Here you go, last chapter for this story I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I will begin on the sequel soon, don't want to keep you all waiting for it after all. :)

Sandy struggled through the blizzard as he searched for the center of it, knowing that if was able to make it to the center then he would find Jack. As he searched, Sandy thought back to how became lost in the middle of the blizzard and what caused Jack to lose control in the first place.

"Is everything fixed between you two now?" Tooth demanded to know as she flitted over to Jack and Sandy, making them grin at each other before turning to face their fellow Guardians.

"Yes, everything is fixed between us mother." Jack answered, teasingly.

"That good, come we go back to workshop and celebrate, yes." North proclaimed as he clapped Jack on the back, almost knocking Jack over. Everyone agreed and they were soon making their way toward North's home, whether it was in the air or underground.

After the celebration everything returned to normal and a month passed before Sandy and Jack were able to spend time off from their work and just sit around talking. "You never told me why you had avoided me those four weeks Sandy and I would like to know the reason why." Jack spoke up after several moments of content silence.

Sandy stiffened at Jack's words before shrugging and snatching another cup of eggnog from the tray a yeti had placed on the table in the room they were using. Jack pulled the cup out of Sandy's hand forcing the other to look at him. "Tell me… please?" Jack pleaded.

Sandy silently sighed as he turned away from Jack, slowly forming pictures above his head, telling Jack about the memory he accidently saw when he touched Jack all those weeks ago. "You saw that and didn't even bother to tell me? What did you think I would do, get mad at you and refuse to talk to you like you did for those four weeks to me! I thought you knew me better than that Sandman but I guess I was wrong, you don't know me at all!" Jack screamed and flew away from Sandy, out of North's workshop.

Sandy chased after Jack but soon lost him, Jack going too fast for Sandy to keep up. He refused to give up and continued flying, searching for Jack, when North passed him in his sleigh. "Sandy what happened?" North questioned as soon as Sandy landed in the sleigh. Upset, Sandy quickly formed pictures telling North what happened. "Whoa, slow down Sandy."

Sandy glared at him in frustration but repeated the pictures slowly this time. "Jack found out about you keeping from that you saw one of his memories?" North asked with a sigh and Sandy nodded, urgently stating that they had to find Jack before he lost control. "Don't worry my friend we will find our youngest Guardian." North assured him, taking our his snow globe portal and calling out "Tooth Palace" before throwing it in the air.

After picking up Tooth and Bunny to help search for Jack, they kept their ears open for any sudden and unexplained blizzards, soon locking on Jack's location in Antarctica. As they got closer to the blizzard North had a hard time keeping control of his reindeer and was forced to turn back. Sandy flew off the sleigh, refusing to give up on getting to Jack, and straight into the blizzard, ignoring the other three when they shouted for him to come back

Sandy pressed forward against the extremely strong wind even though it pushed him back about a foot for every two he made forward.'Please be alright Jack.' He thought as he slowly mad his way toward the sound of Jack's sobs, having finally started to hear them over the sound of the roaring wind. Upon reaching the center of the blizzard, Sandy formed a ball of his dreamsand and threw it right at Jack, aiming to knock him out, but the dreamsand collided with a blast of Jack's ice creating a unavoidable backlash, knocking both of them out.

North circled around the edge of the blizzard as he, Tooth and Bunny worryingly searched for any sign of Jack or Sandy when a huge backlash came from the center of the blizzard before the blizzard vanished as if it never existed in the first place. North quickly landed the sleigh where the backlash happened and the three remaining Guardians jumped from the sleigh to look for the missing two.

"I don't think we're going to find them North, it has been more than hours and we have yet to find any trace of them, their gone, vanished into thin air." Bunny muttered as he crouched on the ground, his ears drooping in sadness.

"No! We will find them!" Tooth yelled, refusing to believe that two of her fellow Guardians is gone forever and continued to look, tears falling from her eyes. "Jack, Sandy! Please answer me!" She pleadingly screamed.

North gently wrapped his arms the now sobbing Tooth as she broke down upon not receiving an answer from either of them. "Come Tooth, we return to workshop for memorial." He whispered, leading her back to his sleigh, Bunny trailing behind them.