A/N: Well, this is my first, and probably only, VP story. I only really know about the main characters in the game like Lottie and Bart and those storekeepers. Although, if someone could make a review or PM to me about the personalities of those others hardly mentioned such as Babochka, Eddie Lizard, Nana Urf, etcetera, I could include them too. I'll read up on other stories to get a grip on their character but any other help is greatly appreciated. I'll give you a special mention. The majority of this story is written from my OC Kora's POV unless written otherwise.

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(Kora's POV)

The boat docked on the shores of Piñata Island. It was the dead of night; the full moon was high in the sky. The jungles of Piñata Island didn't stir and the only light in the darkness was the search lights scanning the waters. We had made it.

I emerged from below deck, the wind messing up my light brown hair. Our boat was nothing to brag about. It was old, rusty and probably wouldn't pass a safety inspection. I turned my attention to my surroundings. The coast seemed clear. The search lights were busy elsewhere. Despite Piñata Island's best efforts they couldn't keep me out. I knew I had to come here, even if it meant being smuggled in in the dead of night. Which it did.

"All clear, Kora?" A young smuggler called from below deck.

I went inside to meet the two-man smuggling crew that had made this possible. The first man was tall, beefy and had a scruffy white beard that had a few things wriggling inside it. He had insisted on being addressed as Captain. The second boy was about 18. His name was Anuli and it was his job to assist Captain through work and research. He was lanky and his hair was a sandy brown.

"All clear." I confirmed.

Captain smiled. "Well now, I think we'd best be off then. Ya've got guts, I'll admit that, Kora. Not many would dare to come to these waters, much less pay their crew in advance! For all ya knew, we could have up and left and decided not ta take ya." He chuckled, "but I've got a sweet tooth for adventure and ya do too, I can see."

I frowned and held up my hands. "Whoa, whoa, whoa! You're not going. My deal with you specifically states you get me into the nearest village." I pointed in Piñata Island's general direction.

Anuli picked up his notepad and flicked through. "She's right, Captain. Should we help her?" He looked at Captain inquisitively.

Captain seemed to consider this for a moment, then broke into a wide grin. "Aye, I say we honour this bargain too. More excitement on our end."

"Well what are we waiting for?" I asked eagerly and ran to leave the lower hold of the boat.

"Wait!" Anuli called. "According to my research, the locals here wear masks or costumes. Do you have one?" At the look on my face, he shook his head and continued. "I thought you might say that, so I brought a few along, just in case."

I was impressed. I didn't expect such an odd turn of events but Anuli always comes prepared. He rummaged through some of the containers and pulled out a selection of masks and outifts, each of varying shape and size, and tossed them onto the floor. I looked at my options and was immediately drawn to one particular mask. It was the shape of a flame and was coloured a soft purple with a light blue centre. The soft transition of colours was beautiful and the mask would only cover the upper half of my face. I picked it up.

"Aye, good choice," Captain said. "It suits ya. Shows yer fiery personality and yer resilience. Shows nothing'll hold ya back." He chuckled, "certainly not the security on this island, that's fer sure."

I gave a small smile and slipped the mask on. It fit really well and was strangely comfortable. "You guys going to get masks or what?" I asked, ready to roll.

Captain shook his head. "We're escorting ya ta the town, but we ain't staying like ya are. We don't need the gear."

Anuli nodded and headed above deck. "All clear." Captain and I went up to join Anuli who was looking into the thick jungles on the island. "The jungle doesn't seem to pose a threat. If we make a break for it, we may not be noticed."

I nodded. "Then let's go."

I made a dash for the jungle, hoping the other two were in pursuit. Once I reached the cover of the humid jungles, I stopped and turned. Anuli crashed into me. We glared at each other, not daring to speak. Captain was still hobbling along the beach, trying to reach us. A search light swept over him, then backtracked and locked onto him. I watched, horrified, as a black cord emerged from the search tower casting the light. It wrapped around Captain and yanked him into the tower.

Anuli's eyes were wide. "Capta-" I wrapped my hand around his mouth.

"Shhh!" I hissed. "Do you want us to get caught too?!"

The light scanned the beach some more but it didn't seem to spot the boat. It was camouflaged perfectly with the ocean in the dead of night. Once the search light left, Anuli shook his head in dismay.

"C'mon," I said, putting my hand on his back. "Let's get to the village."