I had my ear buds in and was listening to Limp Bizkit when Iggy and I plopped on our beds. Iggy and I are twins but look nothing alike. Iggy has blond hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. I have black hair, dark brow eyes, and tan skin. But anyway we heard a crackling sound. We sat up and looked at each other. I ran to the door and felt it.

"Iggy it's hot! Go get Angel I got Mom and Dad!" Iggy nodded and ran to the balcony then jumped to Angel's judging by her high pitched twelve-year-old scream before Iggy ever got to her balcony that she realized the house was on fire.

I ran down the hall dodging the debris and falling boards into Mom and Dad's room. They were both on the ground unconscious Dad wasn't breathing but mom was. I threw both of them over my shoulders and jogged to the balcony wear there was a ladder down. I was going to make it out of here with both my parents even if only one lived. Iggy and Angel were already on the ground Iggy was talking to the nine-one-one operator. I heard police, ambulance, and fire truck sirens in the distance. The night air was cold and brutal. Yep, it's going to be a long night.

- Line break-

In the hospital the four of us were around Dad when the doctor came in.

"I don't want to be the barer of bad news but he's to weak it make it, I'm sorry"

At two o'clock am our dad took his last breath.


I woke up way to early for any normal human to be awake, and I heard my mom and dad moving around on the first floor. I got dressed, no use trying to fall back to sleep, and walked to the elevator. I got in, pushed a button, and the dang thing jolted. I hate elevators but they are faster and less work than walking down three flights of stairs. The elevator dinged and saw my mom and dad sitting at the dinning room table. Dang they were early birds! Wait, they look worried and… sad.

"Who died?" I said sarcastically.

"My friends husband in a fire at two am this morning."

"What someone actually died?" My eyes widened.

"Yes, and there family will be staying here, she has three kids, Fang and Iggy are twins and your age their younger sister Angel is Gazzy and Nudge's age. You will help Iggy and Fang move into the forth floor."

"Kay I will." Great twins moving on my floor if they have twin telepathy I will go crazy.