A/N:Gate crystals...yeah. I always wish I could use them to go where I need to when I'm late, but teleporting, wonder what it would feel like. Probably not good. Anyway, Balthier would probably prefer airships to gate crystals. I wrote this in like ten minutes, so I hope I did alright for this one. Anyway, please review. I'm trying to even the score, but reviews for these things would be absolutely lovely. So anyway(...I say that word too much) please enjoy!

Yes, gate crystals were wonderfully handy. One could travel across all of Ivalice in mere moments just by touching the orange crystal with a teleport stone in hand and destination in mind. They could even teleport you to places that normally airships could never venture.

But bloody hell, did they have to be so nauseating?

It seemed the longer he traveled with these loons, the more often they had to use the damn things. Not that a leading man ever complains of course.

"Balthier, are you okay?" Balthier looked back to see Penelo, looking up at him curiously. He hadn't realized that he been stalling, twirling the orange crystal in his hand instead of touching the gate crystal. The pair needed to meet back with the rest of the group who were coming back from Mt Bur-Omisace, and the quickest way was by crystal.

"Never you worry my dear," he said his charming smile, though under it he was feeling queasy. Put aside his discomfort, he placed his palm on the shining crystal, letting the image of Golmore Jungles fill his mind.

He felt his body start to tingle and heat up with mist and he saw his skin glow a faint orange. He braced himself and attempted to take one last breath, but found himself cut short as the sudden sensation of being ripped downward by his stomach. It was a sickening feeling of endless falling and surging mist that seemed to last far longer than the actual few seconds.

After no more than but five seconds, the feeling of his feet touching the ground, he could not help himself from letting out a gasp for air. Balthier feel slightly onto the smaller Penelo, the strength leaving his legs and his lunch threatening to come up.

"You look green. Teleporting not sitting well?" Penelo asked concerned. Balthier shook his head, covering his mouth with his hand. He knew if he opened his mouth he'd throw up. No, leading men don't throw up. After a moment, he found his composure.

"Just a little faint. You look fine though," Balthier noted, somewhat envious. Penelo giggled, keeping the sky pirate from falling over.

"In Rabanastre, the best way to get around the city is by moogling. I've been teleporting for years," Penelo explained as Balthier tried to walk. The entire world started spinning at first step and his stomach finally stopped listening to him. Falling over onto the vines, he gave up being a leading man and puked. "Don't worry Mr. Leading Man, I won't tell."

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