Jack's POV:

I have spent three hundred years of my life, not being noticed, not being believed in. The little interactions I've had with with anyone, was with the guardians. Which I was continuously able to mess up brilliantly. The blizzard of '64 a perfect example of that, sure Bunny and I joke and fight, but that day was the angriest I had ever seen him. He's never laid a hand on me since then, but I don't blame him for what he did to me…I deserved it.

Years after that, once the whole Pitch situation was finished, all the guardians suddenly seemed to care about me. For the first time since becoming Jack Frost, I felt like I had a family, and at first it was nice. However, over time, things gradually began to fade back to normal and I was back out on my own a lot. As the years passed, those kids we helped had families of their own and passed on. As that happened I returned to not being believed in, besides a small handful of kids that related somehow to Jaime and his friends.

For the past year and a half or so, these thoughts have been weighing on my mind like a ton of bricks. Last week I decided that today, I would go to North and confide in him. I hoped that since Christmas was about a week ago, he wouldn't be too busy so it would be the best time to sit down with the Jolly Giant.

Walking out of the small cave I called home, I summoned my one constant friend throughout these few hundred years of silence, the wind. The wind carried me up into the sky at miraculous speeds that I felt very safe in. There was always a sense of joy that overcame me when I was with my friend, sometimes it was stronger than others, but it was always still there.

Eventually North's workshop came into view and the wind placed me on one of the windowsills I usually entered from. I gingerly pushed the glass windowpane open and hopped down onto the warm mahogany floor, my bare feet leaving small amounts of frost where I walked, but nothing anyone could trip on. I took my time walking towards my friends office, rushing wouldn't really make a difference so I took the opportunity to examine the amount of detail in everything. A beautiful christmas tree was sitting just next the door to North's room, covered in crystalized snowflakes and ornaments. I stopped in front of North's door and took a deep breath, making a mental note that the air here always smells like cookies and home.

Slowly, I rose my hand to knock on the door, but immediately retracted when I herd voices. I instantly recognized one of them as North, the second one was Bunny but that took me a little longer to figure out. I let my hand fall to my side and sat on the ground listening intently to their heated conversation. Bunny seemed to be fuming, "But North everything is so different now."

I herd the Jolly Giant sigh before he slammed something on the desk, "Bunny please."

"What North you know it's true don't you! He's the reason that I can't do my job properly," Bunny was yelling now.

"Now lets be reasonable, I don't think that Jack would deliberately hurt you in any way," North's voice boomed and my heart froze. Me? What did I do to Cottontail this time. I pressed my ear against the door and held my breath.

"That's just it Mate, the wanker is out of control! He doesn't understand how much harm he actually does in this world. I can't babysit him anymore! I can't keep cleaning up his messes."

My breath hitched in my throat, pulling at my heart strings. I heard North stand and begin to pace by the door, frozen in fear I refused to move away from the wood. I needed to hear what they said about me. After a long moment of tense silence North spoke very softly, "You may be right Aster."


I was so very done with everything to do with this place. I stood and staggered away from the door disgusted with the fact that I even existed. The familiar feeling of being alone began to creep up on me and immediately I ran, flying out of the window and into the wind, hoping, no praying that I would be able to out-run the past.

I knew it wouldn't work, and when it hit me I fell had, and I fell fast into the snowbanks of Antarctica. I must have laid there for hours crying and praying to a god I didn't even believe existed anymore. Standing, I summoned the wind once more to bring me home, home to my pond and cave.

Walking inside my caves stuck a chord with my heart and head. Trying to push the thought from my head only caused my head begin to pound. I curled into a ball on a small snow pile I used as a bed and tried to force myself to sleep the pain away. Sadly though, that didn't work. Bunny's words were slowly eating away at my mind. After I had joined the Guardians I was promised that I would never feel alone again. To have that sense of false security hurt more than anything I have yet to live through. It was all a lie, I played with that thought for a while before I began to feel cold.

I was cold, for the first time in my life I was cold. Shivers racked through my body, unknowing as to what the goal of it was. It wasn't to get warm because I was always cold, I just never felt it before. I clutched my head, as I curled into the ball trying to quell the pain that was coming from behind my eyes. The snow was falling faster when my vision became cloudy, before it finally gave way to darkness.