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Several Months Ago;

The moon shined above her head, the air was surprisingly still. Looking up, Levy knew this dream, this nightmare. It was the same every time; Jet and Dory would be pinned to the tree, both knocked out, and she had just come to. Looking down, she would see the man who did this to them, his jet black hair spiked and standing on edge, his red eyes brimming with mirth at their position of weakness.

Levy sighed. Then he would paint the mark and then knock her out and then she would wake up in her bed, probably crying. Sighing again, she felt his fingers on her stomach, calloused and cold, slowly drawing his guild's symbol on her. Looking down, she was surprised when he paused in his actions, his fingers still touching her exposed flesh.

Looking up, his red eyes werent the cold orbs she had previously imagined, his voice a mere whisper as he spoke.

"Levy." She felt her heart beat hitch in her chest; this wasn't the monster from her nightmares, this was Gajeel, her guild mate. Levy felt the shackles holding her to the tree vanish, and as she fell forward, Gajeel caught her, his arms wrapping around her and pulling her close. "Levy." He whispered her name into her ear, and she felt a shudder run through her as he held her close.

"Ga-Gajeel..." Pulling back, she framed his face with her small, soft hands, his own skin slightly cold to the touch, his arms never releasing their grip. Running a hand up the side of his face and into his hair, Levy watched as his eyes closed and a low groan emitting from his chest. Leaning forward, she boldly placed her soft lips against his own, their eyes shutting as the kiss closed between them.

Levy awoke with a moan, her eyes adjusting to the morning sunlight. The book she had been reading the night before fell to the way side as she sat up in bed. Panting slightly, she closed her eyes and thought about the dream. After the kiss, it had gotten very hot and steamy, and Levy was sure that no human could match anything in her dream. The hotness of his tongue, the coolness of his fingers. The hardness of his -

"KYAHHH!" She shouted, her face turning red as she recalled the last moments of her dream. All of it happened right there by the tree under the moonlight, and even though she didn't want to admit it, Levy had enjoyed it. Levy had enjoyed it a lot.

Rolling onto her side, she moaned into her mattress, her face burning as she hid it. A knock at her door caused her to sit up abruptly.

"Who- who is it?"

"It's Erza, I was just checking on you. You were making an awful lot of noise, so I came to see if everything was alright." Levy felt her face burning as she stuttered.

"I'm fine Erza! Thanks for checking on me. I just fell out of bed and... and hit my head on some books. But I'm okay now." The red haired woman had stuck her head around the door's corner, and with a smile at her friend she offered words of advise.

"Well, be careful next time okay? Look before you fall." With a soft click, Levy listened silently as Erza's armor clinked as she disappearing walked away.

Falling to the floor, Levy moaned again. What was she going to do? She knew she had feelings for the iron mage, and had even attempted to show him she cared, but he was just so dense! Everything she did went unnoticed, and it was getting to a point where she was getting tired of not being noticed. Flipping over and staring at the ceiling, Levy decided that the best bet would be to wallow in self pity for a few days.

Suddenly, she lifted her head. She knew who she could talk to! There was one other person who was dealing with someone just as dense as Gajeel, maybe even denser. Throwing her pajamas to the side, she quickly threw on the first thing she found, and with a quick "Good morning" to everyone, took off into town, in search of the Celestial Spirit mage.