies, was gone.

All that was left of her once enthusiastic brother, was a rebellious teenager who hung out with his friends all the time and was never home by his curfew.

That night, Sophie cried herself to sleep. She didn't want to stop believing in Santa or the tooth fairy and most of all, she didn't want to forget about him; the bunny.

And as she slowly drifted off to sleep, she was comforted by a familiar cold presence. It made her a little chilly, but she was glad for it. It made her feel warm inside, as if she was being comforted by an old friend.

When Sophie was thirteen, she noticed how everyone around her had changed.

Jamie was a 17 year old student in high school, busily preparing for his final year exams all while trying to impress the ladies. They weren't as close as they used to be when they were younger, and he usually fought with her every time they interacted. Their mom told Sophie not to get too mad with Jamie; she told her that her brother was just going through a "rebellious phase".

Cupcake; or Noreen as she preferred to be called now, was studying to be Vet. She had grown up from a foul-tempered girl to a cheery, athletic tomboy. She came to their house often to do her homework with Jamie. She talked to Sophie often, although she herself had stopped believing in their childhood fantasies. Now, she cared more about boys and it had become more obvious over time, that she had a big crush on Jamie.

All of their other friends had stopped believing as well. The twins were focusing on basketball and schoolwork. The nerdy kid with red glasses and braces whom Sophie once knew had grown up to be one of the top students in their local high school and was probably going to a Valedictorian soon later. The girl with the white beanie who was Jamie's best friend? She had moved away, although she still kept in touch with Jamie through occasional phone calls and postcards.

All of her peers around Sophie were changing too. Suzy, Ilya, Christian… all the people who once shared her love for the magical joy of fairies, elves and Santa Claus; they did not believe anymore. They were starting to become like Jamie; caring only about what they wore or what were the latest trends. What were the latest rumors in school or which guys or girls they found cute?

And by the time the next Easter hunt came, Sophie found herself alone.

The only thing which managed to comfort her as tears welled up in her eyes, was when she found the pink egg with a faint tinge of blue.

Nineteen year old Sophie was struggling to survive in her new collage. She was studying to be a writer, determined to make children around the globe believe in the childhood fantasies which once bought joy and hope to her brother and herself.

She wasn't sure if she could do it, everyone around her said that her writing was mediocre or 'slightly above average' or 'good, but good enough'.

She tried not to become like what all her other friends had become; drunkards who loved clubbing the entire night or love-struck girls who couldn't spend a second away from their boyfriends. She tried to focus mainly on her studies, pushing herself, sometimes beyond her own limits.

But despite all of the hardships, she continued to believe. Carrying a small speck of hope that she would someday, meet the bunny she remembered in a small, fuzzy dream. Whenever she felt down, remembering the large rabbit made her feel nostalgic and warm inside.

30 year old Sophie Bennett was at the highest point in her life. Her newest book: "The Guardians of Childhood" had been a hit worldwide. Children around the globe loved it, and she was told that the famous animation company: 'Daydream Works' were considering an animated film adaptation for the book.

She noticed that many children loved her depiction of the Easter Bunny. A large, anthropomorphic rabbit that held boomerangs and had an Australian accent.

"So, what was your inspiration for this particular character?"

A young, bright reporter had asked her once in a public interview. Sophie wasn't sure of what to answer.

"He was inspired by a person whom I will always believe in."

She got married at 32, to a man whom she met at the printing company which printed her books.

"Do you, Sophie Bennett, take Cody Walson as your husband?"

"I do."

"Then, I hereby pronounce the two of you, husband and wife."

As she walked down the aisle in a beautiful white dress, arm in arm with her new husband, she smiled brightly and tried not to cry the tears of joy which began welling up in her eyes.

But when she turned around to wave to her friends, she saw a large rabbit standing with a boy with white hair, standing further away from the crowd, talking and watching the couple walk off.

That was when their eyes had met, green eyes to green eyes, just staring at one another. The bunny seemed surprised to see her looking at him, yet, at the same time, he also seemed happy and relieved.


She broke out of her trance and turned around, to find her husband looking at her with a curious expression. "What were you looking at?"

She turned around again, only to realize that they were gone. Her husband held on her shoulder, telling her that the party was going to begin in a few hours; that they could go home and rest for a while first.

"Sophie? Are you okay?"

She couldn't bring herself to answer that question.

"Momma! Momma! I wanna go find some eggs!"

"Alright honey, let's go look for some eggs."

She held on to her son's hand and rushed to the park, where all the children in the neighborhood were at. All of the children were looking for eggs

"Momma! Let's get some eggs before they run out!"

"Don't worry, Nelson. I'm pretty sure the Easter Bunny makes plenty of eggs."

The children were placing eggs of various colors into their baskets, laughing and cheering as each child found an egg hidden amongst the bushes or grass.

She sat down on a nearby bench, trying to catch her breath after running so quickly. Watching the children being so happy made her smile in joy as well as nostalgia. Easter was about hopes and new beginnings, and it certainly felt that way now.

She heard a noise in the bush behind her and she quickly turned around, fearing that it might be a wolf or a fox. But she was surprised to find an egg laying close to her instead, had it been there before?

But that's when she noticed, it was a pink egg with a faint tinge of blue.

"Grandma! Grandma! Tell me the story of when you met the Easter bunny!"

"Knock it off, Emilia. Let grandma rest, she's very tired."

"Don't worry, Nelson. This old lady still has a lot of energy to tell stories!"

"But mom…"

She took her son's hand and smiled. "I'll be fine, don't worry about me. Why don't you go back to work now?"

"I took the day off…"

"Then you can just sit with your children and listen to this old lady's stories."

"You never change, huh mom?"

And so 65 year old Sophie began telling her children and grandchildren the story of how she met the Easter bunny. She told them all that she could remember, about jumping into a portal which bought her to an Oasis with many tiny eggs running about. About how the tooth fairy and Santa Claus helped the large rabbit make eggs, while the bunny himself carried young Sophie on his back and showed her around the Oasis.

Those stories had been told a thousand times, and her grandchildren couldn't get enough of it. They'd ask her questions about how the Easter bunny painted his eggs and how he looked like.

"Grandma, will you be joining us for the Easter Hunt this year? You always go with us every year."

"Shush, Emilia." Her son said in a soft, sad tone.

"But Daddy, Grandma's always in this place where the doctors are. She's healthy isn't she? She can go home, can't she?"

Sophie wasn't sure of how her son could answer that question. She wondered if her grandchild understood the concept of "Hospitals" or "Death".

"She doesn't have much time left. The cancer cells has spread too much."

She overheard her doctor telling this to her son and his wife. She heard quiet sobbing and her son trying to negotiate with the doctor, to tell him that what he said wasn't true.

But Sophie didn't feel sad at all. She had lived a wonderful life, and met so many wonderful people. And most of all, she had met him; the only one she knew as the "Easter Bunny".

The days passed by, Easter came and went, and she grew frailer and weaker.

Her brother and his wife; Noreen, came by to see her. They were sad and cried for Sophie, but she tried to cheer them up. Many old friends came to visit her one last time, before the inevitable happened.

Soon, one night after her son had visited her, she knew that that her time was almost up.

As she closed her eyes, preparing for her final slumber. The door suddenly opened, and she heard strangely familiar voices, including one which had an accent; an Australian accent.

The next day, when her son came to visit, he found his mother sleeping with a large smile , as if she had a wonderful dream. Later on, the doctors told him that she had taken her last breath in her sleep.

But he couldn't understand why she was clutching on to an egg; a pink egg with a faint tinge of blue.

The tombstone read: "Sophie Bennett ; Passed away at an age of 65. She will be sorely missed by her loved ones."

"She really will be missed, especially by us, and especially by you, Bunny." North said, his usual joyful voice replaced with one which was solemn and sad.

"She was a lovely woman." Tooth added, clutching on to a golden case which held teeth which once belonged to Sophie.

Bunny said nothing, but stared at the tombstone with a solemn expression. "'C'mon guys, all of us should be used to this by now."

Sandy and Jack held onto his shoulder, he looked at them and tried to smile. "Aw, c'mon. I ain't sad at all, I mean, we have to move on and all."

Sandy shook his head, as if to disagree with what the rabbit had claimed.

"Bunny, it's true that we have to move on." Jack replied. "But, it doesn't mean that we can't mourn for the ones we miss either."


Do you remember the nights when you were younger? Staying up late at night to wait for the tooth fairy to come along?

Or perhaps the nights when you laid awake in fear that a monster or the boogie man would appear from under your bed?

What are your earliest memories? Or what do you remember in your childhood?

In my opinion, the things we remember the most are the things we experienced in our childhood, especially our earlier ones.

In this story, Sophie begins as a 6 year old, eventually growing older, yet she continues to believe in the Easter bunny, because she remembers that day when she helped him paint the eggs. And the pink egg with a faint tinge of blue is a constant reminder.

Throughout the story, she notices that things around her changes frequently and yet, she continued to believe in the Easter bunny and her childhood fantasies, because some things just can't be simply dismissed as simple childhood dreams.

Please note that many things were made up in the story, such as Jamie's and Sophie's last names, Cupcake's actual names and their ages. I assumed that Sophie would be around 6 years old while Jamie and his friends are ten years old.

Yes, I made a lot of references to real life stuff such as the original books by William Joyce and "Dreamworks Animation". Did you find it? :')

Anyway, DON'T WORRY about the cliffhanger. I have written Bunnymund's PoV and it is currently undergoing heavy editing. I spent almost the entire night writing these and I won't let my efforts go to waste.

The second chapter should be up in 1 or 2 days, look forward to it!