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The Doctor sat on the TARDIS floor with his head resting on the counsel and his eyes were closed while his mouth hung open, allowing him to drool all over the counsel. The TARDIS started the hum and the Doctor mumbled to himself lightly, twitching. He yelled in surprise and fell backwards as the whole TARDIS shook and made a loud squealing noise. He growled, cursed, and got to his hooves to walk over to the door and see what had happened. He gasped and his front right hoof lifted in the air at the sight. There on the floor lay a Pegasus with a silver body, and a red and silver mane. She groaned and slowly stood up. The Doctor also noticed that she was at the end of the young filly stage. The Doctor snarled.

"Who the hell are you? What are you doing here? How did you get inside my TARDIS?!" the Doctor screamed in fury. The Pegasus stood up and stretched out her wings, completely ignoring him. The Doctor growled at her. "Oi, stupid! I'm talking to you!" The Pegasus froze in her movements and turned to look at the Doctor. His eyes widened. Her eyes were a glowing green and they narrowed angrily at him. She put her wings slowly down at her side and started walking towards him threateningly. There was something about her that made the Doctor uneasy, so he found himself backing up until he bumped into the counsel.

"Did you just call me, stupid?" she said, an evil snarl in her voice. the Doctor started to nod, but stopped instantly and shook his head violently. She snorted, and he was sure he saw puffs of smoke come out of her nostrils. the Doctor yelped in surprise as she touched his nose and squeezed his eyes shut, but they instantly opened as she giggled. He turned his head to look at her. She started laughing. "Wow, you are so gullible!" the Doctor snarled.

"What? I was-I just-hey! Get back here!" The other pony had run off towards the door and the Doctor hurried after her. She burst open the doors with a strong kick and smiled as she saw all the clouds around them. The Doctor stood next to her and growled as he pushed her back into the TARDIS. "And just what do you think you're doing? This is my TARDIS, my home! Now get out!" The pony smirked and put her head down, pawing the ground with her right hoof. "What-what are you doing?"

"Hope you know how to fly!" she said and rammed into him, pushing him out of the TARDIS and into the sky. The Doctor yelped in surprise and fell out, his wings flailing as he did so. The pony laughed and leaped out, spreading her wings and going after him. Discord gathered himself and spread out his wings, they caught the air rushing passed him and lifted him up into the air. He swooped down and landed on the ground, breathing heavily. The pony landed next to him, laughing. He glared at her as she fell onto the ground, laying on her back and holding her stomach as she laughed. "The look on your face! Oh my gosh, that was great!"

She gasped lightly as the Doctor stood over her, his front hooves on either side of her head as their hindquarters going in the opposite then other was. He brought his head closer to hers so that his glare would put more fear into the filly's heart, for it did seem she was much to young to be a mare. She gave a funny smile and a light giggle, which made the Doctor sick to his stomach.

"It was not funny, it was dangerous. I could've gotten hurt," he told her seriously. The filly's expression fell and she nodded slowly. The Doctor stepped back and let the filly stand up. She shook herself off and her hair stood up on at all ends. "Um-is that normal?" She nodded.

"Pretty much," she told him. "Oh, and sorry about that. I didn't mean to scare you, I was just trying to have some fun." The Doctor huffed and sat down as well, rolling his eyes at her remark.

"Fun? That almost got me-" the Doctor stopped a moment, thinking. He glared at her. "I was not scared!" She smiled a little bit at this and the Doctor glared at her again.

"Yes you were, you liar," she said, laughing. The Doctor huffed and shoved passed her, walking into the TARDIS and slamming the door shut. The pony smiled, turned around and walked over to the TARDIS doors, knocking on them. The Doctor opened them and glared at her.

"Go, away!" he screamed. The filly gave him a funny look and shoved him forward, making him fall over as she entered the TARDIS. He snarled and stood up, glaring at her as she looked around the TARDIS.

"Listen here, pony-boy," she said, turning to face him, a very determined look on her face. "I'm staying, and that's that." The Doctor glared at her. "And you can shove me out all you like, I'll just come back. So, you can either try to shove me out and fail time and time again, or just except it now and save yourself the suffering." The Doctor rolled his eyes.

"You know, most people start with their name and a kind hello," the Doctor said sourly. The filly nodded and sat down.

"Right, right, sorry. My name's Star Gaze, and you are?" she asked, a cheeriness in her voice. The Doctor huffed.

"Doctor," he said. Star Gaze gave a sharp nod and trotted around the TARDIS, looking at everything. The Doctor huffed and kicked the door shut, walking over to the counsel and resting his head on it. "Just don't break anything and don't bug me." He heard Star Gaze mumbled something as she continued to walk around. "Oh, and look out for Jack." He heard her shriek and hooves ran around the TARDIS, he soon saw a silver streak whiz passed him with a blue one coming right behind. He gave a small grin and looked over to his computer, where the camera for his blog was located. "And so it begins..."

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