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Eve walked into the kitchen of the mansion in a pissed off mood. Upon hearing her enter, Selene looked up and looked at the clock on the counter and back at her daughter, who looked like she was about to cry.

"Eve, are you alright?" Michael asked, it was 12:00 AM and way past their daughters bedtime.

"Did you have a bad dream again?" The vampiress asked, after they had escaped Antigen almost two years earlier, the young hybrid had been known to have night mares, and memories of her time there, something that humans would call PTSD or Post-traumatic stress disorder.

Eve nodded, "partly, I had a bad day earlier and it's catching up to me, I had another memory too. I hate school! The kids are mean and I can't defend my self without giving us away, I feel safer at Antigen than out in the open." Eve exclaimed, "sometimes, I just can't stand it and wish they had killed me." She added, Selene placed a comforting hand on Eve's shoulder and exchanged a look with Michael.

"No, i'll talk to you upstairs." She answered tiredly, and lead her daughter up stairs, while Michael went to check on Jazmyn.

"Eve, you have so much to live for! Do you not understand that?"

"I do mum, it's just all so stressful, why can't I be normal?" The thirteen-year-old asked.

Selene sighed, "because sweetheart, normal is boring, being immortal can be stressful at times, but we'll work through it together, and you have my permission to defend your self in any way you can."

Eve smiled, "will you sing to me? I like falling asleep to your voice. Ever since Jazmyn was born, you haven't been doing it as much." The younger girl explained, Selene nodded and began singing.

"Everybody's waiting

Everybody's watching

Even when you're sleeping

Keep your ey-eyes open

The tricky thing

Is yesterday we were just children

Playing soldiers

Just pretending

Dreaming dreams with happy endings

In backyards, winning battles with our wooden swords

But now we've stepped into a cruel world

Where everybody stands and keeps score"

The woman sang until she was confident that her daughter was in a deep sleep, the vampiress sighed and kissed the teenager on the forehead, careful not to wake her, and said a pair of comforting words to the girl.

"Keep your eyes open."

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