Three weeks after the incident with Waller Clark found himself more nervous than he had ever been before. He'd fought meteor freaks and government agents, but all of that paled in comparison to what he was doing today; today was the day he was getting married.

"Breathe Clark" Ollie said from behind him and Clark exhaled, releasing a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding.

"Sorry just a bit nervous" he said and Bruce laughed from his other side.

"So was I, but trust me the minute it starts, all the nerves will disappear" Bruce said with a rare grin and Clark smiled in return before fixing his tie and walking to the altar. Pete was his best man, with Bruce, Bart, John and Oliver being his remaining groomsmen.

"You have to admit, it's kind of funny, you being so nervous you sweat given where we are" Bart said and Clark nodded; Tel Aviv was hot that much was certain, although the heroes all knew that to Ziva and the other members of her family it was just mildly warm. Eli had managed to reconcile with his wife and children and Tali was the maid of honor while Kara, Zatanna, Alicia, Chloe and Diana were bridesmaids. They had wanted Ari to be in the wedding but weren't able to reach him since he was on deep-cover assignment in Palestine. Ten minutes later, everyone was in place and the wedding music started. Ziva came out on Eli's arm, wearing a simple white wedding dress, head covered with a veil. Clark's heart nearly stopped and when they reached the altar, Clark took Ziva's hand as if he was afraid she would disappear. The minister than began the traditional speech and Clark had to smile as he realized what an untraditional pair he and Ziva made. Clark pulled his mind back to the minister's words grateful that no one seemed to notice his mind was elsewhere.

"If any have a reason these two should not be wed, speak now or forever-"

The minister was cut off as the door to the church blew open.

"I'm afraid I must voice an objection"

Standing there was a being with red eyes and gray skin that was as tall as Clark and dressed in blue armor.

"Darksied" Clark said and he looked to Ziva who had already knocked the minister unconscious.

"I hate to interrupt Kal-El but I cannot allow you to thwart my plans, and for that you and your wife must die" he said, before he was hit by an arrow, which exploded on impact and knocked him out of the church

"Suit up" Oliver said already having thrown off his tux to reveal his Green Arrow costume.

Clark ran off and came back ten seconds later dressed in a black trench coat wearing a black shirt with the symbol of the house of El.

"Ziva here, a gift from Jor-El" he said handing her a bracelet with the same symbol as his shirt.

"I hardly think this is the time to accessorize Clark" she said, but at a look from Clark she put it on and felt power surge through her.

"Jor-El figured having my powers temporarily could come in handy" he said and she nodded, wondering when she would get to meet him.

"I'll introduce you after we handle this" Clark said as if he was reading her mind. There hadn't been time considering they were busy planning a wedding, in addition to their usual jobs at NCIS and planning for Darksied's arrival.

He sped out of the church, Ziva easily keeping pace with him. Darksied was getting up; grimacing as he realized the arrow had dented his armor.

"You really should stay down" Clark said, punching him in the face. Darksied barely moved back a step before he returned Clark's blow with one of his own, catching the Kryptonian in the jaw.

"I don't think so Kal-El. First I will kill you, then your wife and your friends, and then the world will be at my feet"

"Not likely" Ziva said from behind him, catching Darksied in a headlock. Darksied threw his leg forward, throwing Ziva to the ground.

"So you have power as well. No matter, it will still end with my victory" he said, shooting his omega beams at the two, causing them to wince and fall to their knees.

Clark focused, releasing a burst of heat vision at Darksied, hitting him in the shoulder. Ziva caught on and copied him and the distraction was enough for them to break free of his omega beams. The two rushed Darksied, hitting him with a series of punches and kicks, forcing him back. The villain smiled before throwing his fists outward, catching the two in the face. He grabbed their throats and slammed their skulls together, knocking them unconscious. He threw them to the floor with a smile.

"Too easy. The rest of this world will be simple" he said, before moving over to the two dead Kryptonian's, trying to decide how to kill them. However, before he could do anything he was hit with a burst from John's Martian vision.

"We promised Clark the first shot, but now it looks like it's our turn" the Martian said, and Darksied was irritated as he saw the Justice League standing beside him.

"He's as strong as Clark, so don't go for the direct assault" Batman said, pelting Darksied with exploding batarang's. Green Arrow fired more explosive arrows while the other's fired rounds from shotguns.

"You expect your pitiful weapons to defeat me?" Darksied asked, barely feeling the impact from the weapons.

"No, just distract you" Clark said from behind him, shoving a Phantom Zone crystal into Darksied's chest. Darksied screamed in anger as he felt the vortex pull him in, but then he smiled.

"In the end you will lose Kal-El" he said, just before he was pulled into the vortex.

"What do you suppose that was about?" Ziva asked.

"We can worry about that later, right now we have a wedding to get back to" Clark said.

An hour later, the vows had been exchanged after convincing the minister he had fainted from the heat.

"Welcome to the family proby" Eli said, shaking Clark's hand.

"Not for long" Ziva replied, a mischievous smirk crossing her features.

The other's chuckled, including Clark who no longer blushed at such comments. He was amazed at how much his life had changed in the past eight months. He had gone from an average teenager to an NCIS agent, he was married and everyone he cared about knew his secret. He sure had come a long way since Gibbs had spoken the words that would forever change his life.

"Welcome to NCIS… proby"

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