A Distant Shore

An InoHina Crossover Fanfiction

Chapter One:

Under Da Sea

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Summery: Hinata Hyuga, Japanese cousin to Arial, is next in line to the throne. Engaged to Merman, Naruto Uzumaki, Hinata feels her life couldn't get any better, but when word of her cousins' exploits reach the Kuroshio Sea, curiosity brings her to land where she realizes life could be better.

The Kuroshio Sea was flowing with energy unheard of since the death of King Triton's wife. The water was warm, sweet and delicious as if it had carried the secrets of the Atlantic itself there. The fish moved though the currents with no worries; spreading the juicy gossip they had just received. Everything was bright and beautiful with the anticipation of what was to come…And boy would it be grand!

Deeper into the ocean, where no human soul dares to go, is a kingdom made only of coral. Reds and dark greens are aglow with the lights of their guide fish. Sea flora sprouted playfully as tiny fish darted through their leaves. Yes, it was beautiful.

Laying in one of the rooms on a rather large shell was a young woman with long navy blue hair. Her eyes were closed in bliss as she listened to a young man play a conch shell across from her. One hand was propped under her head, and the other was petting the scales on her tail. Her tail fin glided gracefully though the water as she flicked it back and forth to the music.

The man sat with his scaly legs folded under him as he expertly played the conch. His blonde hair fell in front of his face as he studied the woman in front of him. His blue eyes held nothing but love for her and contentment in his heart. To him all was right with the world. Slicing his webbed feet through the water, he finished up the last of the song.

The woman opened her eyes just as his legs knitted together to form a tail, and she smiled at him. "That was b-beautiful Naruto-kun." Swinging her tail around, she sat up on the shell with her tail curled under her. "Did you w-write that?"

Naruto nodded with a grin. "Hai, but my father doesn't approve."

The woman nodded at his statement, understanding his pain. "D-does it bother you?"

Naruto looked up at the corralled ceiling and sighed. "Not really, I mean what else could I ask for? I'll be king of my kingdom soon, and you will be my queen." He smiled as he looked at her. "It doesn't get any better than this."

The woman nodded her head as she traced circles on the shell with her finger. "Naruto-kun…"She started.


"Have you ever wondered if…If there was more out there…?"

Naruto looked at her with confusion on his face before he gave her a brilliant grin. "Oh of course there is. My God-father took me all across the seven seas and I've even been on land once. There's nothing quite like home though."

Once again she nodded.

"Hinata-sama, Naruto-sama. You are both wanted in the great hall."

Hinata turned to the guard and smiled softly. "Arigato Ko-san; we will be there shortly."

Naruto gently took Hinata's hand to help her down from the shell and they both swam at a leisurely pace to the great hall.

The sun was setting on the land and shop owners were putting their wares away, pleased with the amount of business they had received. Children whined as their mother half carried, half dragged them in the house after an eventful day of tag and hide and go seek. The streets of Grande Città di Mare were becoming vacant as the sun descended below the shoreline.

Farther down the stone road was a castle built on the beach. Also on this very beach was a woman with hip length red hair, gazing out into the distance as she held her swollen belly. The Mediterranean wind carried the scent of the sea, caressing her as she walked through the sand. She, like all the other villagers, was happy. Her curiosity had gotten the best of her, but the outcome was wonderful.

"How is my future prince doing in there?"

The woman jumped at the voice but relaxed when strong tanned arms wrapped around her and cradled her baby bump. She grinned when the baby fluttered in her stomach, attempting to kick at the warmness of the hands. "You know she is fine, Eric." She laughed. "She doesn't take to well to being called a prince though!"

Eric bent down and kissed her neck with a smile. "And how do you know it's a girl? Are you Merpeople psychic too?" He mumbled as she trailed kissed farther down her neck. "I'll have you know, Ariel, that Fathers know when our sons are near."

Ariel sighed in pleasure as he nibbled the one spot that made her go weak in the knees. "I guess we can call her a prince for now…"

Eric smiled into her neck, no longer teasing her with his mouth. Slowly he breathed in her unique scent and sighed happily. "So have you sent word yet?"

Ariel looked up at her husband with a slightly confused expression. "Hmm?"

"To your father?" He prompted.

Ariel smiled and nodded, turning back to look at the ocean. "He said he would alert the other MerCities about my pregnancy and he hopes a Midwife will come to help soon…"

Eric kissed the top of her head. "That's good. Hopefully she's skilled enough to—"

"-Let's not talk about that, okay? My mother gave birth to 9 perfectly healthy daughters so I'm sure I can do the same."

Kissing her head as well as her cheek, Eric sighed once more. "I know…I know." He squeezed her in a loving hug. "I just want to be sure."

Not too far behind them stood a young woman with striking blue eyes. Her hip length blond hair was tied into a ponytail and her hands were crossed in front of her. She wore a gown made of the finest material but contempt twisted her beautiful features as she gazed upon the loving couple. She sighed unhappily and whistled for Max to come. The life of an Indentured Servant was not one for her.

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