happy new years everyone, and now back to this story.

while I was looking at these half machine Pokemon that I have secretly have created, Cameron was looking at the last container that was sealed. " What is in this one? It looks really old, too", Cameron said while the others looked at different tanks. i looked at the old and dusty container unit and realized something, " This isn't one of my creations, it's ...", I was interrupted by a hissing sound coming from the old containment unit. " Everyone... GET DOWN!", I yell. Then the sealed containment tank exploded with bits of metal flying everywhere. And as the smoke cleared, there stood a enemy that left me in horror... Dark Zona. " It been awhile Link, I hope you prepared for is going to happen next.", Dark Zona finished as he floated there.

" I have... Dark Zona", I said as I reached for the intercom system," All MK-1 an MK-2 robots, head to sub-level A, sector E", I repeatedly yell in twice, before Dark Zona blasted the intercom system to bits. But the massage through and my robots were marching their way here.

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