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Chapter IV


"Hey, Angel?" How long has it been since they last took you?" I asked.

"Two days or longer? I dunno." Angel said looking at me sadly.

The Whitecoats had finally taken off the bandages over my ears and I had found that I could hear clear across the world, but then got the worst headache ever and had to put the headphones that were in my bag on to deafen the sound.

Hey, what up? Kathrine asked

Bad headache, just gotta love the Whitecoats. I am very tired. I complained to her and possibly Kat.

That sucks. Kathrine and I are together again and just waiting for Max to get back from Ella's. Kat told me.

Hey, I am suffering here with no food and am very mad. I complained.

Well we are just getting some food now! Yay!

Yeah and it seems the Erasers are showing up to clobber us.

Bathroom! Kathrine and Kat said at the same time.

I just got out the window. Kat told me.

Zip zapppedy doo. Kathrine told me.

I feel so happy you guys are okay. I told them.

I'm not off yet- crap they got me! Kathrine growled.

I feel so happy your gonna join the party of pain, you giving a fight? I asked.

Yep. Ow! Going black, see you on the other side. She told me.

Ditto. I told her.

"Hey, Angel. When do you think we'll see Max and the others?" I asked.

"I have no idea." She said sadly.

"It'll be okay. My friends and your flock will probably get us out soon." I said to reassure her. Personally, I was kinda going insane from this crap.

"I hope." She said a little more hopeful.

Then a pack of Erasers came in holding everyone except for Kathryn, Iggy, and Gazzy. I saw Kathrine in panic mode because she absolutely hates hospitals and illness. As long as I told her what I had was not infectious she was a happy camper. Fang and Nudge had almost the same look as Kathrine.

Hey, what's your cover? I asked mentally.

Mary. What up Charline? Kathrine asked proudly.

Okay. We get it now. I told her.

The Erasers dropped them into cages and left after locking them. Max woke up only a little after that.

"Hey Angel, you okay?" Max asked her.

"Yeah, Charline is really helpful. She can talk a lot like Nudge and she can hear across the whole world and she has a telepathic link with her friends." Angel said, she could go on all day.

"Mary? How's it going?" I asked Katie.

"Friggen crazy!" was all she said.

"Well then." I said just as the door to the room opened reviling Jeb.

"Hi Max. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah."I really didn't pay attention to what everyone was saying at that point because I knew what was going on and I was just tired so I slept.

Then when all the other crap happened I was looking out for Iggy, Gazzy, Kathryn, and the hawks to come around.

"What are you-"Kathrine was asking before I slapped my hand over her mouth and whispered into her ear "Put up mental walls?"

"I already did that." She snickered.

I was surprised. But we had just spotted the flock of hawks when an Eraser attacked both of us. We easily took him down and after a little skirmish we took off and hugged Kat.

"Hey, Yuu, How've you been?" I asked.

"Fine, I had a lot of fun blowing stuff up earlier this week."

"Yeah, just great. I was tortured and you got to blow some friggen Erasers up. I hate you." I half teased and half growled.

Hey, when are we gonna get out of here? Kat asked Kathrine and me.

Probably the very end of the book or maybe the end of the series. I hope not though. It would be the worst thing that happened to us. I said.

We will hopefully be able to get out of here before the beginning of School's Out- Forever. Kathrine sobbed mentally.

Maybe our parents won't notice we're gone. The time may have stopped. Kat said in a hopeful tone.

Then we were flying to New York.

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