I like the idea of a Sandy/Jack friendship story so I decided to write one so here is the prolog, will post more once I figure out how I want to continue this. There might be spoilers in this story but I'm not sure yet, just not in this chapter.

Disclaimer- I do not own any of the chacters from Rise of the Guardians, sadly enough.

Winter in burgess, 1683

It was a harsh winter the year he was born, the Sandman remembered it well. He was going about his business that night when he heard the first cry of a newborn baby and, unable to resist, flew down to look in the window to get a glimpse of the newborn. He watched as the father held his first born son, a proud smile on his face, and gave him his name, "Jackson Overland Frost." After making sure to give the tiny baby extra special dreams that night the Sandman finished his work then left, silently promising to himself that he will watch over this child as he grew because he felt a connection to this boy, one he couldn't explain.

Spring in burgess, 1687

Years pass and the Sandman made sure to visit Jackson, or Jack as he soon became called, last every night, saving his best dreams for the boy. One night, the year after Jack turned four, Sandman was entering through an opened window to visit Jack woke up and saw him. Jack blinked at the Sandman a few times before grinning. "Who are you?" Curiously.

The Sandman sighed but explained to Jack who he was and what he did. "Wow, mama always tells me stories about you but I never thought I would get to see you. Is it fine with you if I call you Sandy?" Jack asked as he crawled, excited, to the edge of his bed.

The Sandman smiled and nodded in answer to Jack's question, liking the name Sandy. After listening to the four year old talk about what he did that day Sandy let him know it was time for Jack to go to sleep so he could give Jack his favorite dream, the one with him playing with dolphins. Soon Jack was sound asleep and Sandy moved on to the next village.

Summer in burgess, 1688

Jack eagerly waited up that night to tell Sandy all about how he lost a tooth earlier in the day, sitting on the end of his bed and didn't see the little tooth fairy come flitting into the room to collect his tooth, leaving a coin in exchange.

As soon as Jack saw the light glow from Sandy's dreamsand he jumped off his bed and ran over to the window, opening it wider so his silent friend could come inside to visit. "Hello Sandy." Jack greeted when Sandy joined him and proceeded to tell him about his lost tooth.

Autumn in burgess, 1692

The now nine year old Jack sat outside on his family's cabin roof, listening as his mother gave birth to his new baby brother or sister, the cool night wind flowing past him. Jack closed his eyes and drew in a deep breath. When he opened them Sandy's dreamsand began to flow along with the wind.

Jack carefully climbed to his feet and reached up to run his fingers through the dreamsand, joyfully watching as dolphins appeared in front of him just as a newborn's cry sounded in the room under him. "I'm a big brother!" Jack shouted and jumped up. Upon landing back on the roof he lost his footing and fell to the ground where he ended up breaking his arm.

"Oh Jackson, my son, what am I going to do with you." His father sighed as he carried the now crying Jack into the house so the doctor could set and cast his arm. Sandy, who had witnessed the whole thing, amusedly shook his head before putting Jack to sleep and moving on.

Winter in burgess, 1700

Sandy arrived in burgess and flew to the Frost's cabin where he expected the now seventeen year old Jack to be waiting for him. Instead he found eight year old Pippa sobbing in her mother's arms and calling out Jack's name. In that instant Sandy knew something was wrong and flew up to see if the Man in the Moon had any answers.

Noticing the bright beam coming from the moon, and knowing what it meant, Sandy quickly followed it until he came to a frozen pond not far from where Jack lived. He watched and waited until the ice broke and a different looking Jack was lifted from under the frozen water.

Sandy was about to fly over to him when Jack took his first breath as the newest winter spirit. Knowing that he would have to wait until Jack got used to his new life, Sandy left as silently as he had arrived. For the next three hundred years Sandy made sure to keep an eye on the young winter spirit now known as Jack Frost, at least from a distance, and would always make sue to visit burgess when he knew Jack was there, allowing him a few moments to enjoy watching him as he worked and at times even letting Jack Frost run his fingers through the dreamsand always making dolphins appear for him.