I walked into the bathroom and commenced to brushing my teeth..

"Are out imaginations getting more lifelike?"

"Yeah, I think so too. Dad said it wouldn't happen!" I said sarcastically.

"NO, I am serious! I thought I could actually feel George next to me, long after he should've disappeared from my thoughts." She said.

"Maybe you dreamed about him. It has happened before!" I counteracted.

"Maybe your right," She said turning off the water in the shower. I got dressed before going out into the bedroom. Ringo looked up at me.

"WHO ARE YOU?" He sounded disturbed, and a little frightened.

"I AM PEANUT!" Peanut was my nick name. Ringo slunk back under the covers.

I soon after got on the bus, and thought of Mr. Dolenz's story about the necklaces we were wearing that day.

Story about the necklaces

They had met the Beatles, and befriended them. Very soon after the Beatles gave Micky and Peter peace medallions for luck. Over the years Peter had acquired Micky's, and held them in a velvet lined box with the legend Micky had written...

Legend has it when the right two have found the necklaces the Beatles will appear and take the two back with them, once they've hit the correct age of 21.

Ringo snapped me out of my daydream.

"Ringo, you can sit all you want, but I'm not talkin to you." I said without turning my head.

"Alright," he said. he soon disappeared from my thoughts, when a geek sat next to me.

"Hiiiiii, Iiiiivy...Who were you talking to just now?" Eugene asked, his voice dragged on.

"No one Eugene, got refill your inhaler or something," I said coldly.

"Oh, it's fine, thanks for asking." He said pulling it out of his pocket.

"Oh, Purple case today, any luck on getting a Mot-Top hair do?" I asked.

"No, but did you know that a band from the 60's made up the "Mop-Top Do" Called The Be-atles," he sniffed, "Don't they just sound dirty by their name?" He asked.

"Oh, absolutely, I haven't heard of these fiends!" I said pulling in a full load of sarcasm into the picture. we pulled up to the front door of the school building. We had just enough time to swing by my locker.

"That's them!" He shrieked, pointing at the posters of them in my locker.

"I know Eugene, You are GULLIBLE! Which, by the way isn't in the English dictionary?" His eyes grew wide.

"No way! Do you have a dictionary I can borrow?" He asked.

"Knock yourself out" I said handing it to him. As the bell rang I slammed my locker shut, and jogged to biology.

At 11:30 I was let out to eat, it was rainy and dreary that day so we ate inside. My thoughts wandered up and down the halls, as Eugene plopped down next to me, with a pudding cup, and an apple. He put the apple in front of me, and opened the pudding.

"Wha? I thought you brought me desert everyday!"

"I did, and there it is." He said as he gestured to the apple.

"That is NOT desert!"

"For it is! You need to cut down on the carbs." He said pointing to his stomach.

"AND YOU NEED TO GET smacked" I said.

"I'll get you some pudding, only is you tell me how many pictures are hanging in the window."


"How many blondes?" He asked.

"Natural or died? Does Dirty Blond count?"


"If you didn't want it to be difficult, then you should've asked me how many blue-eyed people there are, and I can tell you now, there are 17!"

"Wow," He said, blankly.

"Oh, and to answer your first question, there are 8 blondes. Three," I said standing up.

"Three what?"

"Pudding cups!" I said walking into the gym.



The two girls had left, and George and I sat alone with puzzled looks on our faces.

"What the heck we doin here?" I asked furiously.

"Like I should know!" George said, "And who are these girls?"

"I dunno, but what sort of name is Peanut?"

"Maybe we should leave, you know, so we don't scare them when they get home!"George suggested.

"I'd love to, but do we even know where we is?" I said.

"ARE!" He yelled.

"Geo, this is no time to be a pirate!" I said freaking out.


"You gonna go see Danny today? I asked fiddling with my medallion.

"Yeah, I-"
"Oh-My-Gosh! You really ARE a twin? I thought you were bluffing!" A really annoying girl with long straight light brown hair said. She sat on the end of the seat, squashing Teddy between us.

"What is your name?" She asked wide-eyed.

"Uh, Ivy, Would you excuse me?" I asked.

"WAIT! You don't know her name!" Teddy said slamming her arm into me to make me sit down.

"Oh, I'm Patricia, but you, like your sister, can call me Pattie!" She said.

"Good to meet you Pat! Now I gotta make like a banana and leave!" I said hastily.

"You mean make like a banana and split?" Teddy asked sounding depressed.

"No," I said over my shoulder. I climbed over the seats trying to get to the back. Zach Komet was sitting and talking to his friend Jim.

"Look man, The Fab-Four is good, but not as good as the originals!"

"Do you mean the band the Originals, or the Beatles?" Jim asked.

"The Beatles, DUH! The Originals aren't very good anyway!"

Like always I had picked up very detail of my ride home, when something unexpected happened.

"ALRIGHT EVERYONE OFF THE BUS!" The driver said. He ushered us off too fast. I couldn't get to my coat in time. As I stepped out of the heat ventilated bus, and into the cool January snow filled air. Everyone clustered away after a few minutes. I stood waiting for the bus to start again. It took about 15 minutes for me to star dying of frost-bite.

"Here," a familiar voice said behind me.

"Eugene, I don't want your-" The coat landed over my shoulders. It was larger than Eugene, or his coat. It was leather and warm, then it hit me. This coat belongs to-

"Hi, I'm Zach, and you must me Ivy!"

"I'm a tidy sort of bloke. I don't like chaos. I kept records in the record rack, tea in the tea catty, and pot in the pot box."

-George Harrison, 1969