Writer's notes

Hello! Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has read and enjoyed this story. I worked very hard on it and I'm so glad so many people have taken time to read it.

A shout out to those who have reviewed (and to answer some questions/comments!)

Xeylah: You were the first to review, and seeing your comment brought a smile to my face. Thank you so much for the support right from the get go!

Insanity-Fun: Glad I could make the once in a while worth it. :)

piranha pk: Thank you! I'm working on new stories, so check back.

Xyami: I'd rather have a few reviews that I could reply to rather then overflow. Plus it makes the ones I get more special, so it's not so bad D

PARADISE.x: Glad you liked it!

AbaraiSuki: Thanks for the support! 'Priciate it!

SakuraIchigoDark: I was trying hard. I think it was worth the effort!

Black bunny: That was very much the point. Story did it's job then! D

Hayley: Glad you enjoyed it! I am working on an NatsuXLucy one, just putting together the final bed room romp and the epilogue and it should be done some time within the next week *crosses fingers* I'm not the first to do a "imprinting like" story, but I tried to make it my own a bit :D Thank you again!

Again, thank you everyone for the support, even if it is only the first one. Check back to read more, or re-read this.

~The Spike Knight