Katrina heaved a sigh, looking over her dormitory. Each bed was neatly made, the deep-blue quilts on them pressed and without any wrinkles. Their blue-and-bronze drapes were pulled away and tied to the bedposts, and there they would stay for a good while.

Well, Katrina thought, until next year.

With one last glance, she took her suitcase and Alphonse (who was in his cage) before leaving her dorm, closing the door behind her.

The Ravenclaw common room was alight with conversation, or more talk than usual, anyways. Many of Katrina's housemates had their own bags and things, but some of them were still waiting until the last minute. Too busy talking to their friends, she reckoned. That made sense.

Katrina sat down on one of the many chintz armchairs littering the common room and busied herself with thinking over the last couple of months. It was currently June, and all of the exams (the O.W.L.s included) had come and gone. Katrina herself had actually passed with flying colors, and she idly wondered why she had been so worried. Just yesterday she had been given her scores. An O in everything except for History of Magic and Herbology, where she got E's.

The week before, Katrina had spent the last Hogsmeade visit of the year with Cora, Fred, George, and Lee. But she frowned. The trip itself had been wonderful, but Professor Lupin had resigned. . . . She hated thinking about it, to be honest. He had been so kind to her over the year, and just because he was a werewolf. . . .

Oh, yes, word had got out. Professor Lupin had been a werewolf all along, and that was why he was sick so often. That was why Snape was giving him a potion; it was Wolfsbane, to help with the transformations every full moon. But now students knew, and parents knew, and a good lot of them weren't happy with the idea of a werewolf being so near. Even though Katrina didn't want him to go, she did understand his reasoning and agreed that it would probably be best if he wasn't at Hogwarts . . . though she still thought he was the best Defense Against the Dark Arts professor she had ever had.

But even more had gone on last week. The night before Lupin was revealed to be a werewolf, Sirius Black had been caught on Hogwarts grounds. And, not only that, but he had escaped, too! He was ruddy good at escaping. . . . But nevertheless, he was far away from Hogwarts now, and hopefully Europe as a whole. The Dementors were said to be far, far away from even France at this point. That's what Katrina's dad was saying, anyways.

She smiled. Although she was going to miss school, Katrina couldn't wait to see her mother and father and youngest brother again. Tim was three years old now! And she was so excited to see Alex's face when her dad told him he had gotten them tickets to the Quidditch World Cup.

But she couldn't just think about being completely without responsibilities over the summer. Katrina had a good lot of homework to do . . . most of which wasn't even school-related.

She and the twins still hadn't perfected the Ton-Tongue Toffees, but they were close. Their last batch could swell a tongue to twice its original size. Katrina figured that she or Fred and George will find out what to do to get the recipe right over the vacation. All in all, things were going pretty good.

Sighing again, Katrina stood up from her seat. Most everyone now was piling out of the common room, the few who had been procrastinating rushing up to their dorms to finish packing. Time to go.

Stepping down the familiar stairs of Ravenclaw Tower, stepping past the (now extremely familiar) tapestries that had secret passages behind them, and stepping into the very, very familiar Entrance Hall along with all of the other students seemed to be quite . . . depressing . . . just like it was at the end of every year. But this time, there was an added sadness. In years before, she'd be sad because despite all of the woes she had felt during her time at Hogwarts, it was still a sort of home. Comforting, comfortable. But now she had friends, actual friends, and now she really felt like she had a place at school. She was no longer an outcast. And she was going to be away from those friends for a whole two months!

But Cora's family did visit often, and there was always Owl Post. But still, it wasn't the same to being face-to-face with the twins or Lee. . . .

After a good amount of walking, Katrina was staring at the Hogwarts Express. And then she was stepping on board, and then she was swinging her suitcase onto the luggage rack and setting Alphonse down by the window. Through the clattering of things falling around in her suitcase, she heard the compartment door open again and was tackled by not one, not two, but four other people.

"Triiiinaaaaaaa!" Lee cried, gripping her shoulders and acting like he was bawling his eyes out.

"Fifth year!" George blubbered humorously.

"We've finally finished it!" Fred howled. "No more stupid homework or essays or anything for another two months!"

Cora, however, was a fit of both laughing and crying and was too busy sniffling to actually talk.

Giggling, Katrina pushed them all off and helped Cora into a seat. She was always rather emotional at the end of the year. Fred and George began to dance around wildly in their compartment while Lee slammed the door shut and began to sing horribly to a tune Katrina couldn't quite put her finger on.

"School is finally out!" he sang. "No more homework, no more Sprout!"

"Snape, Snape, take a bath!" Fred and George chorused.

"Or our bodies will chap!" they screamed.

"From your rancid body odor," George continued.

"Our noses cripple in horror," Fred sang deeply.

"Take some of this shampoo, please!" Lee laughed.

"Look at us, we're on our knees!" they screeched.

"Summer is finally here!" Fred yelled as Katrina and Cora began to clap and laugh to the beat. "Trelawney's bonkers, Filch is near!"

"But don't you fear," George said.

" 'Cause it's the end of the year!" the boys finally finished, each of them falling onto the opposite bench in unison. Their compartment was filled with laughter for a good five minutes, in which Fred and George tossed all of their bags and things up onto the luggage rack beside Katrina's.

Still snickering, she asked, "What was that?"

"D'you like it?" George asked. "We modified the lyrics to that Frog Choir song."

"Oh!" Cora hiccuped, wiping the tears from her cheeks. "Something Wicked This Way Comes! I knew it sounded familiar!"

"Well, it was absolutely brilliant," Katrina said, nodding along with Cora.

"We know," the boys all said. Lee sniggered to himself quietly.

"Do you like what I said about Trelawney, Trina?" he asked.

"Oh, yes," Katrina rolled her eyes with a laugh. "You're all so immature!"

"Well she is bonkers," Fred said.

"Not bonkers," Cora giggled quietly. "Overzealous."

"Ah, yes," Fred nodded in a fake agreement, "because wearing two ginormous crystal balls for glasses is completely not bonkers."

As the girls giggled and guys snorted, the compartment door slid open again. Ginny stood, alone, smirking a bit and quirking an eyebrow.

"What's so funny?" she asked, crossing her arms in the doorway.

"Trelawney!" Lee gasped as George curled his fingers into circles around his eyes, mimicking Trelawney's ginormous glasses.

"Oh," Ginny said, furrowing her brow in thought, "the Divination teacher?"

"Yeah," Cora said as she covered her mouth politely, nodding. "She's a bit . . ."

"Crazy," Fred chuckled.

"I figured," Ginny said. "She wears all of those odd shawls and things. Basically screams 'bonkers', don't you think?"

The boys began to crack up even louder. Just as Katrina was about to defend Trelawney (though she did have to sort of agree), the train suddenly lurched. The compartment door clacked as it shifted out and back into its place, and Ginny wobbled a bit in the doorway.

"Er — mind if I sit with you?" she asked. "Most of the others are crammed into a couple compartments, and I'd rather have room to breathe."

Fred and George sighed deeply.

"We guess. . ." they said slowly, looking comically downcast. Ginny rolled her eyes and stepped in, closing the compartment door behind her and giving them both a small punch to the arm. The twins snickered.

Just as Ginny sat beside Katrina, who was laughing silently to herself, the train lurched again. The engine up front whirred and a faint chugging was growing louder and louder. The station outside the window was slowly moving out of view, and after a few moments, even Hagrid, in all of his massiveness, had disappeared.

Ginny sighed. "Well, we've got a day's ride ahead of us. What shall we do?"

Suddenly, the boys stopped sniggering.

"Are you really asking us that?" Fred and George asked, smirking. Lee, grinning, stood from his seat and reached for a bag on the luggage rack.

"Oh dear," Cora mumbled as Lee pulled something out. Katrina gasped.

"Fireworks!" she said giddily, jumping up and taking the Filibuster's from Lee's hands.

"Thought you'd like them," he laughed.

"If you get us into trouble —" Cora started lightheartedly.

"Nah, we won't, love," George said, waving it off with a wink in her direction. "Just a bit of fun!"

"And look, they're Wet-Start!" Fred said, bouncing up to Katrina and pointing at the label on a rather large firework. "Won't burn anyone or anything!"

"Well, if anybody asks, I don't know you," Cora sniffed humorously as George pouted in his seat.

"But you —" he started.

"Nope," Cora said quickly with a shake of her head. "Don't know you."

With a huff, George crossed his arms and pouted to the window instead.

"Can I help set them off?" Ginny asked interestedly.

"Well, of course you can!" Fred said brightly, stomping over to her and ruffling her hair. As Ginny giggled a bit and set her hair right again, he said, "How else are we going to influence you into being a hellion like us?"

"You are such bad role models," Katrina laughed.

"Oi!" Fred said quickly as George stood up again, shooting Cora a funny sort of glare and making her laugh. "I've made you better, haven't I?"

"No," Lee said before Katrina could answer, "you've made her worse! Look at her, no regard for the rules at all," he motioned to Katrina, moving his hands up and down. "Awful, really."

"Oh, yeah?" George asked, clapping Lee on the shoulder. "And what about you? You don't exactly regard the rules either."

Lee shrugged. "I'm awful too, then. We're all awful."

"More like fantastic, sexy beasts," Fred whispered in Katrina's ear.

"You wish!" she laughed, pushing Fred away and nearly dropping a few fireworks. He steadied her by the arm and waggled his eyebrows suggestively.

"Still wobbly from last night?" he asked loudly as Katrina stifled her amusement. "Damn, what a banging can do to a woman!"

"I'm sorry," Katrina said after a moment, "I think you're confused — the only thing you could've 'banged' last night was your own hand."

"Okay!" Cora suddenly shouted, fighting between laughter and seriousness as Ginny turned a bit pink. "No more — no — just go already!"

After laughing a bit more, Lee and George pushed Katrina out into the small corridor, rattling the fireworks while Fred waved a slowly-growing-redder Ginny out. Time to go out with a bang!

Katrina was still giggling by the time she, Fred, George, Lee, and Ginny stumbled out of the Hogwarts Express and onto the ground of Platform 9¾. Cora rolled her eyes behind them, hopping out and adjusting the bag on her shoulder. Alphonse, who was in his cage in Katrina's hand, looked like he had been rattled to the bone.

"Did you see that first years' face?" Fred sniggered as he grinned. "He was terrified!"

"What about that seventh year?" Katrina asked. "He looked positively livid!"

"That's because he was livid!" Ginny laughed. "He turned so red when you blew that one firework in his face, George!"

"All in a day's work," George said simply, adjusting his shirt proudly. Katrina laughed along with Ginny and Cora, who was trying to hide her amusement and failing horribly.

Fred sighed after a moment, contently slinging his arm over Katrina's shoulders as they all walked away from the train and further into the station.

"I'm gonna miss you, y'know," Katrina hummed idly as George wrapped his arm around a giggling Cora. Ginny rolled her eyes as Lee began to snicker.

"Only him?" George asked over his shoulder. Katrina snorted.

"Yes, only him," she replied sarcastically. George stuck his tongue out at her as Cora laughed into her hand. Then, with a groan, George dramatically turned himself and Cora on their heels and began to search the other side of the platform.

"I was only joking!" Katrina shouted to him. George raised his hand and sent her a rather rude finger, but laughed along with Cora.

"What an arse," Lee snorted. "Leaving me here all by my lonesome just so he can snog his girlfriend."

Ginny laughed a little as Fred removed himself from Katrina and began to playfully bicker with Lee. "I think I'm going to find my mum and dad," she told Katrina quietly.

"Alright," Katrina nodded with a bit of a laugh. "If you see my dad — you know, green hair — point him in this direction, would you?"

"Sure," Ginny nodded, and with a bit of a smirk, she weaved her way through the many chattering students and parents to find the rest of her family.

"Well at least they don't snog in front of me," Lee sniffed, crossing his arms and raising his chin triumphantly.

"Yes, well," Fred said as he crossed his arms too, "I'm sure if you had the chance to snog Angelina whenever you wanted, you'd take it, wouldn't you?"

Lee looked as if he was going to refuse, but then he stopped, thought about it, and snapped his jaw shut again.

"Thought so," Fred grinned.

"Well," Lee said in a prissy sort of tone, "I'm going to go and find Mum and Dad while you two snog your brains out."

"We won't —" Katrina began.

"More like you're going to find Angelina!" Fred whistled as Lee grinned and jogged away, waving goodbye.

Katrina waited for a moment as Fred waved back, laughing under his breath. Then she said, with a humorous tone, "Is that all you can ever think of? Angelina?"

"Oh, yes," Fred nodded seriously, looking at her from the corner of his eye. "All the time. Only Angelina."

"I'll be sure to tell her that when I send you all owls," Katrina said, tugging on Fred's arm to turn him around and search for either of their families. "Don't think she'd be very happy to know you're thinking so much about her again, though."

"Probably not," Fred admitted with a shrug, looping Katrina's arm through his elbow. "Lucky I've got you to think about now, huh?"

"Yes, incredibly lucky that you think about how to embarrass me rather than your obvious undying love for Angelina," Katrina smiled.

"Mhm," Fred hummed distractedly, peering around the many tall heads and bodies crowding around the Hogwarts Express. "Speaking of — snog me."


"Well," Fred said quickly, shooting his head back to her but still glancing here or there to the left, "we're not gonna be able to for a few months, right? Shouldn't we — er — snog it out to —"

"Snog it out?" Katrina smirked.

"Just —!" Fred exclaimed shortly before looked to the side again and pulling his arm away from Katrina's. She raised a questionable brow as he nearly shoved his hand behind her back, still glancing nervously to the left.

"Is something wro—" Katrina began to ask, nearly turning to see just what had made him so jumpy. But Fred jumped forward and clasped her attention expertly.

Well, she thought, he had been right. They wouldn't see each other for a good two months or so. . . .

Katrina reached up to the collar of his shirt and pinched the fabric between her fingers. Tilting her head the slightest to the left, she felt Fred's lips form into a rather large grin between all of their snogging.

Such a proud prick, she thought fondly.

"SEE!" a voice shouted from not so far away, "I told you they'd be snogging!"

Katrina jumped away from Fred, who was beaming wider than ever. There, on her left, was Alex and her parents.

"M-Mum!" she squeaked. "Dad!"

"They're always snogging now, though," Alex shrugged as he weaved between two confused adults, Mr. and Mrs. Rhinehart at his heels. "I think they've possessed her or something, she's completely different now, snogging in the hallways and whatnot —"

"Not in hallways," Fred corrected. "Broom closets."

"Same concept," Alex dismissed him with a wave as Mr. Rhinehart snorted.

"Sounds familiar," Mrs. Rhinehart mumbled to her husband, who had started to snigger. Katrina looked between all of them, horror-struck.

"W-we don't — not in the — well at least —" she stuttered. Her parents chuckled. Fred roughly clapped her on the shoulder.

"Secret's out, love," he said brightly. "They know we snog. Why not give them a show?"

"What?" Katrina shrieked as Fred leaned in again. "No! No! Don't you dare!"

With a swift smack, Katrina had slapped her hands onto Fred's mouth and was pushing his face away at arm's length.

He slumped his shoulders and groaned. Alex rolled his eyes and shuffled the bags and cases in his arms.

"Oi, Mum," he asked Mrs. Rhinehart as she giggled into her hand, "can you charm one of my bags for next year, like Kat's?"

"Kaff's?" Fred mumbled curiously. Katrina shoved her hand harder into his face.

"Sure, sweetheart," Mrs. Rhinehart said distractedly, glancing between Katrina and Fred.

"Oh, oh!" Alex suddenly jumped excitedly, looking back to Katrina, who was white as a sheet besides her hair — it was violet again. "D'you know what Dad got us, Kat? D'you?"

" 'Course I know," Katrina snapped quickly, eying Fred worriedly. He was giving her a baffled look. "Tickets, yes. But they're only for you and him, you know."

"Kaff?" Fred mumbled again.

"Yeah, I know," Alex grinned. "All the better, I don't have to deal with you."

"Mmf," Fred grunted as he swatted Katrina's hand away. "Tickets? To the World Cup?"

"Yep!" Alex said brightly, squeezing a small bag between his hands and going starry-eyed. "Dad and I got tickets 'cause he's such an important Auror!"

"We're going, too!" Fred beamed. "Dad got tickets for us from the Ministry."

"Oh, did he?" Mr. Rhinehart asked, looking interestedly at Fred. Alex looked the slightest bit crestfallen. "Are you a fan of Quidditch?"

Fred scoffed. "Am I a fan of Quidditch? Trina, tell him how big a fan of Quidditch I am, why don't you?"

"Trina?" Alex mumbled as Katrina rubbed her hand over her eyes.

"He's a Gryffindor Beater, Dad," she groaned. "George is one, too."

"A Beater!" Mr. Rhinehart exclaimed excitedly. "A Gryffindor Beater!"

"Yep," Fred said proudly, puffing out his chest a big. "Impressive, isn't it?"

Mr. Rhinehart hummed thoughtfully to himself, rubbing his chin challengingly. "I dunno, I did some pretty impressive things in my Beater days. . ."

"You were a Beater?" Fred asked, surprised. For a split second, Katrina thought he was impressed.

"Not just a Beater," Mr. Rhinehart smirked. Now Katrina sent him a glare. He was milking it. "A Gryffindor Beater."

"No way," Fred breathed. "Are you serious? What —"

"Oi! Fred!"

Fred turned behind him, where, over a flurry of redheads, George was waving him over.

"Stop snogging Katrina and get over here, will you?" he called.

"Just give me a minute!" Fred barked back. Then he turned back to Katrina and opened his mouth to say something, but paused.

After a moment, he said exasperatedly, "For Merlin's sake, will you stop it with all the purple?"

Katrina blinked. Then she shook her head and shoved a hand through her hair, ruffling it and watching quietly as it faded from lavender to blue again. "Sorry," she mumbled quietly.

"Whatever, anyways," Fred said quickly as George shouted for him again, "I'll owl you, yeah?"

"Uh," she stuttered. "Yeah?"

"Great, okay," Fred said as he looked back to Mr. Rhinehart and Alex. "I'll see you at the Cup then?"

"Sure!" Mr. Rhinehart grinned. "We can talk all about Quidditch there!"

"Yeah!" Fred said. He turned to Mrs. Rhinehart and furrowed his eyebrows a bit before holding out his hand and saying, "Nice to meet you, too, Miss —"

"Maria," Mrs. Rhinehart said quickly, shaking Fred's hand with a smile.

"Oh!" Mr. Rhinehart jumped giddily. "And I'm Robert!"

"Mum, Dad!" Katrina whined. "You've already met! And he's not supposed to know your names —"

"But not cordially, Trina!" Fred said as he moved to shake Mr. Rhinehart's hand, too. "Maria, Robert! I'll remember that. I'm Fred."

"And your twin's George, right?" Mr. Rhinehart asked.

"Yep!" Fred said.


"Fine, fine!" Fred shouted back, taking Katrina by the shoulders. "See you next year, I'll write, blah, blah, blah. You know it all!"

"Yeah, right," Katrina nodded quickly. "Uh — make sure you and George write and — and uh —"


"I know!" Fred said before kissing Katrina again and taking her completely by surprise.

"Ooh, snogging!" Mr. Rhinehart clapped as Katrina shoved Fred off, who was snickering again.

"I'm going to —!" Katrina began to shriek, hair flaring a brilliant bubblegum, but Fred was already running away.

"I know, love, I know!" he repeated, laughing jovially as he met up with the rest of the Weasleys.

"I hate him," she grumbled. Mrs. Rhinehart laughed quietly again while Alex rolled his eyes and turned to Mr. Rhinehart.

"Can we go now?" he asked. "It's getting all congested and stuffy. . . ."

"I suppose," Mr. Rhinehart sighed, rubbing the back of his neck, "now that the show is over and all. . ."

"It wasn't a show!" Katrina said, swinging her jangling suitcase, annoyed. "It was Fred acting like a — like a —"

"Yes, yes," Mrs. Rhinehart soothed, patting down Katrina's hair before taking her hand. "He's quite the character. Now come, Tim's back at home taking a nap. He's excited to see you back, you know."

"Is he?" Katrina asked quickly. She had to admit, she was rather excited to see Tim again. "How's he been doing since Christmas?"

"Incredibly well," Mrs. Rhinehart smiled kindly. "Let's go, hm? Ready, sweetheart?" she turned to Mr. Rhinehart, who hand taken hold of Alex's shoulder and nodded.

"Beat you there," he said with a wink. And, with a loud CRACK! they were gone.

"Your father," Mrs. Rhinehart chuckled quietly.

Holding her mother's hand a bit tighter, Katrina sighed. "He's quite the character."

Mrs. Rhinehart sent her a glance before smiling wider than before and turning. Immediately, the split-second of constriction and pounding of two invisible slabs against the whole of Katrina's body hit her with the force of a thousand broomsticks, and was gone.

She was home. Finally home.


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