Digimon: Shadow Force

(Author's note: Hey guys! Welcome to my first story ever written for anything fanfiction. Please enjoy, from Blahmon)

"Alright class, if you could all settle down," said the frustrated teacher as he tried his best to get his chatty class' attention, "I could introduce you all to our new student."

"Wonderful," whined a sarcastic face at the back of the classroom. A girl in the front row rolled her eyes. Elsewhere in the room, one particularly odd student picked his nose with indifference to the new student's proximity.

I guess I am a ghost today, thought the new student with a sigh. Not that he could complain. Being the new kid was new to him, and he could bet his best Digimon card that his first day of introductions were gonna suck.

The new student leaned against the wall beside the door as the class eventually quieted down. Other than an audible gulp, he was silent in a vain attempt to mask his nervousness from the sudden attention. The boy's light brown eyes blinked quickly as he uncomfortably made eye contact with several students. Instinctively scratching his long, dark wavy hair that pointed in all directions like some kind of afro porcupine, he waited as Mr. Neesan lectured some more to get things started. Oddly enough, the teacher was a head shorter than him, despite the boy having the height of any other 14-year old. In contrast to the uniforms everyone in the class was wearing, the new student wore a white t-shirt, torn up blue jeans and worn tennis shoes. Because he stood out, the boy felt awkward.

Mr. Neeson continued. "It has come to my attention that a student in this class is rumored to have been responsible for the recent acts of vandalism in the school library. I'm not saying any names, but you've been warned. Any more shenanigans in this institution will be dealt with by the proper authorities. Now where was I? Oh yes, new student." The teacher sat back at his desk and motioned for the boy to take his place in front of the board.

The boy, while walking across the room, couldn't help but notice the glazed look coming from the class. At least eight guys and girls already had their heads down on their concealed phones as he began to speak:

"It is nice to be here at Atari Academy in Brooklyn! My name is Devon Norris, and I am from Greenville, North Carolina. I just moved to New York two days ago because my mom got a job in Manhattan as a cook. I am Filipino on my mom's side. I am a first-year here-"

"Well, duh! You just got here!" interrupted the eye-girl rolling girl up front. The rest of the class giggled. Nose boy ceased his nose picking as Mr. Neeson hushed everyone with his famous glare. The girl merely did the eye-rolling again, taking out her desk-hidden cell phone to text about her stupid class.

Devon cleared his throat, uncomfortable in his situation after ending his little introduction early. The teacher twisted his long, graying beard as he spoke.

"I apologize for the student's lack of interest Mr. Norris. Why don't you take a seat? There is an empty desk at the back corner beside Dillion over there," said the teacher, motioning towards nose boy.

"Yessir," replied Devon in his apparent southern drawl that's been a point of ridicule from the New Yorkers he's met so far this morning. In a second, he picked up his backpack and walked between the rows of desks to the back. He couldn't help but notice the boredom in everyone's eyes as Mr. Neeson began his lecture on American History.

After Devon took his seat, the boy identified as Dillion yawned and looked at him. For a whole minute, this guy stared at Dev like he was the last unicorn on Earth. To Dev, Dillion seemed the shortest person in the room (like half of a Mr. Neeson). The boy also had brown eyes, but his were darker to the point where his pupils were hardly visible, almost like an anime character. He was very lanky (like Dev) and had short black hair that hung over his forehead in a coconut-shape. Dev couldn't help but notice that the other guys in the class had short hair too.

"Psst. Hey, listen," whispered the boy with a shrill voice only navigating fairies were capable of. "I know you're new here and all, so let me give you some important advice. This teacher will put you to sleep everyday unless you eat a sugary breakfast. Also, I'm Dillion".

"Nice to meet you, Dillion," replied Devon with a wary handshake (with Dillion's snot-free hand), "and thanks for the advice. I'm Devon, but I guess you know that already."

Both students chuckled as they turned their heads over to the teacher as he drew an unexplainable triangle on the board. Half of the class, including Devon and Dillion took notes as the rest either slept or pretended to listen. After what felt like hours had passed, the mere hour-long American History class ended with the universal ringing of the bell.

"Wait! This information will be on the test next week!" shouted Mr. Neeson. "Don't forget to study!" As he said this, the entire class simultaneously bolted out the door.

Dillion and Devon talked with each other as they made their way to their second class for the day.

"What is North Carolina like? Do you guys have trees there? I love trees! I wish I was a tree. Do you like trees?", asked the inquisitive Dillion.

"Yeah we do," said Devon with a shrug. "We don't think about them enough though. Are you a freshman too?"

"Yeah," said Dillion. "I enrolled here last month when school started. You've missed out on a ton of work already. So why did you decide to enroll here in the first place? This is a private school, you know?"

The two boys made their way up the stairs as they continued their conversation. Devon thought for a moment, looking for the right words to say.

"Well, I'm not sure what I'm gonna be after I graduate. My mom's new job means that I can afford to go here. It sucks moving though. I'll miss my old life back home, but I guess it's not so bad here. Do you have to wear the uniforms though?"

As Devon said that, Dillion paused to check his own uniform. Every student enrolled in Atari High School Academy was required to wear matching uniforms. The boys wore red sweater vests with brown long pants while the girls wore matching shirts with black skirts.

Since it was Devon's first day, he was free to wear his white t-shirt and blue jeans with tennis shoes. He would also have to get his hair cut short like everybody else. Dillion explained it to him as the made it to their next class.

"No way!" shouted Dillion as they reached the same classroom door, "You're taking zoology too? This is my favorite class! YOU WILL LOVE IT! It's about animals and stuff. The teacher is really pretty too. Her name is Miss Gordon. You're gonna like her. She gives out easy A's too as long as you complete the homework and fill up the sticker chart."

"Cool," replied Devon as they took their seats in the back of the room.

Dillion turned out to be right. The woman teaching the class looked to be in her late twenties. Her brown,highlighted hair was tied in a bun and she wore a lab coat tightly around her hourglass body. She wore a gleaming pair of glasses and had dark, brown eyes that actually turned to look directly back at him while he was taking in her radiant beauty.

Oh, crap! thought Devon. She noticed him ogling her. With a smirk, she moved from her lab table over to the board.

"Today class, we will discuss lab safety. I see we have a new student. Why don't you stand up and introduce yourself?"

Devon looked over at Dillion who gave him an expression that can only be translated in the guy body language as "You're gonna have a bad day".

"This is gonna be a long day," muttered Devon under his breath. He hated long introductions that often seemed to go on without end. After all, no one cared about his life story unless it involved something exciting and had action. Up until two months ago, he would have sided with his peers. He was not one of them anymore...


As the day went on, Devon and Dillion shared many classes together and talked about their hobbies and interests. Both watched TV in their spare time at home, but Devon preferred biking and jogging like an avid outdoorsman. Dillion had Asian roots like Devon, although instead of being half-white and half-Filipino, Dillion was half-Chinese and half-Japanese. Dillion admitted that he was rather shy around girls, looking at the floor when he got near one. He also admitted to Devon about keeping to himself mostly but being friendly to everyone. Devon, however, was the more outgoing of the two, making more friends as the day went on. Both were nerds at heart, although Devon was better at hiding it when the need arose. Dillion seemed very excited about the most simplest of things. Dillion loved nature and visited Central Park every weekend by himself. He also had an extensive knowledge on all things nature thanks to his laptop and the school library. Devon was more into sports like basketball and baseball while Dillion loved hockey and lacrosse.

As the day at school went to a close, Devon knew he had made a best friend.

As they made their way out of the school, three girls and some boys blocked their exit. Devon recognized one of the girls as the one who made fun of him in class earlier that day.

"-Anyways, a good shrimp is a cooked shrimp," said Dillion who was lost in his irrelevant thoughts, "You can make just about, uh-oh, it's the popular kids. They pick on freshman like us, so we better turn around and…" As Dillion said this in a nervous tone, the group turned their attention to them.

"Well if it isn't little Barfbag," yelled one of the jocks as the rest of the jocks snickered spitefully.

"Where's my lunch money and who is your loser friend?" added the jock's leader, a brutish-looking student resembling a troll.

Shivering, Dillion hesitated to speak as he looked to the floor, "It's my lunch money Crash and you know it! Please stop taking my lunch money. Without it, I'll starve!"

The jocks laughed in unison as eye-roller girl looked at Devon and turned to Crash, apparently her boyfriend.

"That's the kid I told you about from NC," she said in annoyance.

Crash casually shoved Dillion against the wall while grinning at Devon with his chest held high as if he was king of the jungle. "Word of advice new guy: you don't wanna be around this loser. He throws up in P.E. every day and he can't even lift a piece of paper without getting his baby bones broken. You work out? We could use a guy like you on the team."

Dillion kept looking down with tears in his eyes. "Let's just go," Dillion begged.

Devon, angered by this, walked up to Crash and the jocks as the girls stood to the side and stared with interest.

Devon stood eye to eye with Crash as he spoke in an intimidating voice. "Pick on somebody your own size you piece of garbage". The girls, eyes wide open, gasped as Crash's face turned red.

"What did you say to me punk? This is my house. My rules." Devon drew his face closer to Crash's face as he spoke next.

"You heard me. You're one of those jerks who craves attention by picking on the weak. We got a name for people like you in the Philippines. It's "Maganda."

Dev chuckled as he said this. He didn't actually know any bad words in his limited vocabulary of Tagalog. He merely told Crash he was beautiful, not that anyone noticed. The rest of the group hooted in praise while Crash's face grew redder.

"Ha-ha Crash, that guy called you a bad word in another language!" shouted one of the jocks.

"Shut up, Malcolm! I ain't scared of nobody," yelled Crash, preparing to beat up the new kid until he looked up to see a teacher and a security cop taking notice from the balcony on the second floor.

Pulled up off the floor by his new friend, Dillion looked up at Devon with amazement and concern, pointing at the crowd of students that were starting to gather around the spectacle.

"We better go," suggested Dillion.

"I agree," said Devon as he glared at Crash one last time before they left.

"This isn't over, you little... You'll be sorry!" yelled Crash as the crowd cheered and hollered for Devon.

Meanwhile, the teacher and the cop left the balcony as the crowd dispersed on its own. The girls giggled.

"That guy sure showed Crash a thing or two." "Whoever he is, he's cute," said the other girl. "Oh brother," the mean girl muttered.

"Let's go, honey," said the girl to the still fuming Crash as she embraced his arm.

"Okay, Rachel," replied Crash with a shaking voice. "Let's go home. But first, I think me and my boys here ought to pay that punk a little visit in the subway and teach him a lesson. Ain't that right boys?"

The jocks yelled in agreement. They'll know where he was heading if they stalk him for a while, waiting for the moment to strike. This wasn't Crash's first time following his victim, but it would be a memorable one.


Dillion and Devon made their way into the subway. Although he was new, Devon had learned how to use the subway to get home on his own thanks to his mother. Dillion was silent for a while as they sat in the train.

"You didn't have to do that," said Dillion. "You could have gotten hurt. Crash is known for holding grudges."

"Sure I did," replied Devon. "Who else was gonna stick up for you? You?"

Dillion looked back down to the floor as tears flowed down his cheeks.

Shocked at what he said, Devon added, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that. Look, jerks like that guy used to pick on me all the time back at my school. I didn't want to see it happen to you."

Dillion looked up in curiosity. "What did you do to get them to stop bullying you?" he asked. Devon thought for a moment, looking for the right words to say.

"Well, it all started over some Digimon cards-" As Devon said this, Dillion's eyes grew wide with fanboy excitement, interrupting him completely.

"Digimon? I love Digimon? Do you still have the cards?"asked Dillion as he wiped the tears off his face.

"Well, kind of. But I don't play it as much. You kinda need a buddy to play the game and it was hard to find one back home to play it with me," replied Dev.

"I could battle you! I have tons of cards!" screamed Dillion as the other occupants in the train continued their business with disinterest.

"Sure man," responded Devon. "Anyways, when I was a little boy my dad gave me my first card. He was in the military and he had to work a lot so it was usually just me and my mom living near Fort Mag."

"It must have been tough with your dad away from home," replied Dillion.

"I used to keep that card in my pocket all the time. I started collecting them after my father died. By the time I entered middle school, I had a deck full of Digimon cards. It helped me recover after he was gone."

"I'm sorry," said Dillion as the train reached his stop, "It's my stop. I'm sorry about your dad. He must have meant a lot to you".

"It's okay, man. You're the first friend I've made here and the first dude I've told about this. Seriously though, we should meet again and play Digimon. I need some help on Digi-modifying my Digimon...card," said Devon as Dillion got up to leave.

"It's alright, man. When my mom died, my dad and me didn't do too well either. We still don't. But yeah, we should hang out again. People think I'm weird, but I think I'm pretty cool. I know this cool spot in Central Park where we could play Digimon and hang out. We'll talk about it tomorrow okay?" said Dillion as he slowly got off the train. Before he could leave, he thought of something and turned to Dev at the crowded doorway.

"Also... if you don't mind me asking, what card did your dad give you?!"

Devon thought to himself and, smiling, replied: "BlackAgumon."


After Dillion left, Devon sat there in his seat thinking about what he was going to tell his new friend about his interesting past. Part of him wanted to tell his first new friend about the time he beat up two bullies to get his cards back, or the time he won his first of many track meets.

Most importantly, however, he wanted to tell him about the new friend he made less than two months ago in his hometown when the event happened. It was partially because of this event (his barn had caught fire) that made him move to New York with his mother. He had to start fresh in an environment where people don't get spooked by the unusual. It was probably best to not tell him, thought the Tamer as he reached his stop.

Walking along the steps to the exit, Devon couldn't help but notice someone following him in the relatively empty station. Turning, Devon saw that no one was at this stop. It was relatively silent down here. Beside the subway rats, he was alone.

Weird, he thought.

Exiting the subway, Devon walked past an alley only to find himself surrounded by five hooded figures.

One of the bigger hoodlums shoved him to the wall inside the alley as other city people walked past.

"Your money or your life, dude. Take your pick," said the big guy pinning Devon to the wall.

Dev could see that three of the hoodlums had weapons. They held a knife, pipe, and skateboard in their hands as the fifth member punched Devon in the gut.

"OOOf!" gasped the boy as he doubled over in pain. "I don't have any money. Take my phone," begged Devon as he looked back at the masked men.

"Well that's too bad, new guy. I told you that you were gonna pay. Nobody messes with me unless they want to get a new face. Who has the knife?" said the leader, his mugger facade over, as the knife-holding guy handed it over.

Recognizing the leader as Crash, Devon glared intensely at the leader as he sharpened his knife.

"I am gonna enjoy this," Crash muttered. Signaling the big guy to get out of the way, Crash stepped towards Devon with the knife.

I could use some help right about now, Devon thought. His back literally against the wall, the boy stuck his hand in his pocket for his special card and more importantly, his D-Power. Whispering, Devon closed his eyes and held the card his dad had given him inside his pocket.

"Whatever you're doing, it's not gonna work. We got you surrounded!" said Crash as the others laughed mockingly, "Your face is mine! How would you like your new face? With or without a nose?"

I hope this works, thought Devon. Suddenly, a gray fog appeared in thin air in the alley as it covered the gang.

Panicking, four of the guys shouted as they could not see in the fog.

"What's goin' on? I can't see!" yelled one of the larger members of the group. "Shut up, Malcolm!" yelled Crash as he scanned the fog for his victim,"Now where did that rat go?"

"Over here," replied a confident Devon as he stood in the farthest end of the alley where the fog was darkest. They could sense he wasn't alone. Exhaled air blew the fog from around Dev, meaning something was standing there with him.

"This has gone too far dude, I'm out of here," whimpered a frightened Malcolm as he and the others ran out of the alley.

"Where are you going, cowards?! Get back here!" yelled a red-faced Crash as he turned to face the boy alone.

"I know it's you Crash," said Devon as he clenched his raised fists, "And I'm not scared of you or your knife. If you leave now, I won't tell anyone what happened here. Just promise me you won't pick on anyone again."

"SHUT UP!" yelled an enraged Crash, raising his blade towards Dev. "You can't tell me what to do! I got a knife. I have all the power in your little world. You better be scared cuz I'm gonna make you pay for what you said to me at school today! I'm gonna show you what sound a pig makes when I make you squeal!"

With that, Crash walked into the darkness where Devon was standing.

"I was hoping you'd say that. I think it's about time you met one of my friends," said Devon as he stepped to the side, revealing a large, inhuman silhouette standing behind him.

The creature had the shape of a t-rex and stood above Crash's height. Crash stopped walking and stood there in surprise.

Devon turned to his friend. "I think it's time we show Crash here what we do to bullies down in the South. Right Black?"

"Riiiiight Dev," growled the creature.

With that, the creature lunged forward, headbutting Crash in the chest and knocking him backwards.

Crash screamed like a little girl as he dropped his knife on the ground.

"EEEEEEEK! MONSTER!" squealed Crash as his face turned white.

The creature Crash saw was black with bright green eyes and at least 7-feet tall. Staring into Crash's eyes, the creature leaned back and yelled, "Pepperbreath!"

Suddenly, fire shot out of the creature's mouth onto the ground where the knife had been dropped. The knife was incinerated instantly into a puddle of molten metal. In fact, the heat was so intense, Crash's eyebrows burned off. Screaming, Crash turned and ran.

"That's right, remember what'll happen if you mess with anyone again!" yelled Devon.

Laughing, Devon fist pumped the creature. The creature stepped out of the shadows, only to reveal a short, black dinosaur with big green eyes. The height of the creature was just an illusion from the shadows and fog. There were a number of crates lying around the alley for him to stand on, masking his diminutive size. In reality, the Digimon barely stood 4-feet tall before standing on the boxes .

"Thanks, Black. I guess that jerk really did teach us what sound a pig makes. I owe you one. Probably went too far with the entrance though," said Devon.

BlackAgumon sighed and talked with a childlike voice. "But you were in trouble! I just wanted to protect you. Besides, who would believe him if he tells anyone about me?"

"Thanks Black, but I can take care of myself. I just wanted to teach that guy a lesson is all. You weren't there when he bullied my new friend and had intimidated everybody into treating him like a rockstar. And you're right. This way, that guy loses his "respect" and no one else has to get hurt. Now let's go home I'll tell my mom what happened so she can make you your favorite."

"Oh boy!" cheered Black, "Your mom is gonna make BlackAgumon-shaped cookies again? They're my favorite."

"Sure buddy, whatever you want," replied Devon as the two chuckled.

With that, Black disappeared into the shadows as Devon made his way out of the alley and towards his home less than a block away.

This is gonna be a good year, he thought as he crossed the street, I even saw some action today.

"With a real Digimon at my side, nothing can touch me!" said Devon to himself, as if challenging fate.

Unfortunately for our heroes, Devon was going to regret he ever said that. Other than the typical schoolyard bully, there were much worse things at work in the City. Devon would soon discover that some threats come in digital.


Meanwhile, thousands of miles away under a particular government building in Shinjuku, Tokyo, a technician for H.Y.P.N.O.S continued his daily analysis of cryptic data coming from a massive supercomputer. There was a whole room full of computers and scientists running wild. Next door, a large surveillance room, dubbed the Grid Room, held two women on strange lifts as they cooperatively analyzed local anomalies throughout the world-wide web.

The scientist checked his watch. It was almost six AM. They had worked themselves to near-death monitoring possible threats in the system, like clockwork except with less breaks or shifts.

"Almost time to leave," he joked to himself.

Without warning, the computer set off an alarm as it printed out sheet after sheet of its ominous readings. Picking up the first sheet in the stack, the exhausted man read its content. His many years of schooling had taught him how to react when things go wrong with their machines, but nothing could prepare him for this.

Dropping the sheet, the man gasped in horror.

"My God!" he yelped as his face turned pale. One of his colleagues picked the sheet off the floor, analyzing its findings before she too turned pale.

"The... the computer must have malfunctioned. That has to be it. It says that a concentrated amount of anomalies have bio-emerged simultaneously in the state of New York. That's impossible," said the scientist to her co-workers.

"I wonder what Riley and Tally have on this," muttered the man, speaking of the two analysts suspended in the Grid Room.

"They can't have anything, Dr. Lewis," corrected the woman, "They're job is to analyze Tokyo and the rest of Japan. We are the first to know."

"Correction, Mr. Yamaki is the first to know," said another gentleman. All of them shuddered at once. Their boss was not going to like this.

Debating among themselves on the validity of the readout, the scientists were about to reach a consensus when the bell rang. Their debating had apparently taken the rest of their shift. It actually was time to go! And not a moment too soon, for Yamaki was still on his hourly cigarette break.

"Time to head home and worry about this tomorrow," said the scientist as everyone cheerfully left to grab their things. No one wanted to tell Yamaki bad news unless they were certain it was urgent, and Japan related. The United States could worry about their own anomalies, at least for this morning-or night depending on the time zone difference.

Little did he know, a war was in the early stages of planning in New York that would decide the fate of two worlds.


(March 2014 Edit from Blahmon: Hey guys! Blah here! I just wanted to thank everyone for reading this and giving me feedback all this time. I had a nova of a blast rewriting my very first chapter of Digimon Shadow Force. I noticed a few errors in these chapters and have decided to edit them and tweak them a little for the sake of retroactive continuity. Fun fact: Dev was originally named Kevin when I first wrote this. I changed the name after discovering someone else's fanart in which a Tamer named Kevin, with a similar appearance, was depicted with his own BlackAgumon. On the day that I rewrote this, I even found a few remnants of Kevin's name in this chapter. As always, stay classy!)