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"You can leave, but never look back."

That was the last thing her adoptive father had told her before she stormed out of the giant doors of her magnificent mansion that she had once called home. Jude Heartfilia was her adoptive father, but that didn't mean he acted like the loving father-figure he should have. Her mother was the one that showed her all the affection that she craved. She didn't remember much of her childhood, but that was to be expected. She always assumed that she was adopted; after all, she was so different from her parents in many ways. Although she looked like an exact replica of her mother and had all the determination and stubbornness of her father, she knew she was different.

Her most prominent memory was of a sleepless night many years before. It was most prominent because that was the beginning of her memories. She knew nothing of her life before that night.

She'd woken up drenched in sweat that plastered her hair to her skin. She panted heavily and her small frame shook violently under the soft sheets of her bed. A woman with luscious, blonde hair rushed into the room and quickly took the small girl into her arms.

"Shush, calm down," the older woman cooed into the little girl's ears. The small girl was confused. What was the woman talking about? Did she know her? She bit down on her bottom lip. Did she even remember her own name? She frowned at the answer that her mind provided her.

"Do I know you?" the little girl asked the older woman. The beautiful woman frowned down at her sadly. She sighed and shook her head mumbling something like, "Not anymore." The young girl frowned and furrowed her brows. "Do you know who I am?" the girl asked curiously. Again, the woman responded with no words. This time, the woman nodded. After another moment of silence, the woman finally spoke.

"You're name is Lucy," she said softly. "My name is Layla, and I'm your mother from now on," Layla said. Lucy nodded and wandered deeper into thought.

A few years after that night, Layla Heartfilia passed on. It was sudden, and Jude Heartfilia had failed to show any sort of affectionate emotion toward Lucy. And so many years after that, things had finally gotten to be too much for Lucy. So she left.

A young girl at the age of about seventeen walked through the big doors of her dream guild, Fairy Tail. Her blonde hair glistened in the sunlight tied up in a side ponytail. Her keys jingled at her side and her whip was wound neatly on her belt loop. Her boots clicked softly on the ground as she pushed open the big doors. Today would be the day she would finally try and become a member. She wondered if she had to apply, or maybe try out or audition. She wasn't sure, but whatever would happen she would take it head on. She would show them she had what it took to be a Fairy Tail mage.

"Uh, hello?" the girl called out timidly into the large room filled with rambunctious mages. They were yelling and throwing things like cups and chairs… and tables on occasion. They were a rowdy bunch, but that didn't quite bother her.

"Eh?" came the unison response of the guild members. They had paused to look curiously at the mysterious new girl at the front of the guild.

"Oh, hello," a cheerful sounding voice came from across the room. Behind the bar was the white-haired beauty that was always featured in Sorcerer Weekly, Mirajane Strauss. "Was there something you needed?" she asked politely with genuine curiosity. The blonde half nodded and took a cautious step forward.

"M-my name is Lucy. I was wondering if I could join Fairy Tail," Lucy said smiling. Her face began to turn bright pink. She was being stared at, something she was used to but still uncomfortable with.

"Of course! Right this way!" Mirajane said enthusiastically. "I'll introduce you to the Master," the barmaid chirped happily. Lucy beamed brightly and skipped over to the retired S-Class mage. "Right this way, Lucy," she said.

Lucy followed Mira down the corridor and the stopped in front of a wooden door. Mira tapped on the wood lightly with her knuckle.

"Come in," was the muffled response from behind the door. Mirajane opened the door revealing a short, old man with a funny hat.

"Master, this is Lucy. She wants to join the guild," Mira explained. She turned to Lucy. "This is the Fairy Tail Guild Master, Makarov," she said motioning to the short man. Lucy smiled down at him.

"It's very nice to meet you," Lucy greeted pleasantly. Makarov nodded and smiled back at her.

"It's nice to meet you Lucy," Makarov said. "So, you wanna be a member of Fairy Tail, eh?" he asked. Lucy nodded excitedly. The guild master turned to Mirajane. "Could you give a moment, please?" he asked the white-haired beauty. She nodded and left without a word.

"What's such a high-standing, magical creature such as yourself doing here?" Makarov asked with amusement. Lucy's face was drained of its color. She swallowed thickly and eyed the old man cautiously.

"Don't worry, Lucy" Makarov assured her, "I, nor any of the other members, will do anything to harm you."

Lucy's shoulders relaxed and the color began to return to her face. She nodded in understanding.

"So, what are you doing here?" Makarov asked again. Lucy shrugged carelessly.

"Is it so wrong for me to want to be in a guild, Makarov?" Lucy asked. The master smiled knowingly up at her.

"Not at all, dear," he answered. "Will you ever plan on telling them?" he wondered aloud. Lucy's eyes widened at the question, her face holding surprise that slipped into an expression of contemplation.

"I'm sure I will soon enough," she responded after a silent moment of thought. "I don't see why I wouldn't tell them. They'll be like family, after all. That is, if you let me join your guild," Lucy said raising a brown suggestively. Makarov smiled once more, its characteristics being more mischievous than his previous smile.

"Of course," Makarov responded. "You know you've always got friends here, Lucy. You're welcome here," the master exclaimed. Lucy smiled and her smile increased in brightness with each second.

"Thank you so much!" Lucy suddenly burst out scooping the old man up into a tight hug. He laughed at her antic after she put him down.

"Now, go see Mira about a guild stamp," Makarov laughed joyously. Lucy nodded eagerly and rushed from the room back to the barmaid.

"Mira, Makarov said I could join!" the blonde announced with excitement. Mirajane smiled a wide grin.

"That's wonderful, Lucy!" Mira shouted happily. "So, where do you want your guild stamp?" she asked retrieving the magic stamp from behind the counter. Lucy held out her right hand.

"On my right hand in pink, please," Lucy instructed. Mira pressed the cold, magic stamp onto the blonde's hand and peeled it away leaving a pink Fairy Tail symbol on her hand.

"Welcome to the guild!" everyone shouted happily. The arrival of a new family member was always something the Fairy Tail guild appreciated greatly.

"So, what kind of magic do you use?" Mira asked curiously, interest sparkling in her eyes.

"I use Celestial magic," Lucy responded with a bright smile. Mira smiled wider, her interest increasing.

"You're a Celestial mage? Like, you can summon spirits and stuff?" Mira asked. Lucy bobbed her head from side to side.

"Yes and no," she answered. "I can summon spirits, but I'm not a Celestial mage." Mira scrunched her delicate eyebrows in confusion. "Well, I said I had Celestial magic, but that doesn't mean I'm a Celestial mage," Lucy explained.

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