A/N: I am going to admit this is not one of my best fics. I mean it's like 600 words if that. But just an idea I had, and I decided to post it. So I hope you guys like it!


It nearly killed me to watch the woman I love kiss him. It was like some cruel new form of torture.

However, I saw it on his face. He loved her. In his own twisted and dangerous way, he loved her. Everything he had done had indeed been for her love.

And the worst part was: I saw love on her face too.

There was obvious hesitation from both of them as they pulled away from each other. She watched him as he waded through the water and up the stairs. He yelled and cursed at us to leave. I watched in pity as tears streamed down his face. She watched him go in sadness and regret as he told me to take Christine from him.

We were free.

I watched Christine's face as she unbound me. It was distorted with pain and guilt. A few tears even lingered in her eyes.

"Christine..." I said softly. She peeked up at me through her wet lashes, while untying the rope. "You…you need to stay" I didn't want to say it. The words nearly ripped me apart. Was I doing the right thing?

Her face shot up to mine, with eyes wide "What?" Her fingers hovered over the rope, trembling slightly.

"You want to stay, I can see it. You love him" Try as we both might to deny it. I could hear the strain in my voice.

"N-no, Raoul, I love you! We need to leave!" She shakily untied the rest of my ropes. Which of us was she trying to convince?

I laid my freed hands on her shoulders. "Christine, you two love each other. That is okay" I softly ran a hand through her hair.

"But-" she weakly argued. I gently tilted her chin up when she tried to look away. Her eyes were filled with tears.

"Lotte, perhaps you do love me. But not as you love him" I held back my tears so she wouldn't see "You have never looked at me like that" It hurt to admit. I forced a sad smile "Can you honestly say you wouldn't regret leaving him here?"

She cringed and looked over her shoulder. "I…but..." I could tell she was full of conflict. Her tears started flowing down her face.

"I am not making you stay" I clarified gently "However-"

"But we are supposed to live happily ever after. That's how it works…Isn't it?" She asked nervously.

I smiled and my tears started running too. "Maybe it's not my story" I breathed, losing my ability to talk. Her eyes widened. I wiped her tears away with my thumbs.

She turned and looked back at where the Phantom had disappeared. Her look confirmed my thoughts: she had made her choice long ago.

"Go. I will hold off the mob as long as possible" I urged gently. I laid my hand on her cheek.

She gave me a slow loving kiss and backed away. "Thank you, Raoul"

"Goodbye, Christine" I whispered. I love you.

She slowly turned, sloshed through the water to the stone steps, and ran back up the stairs. She gave me one final sad, thankful glance before disappearing around the corner.

I felt a sharp pang in my heart when I could no longer see her. I went and pulled what I believed to be the lever The Phantom had pulled earlier. The barrier rose almost silently.

A/N: And then Christine was raped and murdered because of Raoul. o-o jk! jk!

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