The Easter Bunny; otherwise called Bunnymund, is a strong entity.

Armed with two deadly, magical boomerangs, egg bombs, strong limbs and an Australian accent, he is not one to be underestimated.

But despite his abilities, you'll find that underneath that, he's got a sarcastic, stubborn, yet responsible and caring personality. He is a guardian after all, and he has an important duty; To protect the children of the world since they were all that they had, all that they were and all that they will ever be.

He's busy all year long, busy either preparing small, adorable, walking eggs for their big Easter debut or helping the other guardians with their duties.

But some say, that, on nights when he was all alone in his Oasis. He'd look up into the dark, starry sky and remember old times, reminisce on the past.

No one knows what he thinks of, perhaps of his past life as a carefree human, or perhaps of the dreams he'd never be able to accomplish because of his duties as a Guardian.

Perhaps he'd think of old friends, friends he had back as a human, or friends he made as a Guardian.

Or perhaps he'd think of the good times he had spent one certain day, playing and painting eggs with a young, blonde girl, who had green eyes just like his.

He carries around a small sachet with him, but the problem is that he lets no one, not even his fellow guardians, knows what its contents are.

But if you look carefully, perhaps you'll find yourself looking at what appears to be an egg; a pink egg with a faint tinge of blue.

Author's Notes:

Finally, it's the final chapter!

Thank you all, for your wonderful comments and support. I never thought that my story was especially good or anything. I thought people were going to think that it was too cheesy for a fanfiction. ;v; Thank you again!

This fanfiction story was a really different experience for me; firstly, it was an ongoing series, something that I'm not really a fan of writing. Secondly, it was one of those rare times where I really poured out all my emotions into writing the scenes. This especially applies to chapter one and two, where the character development are a bit more evident. Thirdly, this is more like a friendship and tragic fanfiction, instead of Yaoi or romance, which is kind of rare for me to do because I have a bit more trouble writing sad scenes.

Once again, thank you all for your support. Thank you for being patient with me as I left each chapter on a slight cliffhanger. Thank you, and may you all have a nice day. :')