And here is chapter three. Yeah, it's really, /really/ short. But it's a simple idea my sister asked me to do. Anyway, enjoy!

The Doctor sat in front of the computer, his eyes closed and his spit spilling all over the desk as he slept. Star walked over as quietly as possible, setting a tiny box with red wrapping and a silver bow on the desk before turning and trotting slowly away. Questions came in from the blog and filled the Doctor's head, telling him to wake up and whatnot. Finally he complied and slowly opened his eyes. He huffed in disgust and wiped off his spit from the desk. It was at that time he spotted the gift laying on the desk. He gave it a quizzical look before grabbing the silver bow with his teeth and gently pulling it off. Inside was a note attached to a bit of cloth.

I heard you saying to your fans that you liked cloaks. So, Merry Christmas, the note read. The Doctor's eyes widened and he took out the fabric, laying it out on the TARDIS floor. He got a huge smile and pranced a bit in place excitedly. The cape was black and cut at the end to make it look like flames, with bright red, yellow and orange sparkling in the light on the flame-cuts. The latch for the cape was a dimmed forest green and in navy blue had the letters DW carved on it, obviously standing for Discord Whooves. The Doctor grabbed the cape and put it on eagerly.


"Hey Doc, I-WHOA!" Jack jumped out of the way as the Doctor bolted passed him, laughing in a way he hadn't hear from him ever. Jack stepped into the main control room of the TARDIS and watched as the Doctor ran around it, panting and laughing at the same time. "Um, Doc, are you ok?" The Doctor didn't answer, simply continued to run all over the place. "Hey-Hey Star! Can you come here please!" Star trotted out of her room and walked over.

"Yeah, Jack?" Star raised an eyebrow as the Doctor ran up to them and stopped, panting and sweating like crazy. Star smiled and laughed a little. "I see you like the cape I made you." The Doctor nodded with a smile and continued to run. Jack gave Star that I-hate-you-right-now look. "What?" Jack gave a horse-like snort and walked down the hall to his room. Star turned to the Doctor's computer. "What's his issue? Anybody got a clue? Cause I sure don't." The Doctor slowly trotted over next to Star, panting so hard he looked like he might puke.

"I think now's a good time for a nap." The Doctor then collapsed and fell asleep instantly. Star stared down at him for a very long moment, then looked over at the camera with a funny smile as she grabbed the Doctor by the mane and dragging him down the hall to his room. She let him go and trotted over to the computer, she waved to the camera and shut it firmly before dragging the Doctor back down the hallway as she had been moments ago.

And thar she blows! :D Have a bow chicka bow wow day!
Perla: And may it be the best one ever, of all time.