A Distant Shore

An InoHina Crossover Fanfiction

Chapter Four:

Surface Pressure

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Hinata sighed as she sunk down into the bubbly water, the pain in her legs slowly melted away as she sat there. Slowly, she brought her hands up to pull her hair into a knot at the base of her neck before closing her eyes into relaxation.

"Are you comfortable Milady?"

Hinata nodded, opening her eyes slightly to gaze at the blonde maid. "Ee(1)—ah I mean yes. Y-yes, I'm very comfortable. Domo(2). Thank you." Hinata watched as the maid nodded her head and sat in a chair not too far away, her jaw set in silent fury.

"I will wait here till you are in need of assistance."

The mermaid looked down at her hands as they swished through the water, strawberry scented bubbles playfully darting through her fingers. "Ano(3)…M-may I ask what your name is?"

The blonde woman looked over to the occupied bath with a slight frown on her face. "I suppose it would be easier for you to get my attention if you knew my name…I'm Ino Yamanaka." She bowed her head before turning her attention back to the opposite corner of the room.

Hinata smiled to herself as she brought her cupped hands over her head and dropped the water on them. She sighed out loud as the water cascaded over her shoulders and breasts. "Do y-you like it here, Miss. Yamanaka?"

Ino rolled her eyes and shifted in her seat. "…I am ordered to take you on a tour of the city and help you become accustomed to…human activities. After your bath, I will assist you in your dressing and then we will have brunch. Following brunch we wil—"

"—You didn't a-answer my question, Miss Yamanaka." Hinata said simply her tone neither accusing nor patronizing. The sea-dweller rested her chin on the edge of the tub, her arms folded under to cushion it. "Why don't you like it here?"

The indentured servant turned to her, a look of anger in her eyes. "I never said that; do not put words in my mouth!"

Hinata smiled softly before nodding her head with a sigh. "In any case, I require assistance." When Ino said nothing, she moved from the edge of the tub and leaned back on her hands. "From what I've r-read in my studies, the area between an h-human's legs must be cleaned c-correct? However…I cannot s-seem to hold both of my l-legs open and wash at the s-same time…"

Ino blushed bright red in both embarrassment and humiliation. She wanted her to do what?! "I-I'm not washing you down the—"

Hinata giggled, "O-oh no! I wasn't asking you t-to do that! I just need y-you to hold my leg open f-for me!"

Ino stared at the woman for a second, her cheeks still glowing red. "Have you no modesty?!"

The mermaid blinked slowly for a second, not really understanding the statement. "Ano…You don't h-have to look…"

Ino's blush grew larger as she just gaped in astonishment. How could this…thing just ask something so personal and private of her?! This was wrong, and taboo and just downright wrong! "No!"

"But I don't want to smell bad…"


"How can you take me around other humans with me smelling bad!?"

"You already smell like the sea, it won't matter!"

"Oh you're a cruel maid!"

"You just shut it!" Ino could already hear what the other maids were going to say.

"Not until you help me! It won't take long, I promise!" Hinata help her folded hands up toward her. "Please!"

Ino looked at her for a moment, it wouldn't do to have the guest of the house smelling bad, and she would surely be punished for it. But this is just not done, it's improper and wrong and taboo…What was she to do? "You stopped stuttering…"

Hinata blinked. "I-I suppose…Ano…the water is getting cold…"

Ino sighed and walked over to the tub before kneeling down in front of it. "Only on one condition. If anyone asks, I did not do this. If they ask how you got clean tell they you did some kind of hocus pocus magic thing and got clean. Okay?" Hinata nodded her head and leaned back in the tub. Ino watches as the mermaids' breasts lifted when she reached for the soap and fell when she brought her hand back down. The blonde maid blushed and shook her head slightly. "Ready?" When the servant received only a nod, she took one of the girl's immobile legs and spread it away from the other, turning her head away before she could see anything intimate.

"Domo. Thank you Miss. Yamanaka."

Ino then made a very unladylike noise that sounded very similar to a grunt.

Prince Eric sighed as he lifted his cup of tea to his lips. A lot of things were happening so fast, he didn't exactly know how he was keeping up. First Ariel popped up out of the ocean with the voice of an angel and then the next thing he knew, he was being nearly drowned by a giant octopus woman. The man grimaced in remembrance of all the bumps and bruises he had felt after the adrenaline wore off. Things started to look up for him when Ariel returned to him with both the ability to speak and to walk on land. Shortly after they were married and living happily in the palace.

Taking a sip from his cup, the man sighed once more. Things were a bit tense between Ino and Ariel for a little while, even though Ariel didn't and still doesn't have any idea as to why. As of late Ino has been more hostel and distant...Eric knew though, he was the one to blame. It's not right to leave for three years on a voyage without saying goodbye. It's even worse to come home engaged.

Eric set the cup down as he swallowed the warm liquid heavily. He wished there was something he could do now to help her...After all...

They are childhood friends.

The brunch table was quiet as the servants placed the appetizers on the table. Ino bowed her head to one of her fellow maids as she pushed the wheelchair into one of the empty places. She un-folded the napkin that was sitting in the shape of a swan on the porcelain plate before laying it in the lap of the sea-dweller. Moving away quickly, she discreetly rolled her eyes when the woman smiled at her in thanks.

"Ah, I see everyone is here on time—Here you are my dear." The prince said as he and his wife entered the room. He pulled a chair at the end of the table for Ariel, gently pushing her in before he moved to take his own seat at the other end.

The pregnant red-head smiled happily as she un-folded the napkin on her plate. "How was your rest Hinata?"

"V-very well, thank you. Although it was a bit odd at f-first, I adapted very q-quickly." She said as she bowed her head to her hostess.

Prince Eric nodded his head as he tucked his napkin into the collar of his shirt. "I'm glad to hear that. How is Miss. Ino taking care of you?" His eyebrow raised as he looked at the coloring maid. "Well, I presume?"

Hinata smiled politely, her eyes never leaving her hands. "Yes, she has treated me very kindly so far. I am looking forward to spending my time here with her assistance."

Eric stared at Hinata's face for a moment, searching for any falseness in her statement before nodding in contempt. "Well, shall we begin our meal?"

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(1) [Informal] Yes. (2) [Formal] Thank you. (3)Um...[When about to speak]