A/N ... This is a 700+ word drabble... which my wonderful and amazing friend Astridt244, prompted me to write, she wanted Paul jerking off... no more no less... So enjoy lol un-beta'd.

An Innocent Touch

By LilyAurora


Paul knew she didn't mean it. The way her ass pushed against him, as she leaned into the fridge. He was moving towards the sink and the timing had just been... perfect. That one little innocent touch, had his dick twitching.

He watched as she threw him a smile over her shoulder, before following Leah out of the front door and towards the beach. Her scent lingering in the air, seeping into his pores. Making his mouth fucking water. His fingers dug into the worktop, as his dick hardened, pushing against the zipper of his cut offs. Fuck this he needed them off, needed to cum so badly.

The relief was instant. The moment his cut offs fell open, hanging dangerously low on his hips he sighed. He was solid, his length already wet with precum. He licked his palm slowly, before wrapping his hand around himself. His grip tight. He grunted in relief. Knees shaking just a little. As he began to move.

"Fuck!" He hissed, mouth dropping open as pleasure shot through him. Toes curling as he worked his length. Hips fucking his dick into his hand.

He knew he wouldn't last long. Not with the scent of her still in the air. But fuck he would enjoy every moment. Suck in every breath, tasting her on his tongue. Jesus Christ, how he wanted to taste her. Lick every inch of her creamy white skin.

He couldn't stop the noises that left him, even if he wanted to. The animalistic grunts, the senseless babble. He had never been a vocal lover, a few dirty phrases thrown in here and there, but he had never let himself go, never allowed himself to just feel. Not like this.

Paul could feel every vein, feel the precum as his thumb brushed across his tip, pushing down on his slit sending shivers through his entire body. He wanted to cum so badly. He widened his legs, cut offs falling completely to the floor, as he cupped his balls, pulling on them gently as he continued to work his length. If someone walked in he would have been completely exposed to them, but he didn't care. He didn't care about how loud he was being, or the grunts and moans that left him.

He was so hard, so fucking hard and horny.

His hand moved faster, gripping his length, pulling and tugging, twisting with every other downward stroke and fuck if his legs didn't shake from that. So he did it again and again. Until he was there, teetering on that edge, needing to cum, wanting to so badly that you felt like fucking crying, screaming. But then on another hand you didn't want it too end. Wanted to keep feeling like this. Keep her scent around you so, it would always feel like this.

He imagined her soft hand wrapped around him now. Her fingers tracing the veins of his dick, her thumb smearing his precum over her fingers as she worked his length. His hips thrust forward faster, his breathing heavier, harder. He snarled as his balls tightened, panting with the need to cum, but he tried to fight it, tried to stop it, but fuck he couldn't.

"Jesus, fuck." He grunted back arching sharply as his hips thrust forward, hand wrapped around himself tightly, painfully so, but he didn't care he was cumming harder than he had ever cum before. White lights flashed behind his eyes, as his hips jerked with every release of cum, thick streams that covered the floor in front of him.

Suddenly his legs gave way and he was sliding to the floor, cut offs around his ankle, covered in his cum, his dick soft against his thigh.

"Holy shit," he breathed heavily, head resting against the cupboard.

"Paul?" The voice broke through his thoughts as he quickly tried to right himself, but he was too slow. The kitchen door flew open, revealing a wide eyed Bella.

"Oh my god," she blushed spinning around. "I'm so sorry, I thought..." her arms waved around and she tried to speak. "I thought I heard my name."

Paul stood fluidly, tucking himself back in as he moved slowly, carefully towards Bella.

He leaned forward lips brushing her ear as he whispered. "You did." Taking great pleasure in the way her heart began to pound in her chest, the way her breathing stuttered just ever so slightly. He brushed past her, hand gently brushing against her ass. Her ass which had started all this in the first place.