Chapter I


I was in my room reading; you guessed it, Maximum Ride: Angel Experiment, for, like, the third time and daydreaming about my OC flock. Then I saw that I wasn't in my own room but in a motel and had gray and black wings on my friggen back!

"Holy frick-a-moley. My friends won't believe this." I said as I extended my wings which were 16 friggen feet across.

As I was staring at my back I noticed that I was wearing a Kirby t-shirt and boot cut jeans and combat boots.

"Dang I look good!" I said.

Then someone knocked on my door asking

"Ms. Charline? Two men in suits are asking about you and want you in the lobby."

"Okay, I'll be there in 30 minutes!" I yelled at him.

Then I realized he called me Charline.

"Why am I a character I created?!" I whispered to myself.

Then I packed what was in my room just in case I needed to make a very quick getaway. Thinking like Max. Awesome! Once I got downstairs I saw that the bell boy was gone and the hot men were sneering at me and… Wait.

Hot men. Crap, Erasers. They grabbed my arms and stuck a needle into my arm and I passed out.

"She wasn't made here!"

"Where did it come from then?!"

"I don't know!"

My head was hurting.

"What's happening?" I moaned softly.

"It's awake. We'll talk about this later, Jeb."

"Hello, can you open your eyes for me?"

I opened my eyes and saw a pure white room and two men in white lab coats

"Where am I?" I asked slowly.

"The School, now can you move your limbs?"

I moved my arms and legs while thinking that I am in a truly demented world.

"Okay, it's fully functional. Now we can begin the operation."

Operation?! Now I was scared. "Will there be anesthesia?" I asked anxiously.

"No, I hope your hearing will be fine, after this."

I whimpered. It was painful. After it was done I was tossed into a cage with my bag by an empty one. I felt alone until a few hours in a pack of Erasers and two Whitecoats. I heard some crying coming from the small sack one non-fully morphed Eraser and when its contents was dropped into the cage beside mine and I saw it was a little blonde girl.

"Hi, I'm Angel. Who are you?" she asked after they left.

"Ch-Charline. I have never been here in my whole life." I said shuttering.

"Well, I was here for a while."

"How'd you get out?"

"Jeb broke us out; I assume you've heard his voice?"

"How did you know that?!" I asked surprised.

"I read your mind. You have three very good friends too? A family with a brother? You're in middle school?" she asked.

"Hey, no need to ask all those questions!" I said blushing reminding myself to later put up mental walls.

"Where did you come from? Virginia to Colorado in a minute? Interesting..." Angel said.

"Why are you going into my head?!" I asked putting up my mental defenses.

"Just to get to know you. You're 13 years old? Wow, you're almost as old as Max!" Angel said surprised.

I groaned. What next? Unicorns flying around? Seriously!

Hey! Anyone there?!

Who's this? I asked mentally.

Kat, Rebecca is that you?

Yeah! I'm now Charline okay?

Then I'm Yuu! YAY!

This isn't fun! I'm in the school!

I'm in the flock's house with Iggy and the Gasman.

Yeah, you get the awesome end of the deal while I just had surgery on my head with no anesthesia! It hurt! Shut up and leave me alone for a while and tell Iggy and Gazzy I said Hi!

Dot. Dotty. Dot.

Shut up. I am shutting you out.

"You're quiet. Why can't I read your mind?" Angel asked me.

"Oh I am telepathic and I put up mental walls." I said it as if it was that simple.

"Okay. I just hope everyone's okay." Angel said softly.

"It'll be okay. Iggy and Gazzy are building a bomb; Max, Fang, and Nudge are on their way to get you. My friend Yuu is with Iggy and Gazzy right now. That's how I know."

"Wow, you're Nudge on a bad day." Angel said amazed.

"Well, I certainly had a horrid day. Head surgery and being dumped out of that into a cage that's way too small." I said while thinking: And on top of all that being dumped from my comfortable bedroom into some other world. I still had my mental wall up so angel didn't hear that last part.

"That sucks. I wonder how we never heard about you and your friend any time earlier."

"Bite me." I murmured.

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