Summary: During Naruto's training with Jiraiya. He met a strange girl, with strange abilities. During his time with this strange girl, he finds himself falling for her. The thing is this girl isn't human. And with her possessive nature... well Konoha and Akatsuki just better watch out, because this girl isn't giving up Naruto without a fight. Assassin's creed elements. Narutoxoc

"So, ero-sennin. What Jutsu are you gonna teach me!" Naruto excitedly exclaimed, as he was practically bouncing all over the hotel they were staying in. Jiraiya merely shook his head with a grin as he watched his apprentice hardly control his excitement.

It had been a little over a week since they began they're training journey. And since than, Naruto's excitement had been all over the place. They had reached Tanzaku town a little over an hour ago. When Jiraiya said Naruto's training would begin soon. Since than Naruto hasn't stopped pestering Jiraiya to hurry up and begin his training.

"Now hold on a second gaki." Jiraiya jokingly demanded. "I have to get in touch with one of my contacts here in Tanzaku. So I can't begin your training just yet." Jiraiya finished, as he looked at Naruto's now somewhat depressed form. "but ero-sennin!" Naruto whined. Jiraiya held up a hand signaling Naruto that he wasn't finished.

Naruto Reluctantly quieted down, waiting for the toad sage to finish speaking.

Jiraiya, seeing he had Naruto's attention continued. "Though I personally won't be there to oversee your training for the moment, I want you to practice the Rasengan-" Jiraiya would have continued, but Naruto interrupted him. "But I already mastered the Rasengan!" Naruto yelled out.

Jiraiya narrowed his eyes, before he spoke. "Oh really?, Did you master the Rasengan to the point that you can create with one hand instead of having a shadow clones assistance?" He asked with a raised eyebrow, and amusement dancing in his eyes.

That made Naruto fall silent for several moments before he spoke. "But, My Rasengan is fine as it is!" Naruto exclaimed, anger lacing his voice. Jiraiya sighed as he shook his head. "So your telling me, that your going to let your hand get cut every time? so you can use the Rasengan." Jiraiya questioned. Naruto fell silent as the battle with Kabuto, and Orochimaru flashed through his mind.

He only managed to get Kabuto with the Rasengan Because he let his hand nearly get stabbed with a kunai. Just so he could hold Kabuto in position. "And that's way I need more Jutsu!" He stubbornly yelled. Jiraiya's eyes narrowed slightly, "Your telling me... that the Jutsu created by the Yondaime Hokage... isn't good enough?" Jiraiya quietly and slowly said.

In that moment Naruto froze. He had forgotten the Yondaime had created that Jutsu. He knew he should feel honored about having such a technique. Shame welled up inside him, as he just basically insulted his idol.

Jiraiya seeing Naruto's shame, lightly frowned, he didn't mean to make him upset. Than again, Naruto was always a little over emotional, just another thing he would have to correct during training it seems.

"Anyway gaki. I know a way for you to master the Rasengan faster than you'd normally would. And train at least five times as fast." Jiraiya stated with a grin forming at the end. Naruto snapped his attention in a moment, his shame all but forgotten. "Really? Ero-sennin!" He excitedly exclaimed. Jiraiya twitched at the jab of his hobbies but forced himself to not react to Naruto's insult.

After all soon he would corrupt Naruto and turn him into a pervert of epic proportions. The very thought made Jiraiya grin in anticipation.

Meanwhile in Konoha Tsunade suddenly felt like beating Jiraiya into a bloody pulp until he begged for mercy.

"Yeah gaki, usually this method would be extremely dangerous. But seeing as your the Kyuubi's Jinchuuriki combined with your massive Chakra reserves. This training method would be great for you." Jiraiya explained. Naruto's excitement could be seen from a mile away as he was literally bouncing up and down at the very notion of mastering the Rasengan twice as fast, and lowering the time for training was just to good an opportunity to pass up.

"Well don't just stand there Ero-sennin. Tell me already!" Naruto shouted.

"I don't know if I should gaki. After all you are being such a disrespectful gaki." Jiraiya grinned, no matter the outcome he was going to tell Naruto about the training method... He just enjoyed getting a rise out of his Godson. Naruto stopped, and stared at the elder man. Before he clasped his hands together and gave his Sensei the puppy dog eyes.

"Please? Ero-Sensei?" Naruto begged, throwing in a little whine at the end.

Jiraiya mocked sighed in disappointment. "Well I guess that's as close as I'll get." He frowned in a fake manner, while inwardly he honestly didn't Naruto to call that. Even though he threw and Ero in his now knew title. "The secret is quite simple Naruto. The answer is.." Jiraiya paused for dramatic effect. Naruto was basically on the edge of his seat... If he was in one.

"The answer is.. Shadow clones Naruto." Naruto face-planted on the ground. "Ero-Sensei. How will Shadow clones help?" In response to Naruto's question, Jiraiya created a Shadow clone. "Now create a Shadow clone Naruto" Naruto quickly complied and created one. Than Jiraiya had his clone escort Naruto's clone into the forest.

Naruto watched in confusion. After several moments he gave his perverted teacher a glare while his hands immediately went covered his crotch. "Hey what's the big idea! Why did your clone kick my clone in the nuts!" Jiraiya merely grinned at Naruto while waiting for Naruto to realize what happened.

Naruto blinked for several moments before he stared at Jiraiya in confusion. "Hey Ero-Sensei. What was that?"

Jiraiya went into lecture mode as Naruto called it. "The Shadow jutsu is a B-rank Kinjutsu for a reason Naruto. You see not only does it require Jonin level chakra reserves It sends a mental feedback to the user. Allowing the user to gain the Shadow clones experience." He explained.

Naruto Stared at Jiraiya with a starry gaze. "You mean..?" Naruto trailed off in a hopeful and excitement tone. "Yep, We're going to utilize the full capacity of the Shadow clone jutsu to train you." Jiraiya grinned. "Get some clones created gaki and get to work on truly mastering the Rasengan." Naruto didn't waste any time in creating a small army of bunshin's and getting straight to work on mastering the Rasengan.

Jiraiya gave his Godson a proud look before he quietly left his student in the clearing.

Naruto panted in exhaustion as he knelt in the clearing, it was already nearing nighttime as the sun was beginning to set over the horizon. casting the sky in a blue, orange and red hue. the entire day he had trained with the help of his clones to perfect the Rasenganit may have taken the whole day. But finally after creating so many clones and after dozens of failed attempts.

Naruto could proudly say he can finally create the Rasengan nearly instantly with one hand. Naruto gave a prideful grin as he held out his hand and formed a Rasengan almost instantly one formed in his hand. The blue spiraling sphere walways fascinated Naruto. The way it spiraled constantly, the bright glow that it gave. And the way it was perfectly round and big enough to hold in your hand.

It didn't look so dangerous and yet... It was one of the most feared jutsu in the elemental nations created by the Yondaime Hokage, second only to the Yondaime's famed Hiraishin.

Just as Naruto was going to dismiss the Rasengan, a clapping sound echoed across the clearing. Followed by a soft and enticing voice. "Well that was quite amazing. I was watching you the entire day and I still can't believe your still here. Not to mention you didn't give up no matter how hard it seemed."

The second Naruto heard the voice he spun around to face the person who startled him. And his breath slightly hitched in his throat while a slight blush crossed his features at the sight that was before him. There standing the branch of a tree was a girl even prettier than his Sakura. No scratch that! This was the most beautiful girl he ever saw period!

She long silvery white hair reaching just past her knees tied in into two pigtails on the sides of her head held by black ribbons with hime style bangs. two bags framed her face and stopped at her chest. Her face was heart shaped with smooth pale skin. A small and cute nose, pink eyes with slits for pupils. Her eye lashes were slightly curved and long. And her lips were pink, and Naruto could tell it wasn't lip-stick they were naturally like that. And her mouth was set into a teasing smirk, as if she knew he was admiring her beauty and she wasn't afraid of you admiring her as long as you don't undress her with your eyes. And Naruto was certain he saw slightly longer and sharper than normal canines... But he was probably imagining it... Right?

Another thing he registered was how petite she was... But strangely it seemed to suit her, and just add to her beauty.

She wore a black shirt with dark red spiraling bats on the back. She had grey shorts that reach her knees leaving the rest of her slender legs exposed. She had black sandals with dark red strappings. she had a belt wrapped around her waist that held an assortment of pouches. Naruto didn't know what they held but he assumed they were kunai and shurikens in there... at least he thought so.

Once he was done taking in the girls appearance, he just stared. And the girl just stared right back with that teasing smirk still on her face. Soon Naruto just pointed his finger at her and... shouted "You were WATCHING me the ENTIRE day!" He exclaimed with widened eyes.

The white-haired girl giggled cutely. "Is that a problem?" She asked in teasing manner as if she wasn't just spying on someone.

"Is that a problem!? Of course that's a problem, you can't just spy on people!" He shouted pointing at her in a accusing manner.

"My name is Shiroi, what's yours?" She asked, completely ignoring his reaction to her spy-uh-watching yes watching. No one told her what to do! No one!

Naruto completely forgetting the fact she spied on him instantly grinned and pointed his thumb at himself. "My name is Uzumaki Naruto! Future Hokage of Konoha!, Dattebayo!"

Shiroi tilted her head slightly. "Dattebayo?" She said with a elegantly raised eyebrow. Naruto sheepishly scratched his head. "S-Sorry it's a verbal tick." he sheepishly chuckled. She blinked several times before she giggled "I think it's a little cute." She said with a grin at the end.

This time Naruto knew he wasn't imagining things. She really DID have longer and sharper canines than people normally did. They looked like small fangs. FANGS! He shuddered at the possibilities of her biting someone with those. Suddenly Naruto felt the Kyuubi's presence in the back of his mind. "Teh, so she's one of that kind." The Kyuubi muttered. 'Kyuubi... What are you talking about?' Naruto cautiously questioned. The Kyuubi debated on whether or not he should tell Naruto what he knew.

After a short few moments the Kyuubi gave a vague answer deciding to let his container to figure out the rest. "I'll give you a warning gaki. Be careful with that blood-sucker." Kyuubi stated. "NOW BEGONE AND NEVER BOTHER ME AGAIN UNLESS YOU WANT ME TO TEAR THE FLESH FROM YOUR BONES HUMAN!" He suddenly roared before he retreated back into his cage to get more sleep.

Naruto inwardly winced at the Kyuubi's roar before he turned his attention back on Shiroi. What did Kyuubi mean when he called her a blood-sucker?

"So what's someone like you doing way out here?" Shiroi asked with that smirk still on her face.

Naruto stared at her. "Training." He answered simply. Shiroi raised her eyebrow again. "Really? That's interesting." Before she reached into her pouch. Naruto tensed, was she going to attack him? Was she pulling out a weapon of mass destruction? And of all the things he was expecting... He wasn't expecting her to pull out a white handkerchief.

"W-What?" Naruto blinked in confusion as she held out the handkerchief and let it fall to the ground beneath her from her spot on the tree. He stared at her, and she in turn gave him an expectant look. He tilted his head again in confusion.

Shiroi sighed in annoyance. "It is consider gentlemen like when you pick up a girls handkerchief." She deadpanned. Naruto made a 'o' with his mouth in understanding before he moved towards the handkerchief. never seeing the growing smirk on Shiroi's face.

After Naruto picked up the handkerchief he looked up the tree preparing to hand Shiroi her handkerchief... Only problem was she wasn't there anymore. Before he could comprehend what happened he was suddenly sent flying through the air, until he roughly hit the hard ground.

"Itai!" Naruto said in pain, he winced as he felt a couple of his bones crack. But didn't have to worry as the Kyuubi already started on healing his injuries. After several moments he was nearly fully healed, he attempted to stand... Only to find that he couldn't. He opened his eyes (never realizing he closed them) and was treated to the sight of Shiroi straddling his prone form while her arms holding down his arms.

He gained a growing blush at the action. Shiroi giggled slightly as she watched the growing blush on his face. "W-What are you d-doing?" Naruto stuttered. Shiroi smirked "The thing is I need a little snack and your the only person around here. Not to mention my instincts tell me that your blood would make a good snack for now." She explained. "Oh but don't worry. I won't kill you, it's just a snack I'm having. This won't take longer than two minutes I promise." She cooed, before she began to lower her face.

"W-What? N-Now h-hold on a minute! W-What are y-you talking about?" Naruto asked in confusion and panic as she continued to lower her face... And were those FANGS GETTING LONGER!?

"Shhh It's okay, This won't hurt a bit." The silvery white haired girl said, as her eyes glowed slightly with a pink light. Naruto shivered as her breathe was tickling his neck. However before he could question Shiroi on what she meant, he felt a dull pain in his neck before it faded. He tilted his head to see Shiroi with her mouth on his neck and blood slightly dripping from the area where her mouth was.

Naruto paled slightly as he realized she was actually SUCKING HIS BLOOD! He felt a surge of panic, before he forced himself to calm down. just remain calm, it's not like she was gonna stay there forever right?

Shiroi was enjoying heaven right now. The blood was just sooooooooo GOOD~ It was the most delicious blood she ever tasted. It was quite literally better than anything she ever tasted, and she tasted some of the most delicious food in the WORLD! And the best part? His blood was regenerating faster than she could drink! He quite literally had a limitless supply of blood.

'I can stay like this forever.' She thought in a daze. Her eyes glazed over, and a feral gleam entered her eyes. She held onto him a bit tighter in order to press herself against him. almost as if she were trying to melt into Naruto.

And Naruto watched with a confused manner while he also blushed up a storm. He was blushing a shade of red that it would have made Hinata proud. Though the feral quality was a bit disturbing to him. He just hoped that she would stop soon, after all he felt like she was probably doing more than just drinking his blood. He had no idea just how right he was.

Shiroi still in her feral state only had one thought running through her mind. Her instincts were demanding that she mark him as her mate. They demanded that she make him hers, but she knew she couldn't force him to. She didn't know why her instincts were telling her to make him her mate, but she knew that her instincts were never wrong before.

Her best bet would be to get close to him and get him to fall for her. And maybe just maybe she could see why her instincts demanded to make him her mate. though she did have a method of truly knowing him... But she didn't like doing that, not only was it an invasion of privacy it was a total mind-fuck. But dammit her instincts were screaming at her to disregard her morals.

But she wouldn't! She wouldn't become a slave to her instincts, She wouldn't review Naruto's memories without his permission! They were his memories she had no right to see them without his permission.

However again her instincts didn't agree with her, as they still demanded that she mate with him. 'No! Bad instincts! Down! I will decide whether or not he will be my mate. And I will only review his memories IF he lets me. Am I CLEAR!?' She shouted in her mind. Her instincts hissed their displeasure but backed off. And so the feral quality in her eyes faded.

Shiroi having her fill of blood slowly detached from Naruto's neck a single trail of saliva and blood connecting the two before it snapped.

Naruto now positive that Shiroi was done slowly sat up while Shiroi stayed straddling him. "U-Uh S-Shiroi... C-Could you get o-off me please?" Shiroi grinned exposing her fangs. "What if I like staying like this hmm?" She asked in a amused tone. Naruto didn't take notice of the amused tone as he panicked. "W-Wait! I didn't mean to offend if you liked staying like this!, it's just I'm a little uncomfortable. And u-u-uh p-please don't hit me!" He shouted with his hands immediately moving to shield his head.

Shiroi blinked stupidly "Why would I hit you?" Naruto peaked at her from his defensive position. "U-Usually when I did something stupid or when I stammer in my sentence's Sakura-ch.. Sakura would hit me." Shiroi noticed the slip of tongue he had. However she felt a coursing rage flow through her when she heard of how this... Sakura would hit him over the most trivial of things.

Her instincts came back and demand she find the girl and devour her blood until she was a lifeless husk. But she held in her rage and calmed herself, though she made a mental note to see who Sakura was when she reviewed his memories... If he allowed it of course.

"I'm not gonna hit you Naruto-kun." The silvery white haired girl said with a warm smile.

Naruto looked into her eyes and saw the truth behind them. He grinned stupidly before he posed a question. "So Shiroi... Why did you... drink my blood?"

"isn't obvious?" Shiroi deadpanned. "I'm a vampire." She stated with a prideful grin. She noted how Naruto looked at her with widened eyes before a grin erupted from his face much to her surprise.

"So your an awesome super strong vampire! Like the ones I heard of in books!?" Naruto shouted in excitement. "I always wondered what it would be like if I met one!" to say Shiroi was shocked was an understatement. He wasn't afraid of her... 'He's not afraid of me' She thought in bliss.

"So what type of super cool powers do you have Shiroi-chan!" Naruto asked in curiosity and excitement. 'C-Chan?' Shiroi thought with a slight pink hue to her cheeks not that Naruto noticed. "Well vampires have various abilities that are extremely useful." Seeing Naruto about to shout in excitement again, she caressed his cheek to calm him down because one.

She didn't like being interrupted and two... She just wanted to caress his cheek. Though that seemed to have a different effect on Naruto seeing as by caressing his cheek, she was also caressing his whiskers.

The result? A deep rumbling noise from the back of Naruto's throat. Dead silence in the clearing after that. Naruto because out of embarrassment, and Shiroi? Well the dam was beginning to break, for a reaction so horrible, so terrifying that even whispering it made men everywhere cringe in fear, and despair.

"KAWAII!" The silvery white haired vampire screamed as she glomped our blonde protagonist... Yeah that was the reaction we were waiting for. Naruto blushed AGAIN as Shiroi pressed her cheek against his while their bodies were practically grinding against each other.

However they were both interrupted by a short and perverted giggle coming behind them. Naruto froze, he knew who that giggle belonged to. Shiroi of course didn't know so she slowly turned her head behind her to give the person her evil eye just for interrupting her moment with her new favorite blonde.

Jiraiya shivered when Shiroi gave him her evil eye. 'Dear sweet Kami-sama are those eyes GLOWING!?' Jiraiya thought. It was as if those eyes were giving him a warning, a warning to back off now and pretend he didn't see anything. The slitted pupils were adding an even more intimidating effect.

"Hey Ero-Sensei this better not be going into your damn perverted books!" Naruto exclaimed with a accusing finger pointed at Jiraiya. That snapped Shiroi out of her glaring as she rose an eyebrow, this was Naruto's Sensei? However what caught her attention was the books Naruto said he wrote. She only knew of one book series that were so famous and perverted. She should know, she READ the first book and she immediately wanted to castrate the man who wrote it. And there he was, standing right there. The writer of the accursed Icha Icha series.

She slowly stood with aura of malice and hatred as she smiled sweetly at the man. "Your the author of Icha Icha correct?" She asked with a sugary sweet tone.

Jiraiya gulped but nodded with a bit of pride.

Wait... 'PRIDE!? OH HELL NO YOUR NOT ALLOWED TO FEEL PRIDE BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU WROTE YOU PERVERTED OLD BASTARD!' She raged in her mind. "Naruto-kun, I suggest that you do not watch this." She said with same sweet tone as before. Naruto couldn't even move because of the fear she was feeling.

And so he was forced to watch as Shiroi beat his Sensei into a bloody pulp while also kicking him in the crotch with bone shattering strength. allowing the man's screams of pain to be heard all across the elemental nations.

In Konoha a certain masked Jonin was walking down the streets reading his orange book, until a ear-splinting scream echoed across the sky. Kakashi stopped and looked up at the sky. "I sense a disturbance in the Icha Icha." He muttered. The people who heard him, looked at him weirdly.

Tsunade looked up from her paper when she heard the ungodly scream echoing across the village. "Tsunade-sama." Shizune, her assistant exclaimed as she barged in the office. "What was that!?" She questioned

Tsunade sighed "That... Shizune was the sound of a man losing his most precious items." She explained with a dark smile at the end of her sentence.

Shizune shivered at her master's smile before she slowly inched away from her.

Shiroi walked away from the twitching mass of... blob that was once the toad sannin. She walked back towards Naruto with a wicked smile and satisfied look in her eyes. "Naruto-kun." She began with the wicked smile still in place.

"Y-Yes?" He answered with a fearful expression, he did not want to end up like Jiraiya. Even if he had to be Shiroi's slave!

"Don't ever end up like your Sensei okay." She spoke softly, with a warm smile at the end. Naruto merely nodded with a growing blush on his features. Shiroi's smile widened before she gave Naruto a soft kiss on the cheek. The blonde haired boy's eyes widened as his face went so red that Hinata would jealous because it was even redder than hers.

A giggle was heard again. Shiroi snapped her attention to the mass of blob, only for it to disappear in a puff of smoke. She scowled as she saw the real Jiraiya enter the clearing unharmed. "Man, you gotta love Shadow clones. Though I'm not fond of the experience it transferred back." He said as he grin with grimace on his face from the clones experience. 'note to self, never get her angry.' He thought.

Shiroi smirked at the grimace. "So Naruto-kun why are you traveling with this... Pervert?" Shiroi asked with curiosity and barely concealed contempt for the author of that accursed Icha Icha.

Naruto grinned. "It's because he's my Sensei! He's gonna be teaching me alot of awesome jutsu Shiroi-chan." He explained with excitement.

Shiroi gave Jiraiya a glare, and Jiraiya knew what that glare meant. It meant that if he tried to corrupt Naruto and turn him into a pervert she was gonna castrate him.

He sighed in disappointment, all of that planning on getting Naruto fixed on his perverted ways... Ruined! He inwardly cried anime tears.

Shiroi seeing Jiraiya sigh in disappointment felt a surge of female anger... That pervert was actually going to try and corrupt HER Naruto... Wait when did Naruto become hers...? It didn't matter! Because she actually liked the idea of him belonging to her! And goddammit when she wanted something she'll get it!

So if she wanted Naruto than she was gonna get him!... When she got him to fall in love with her, she'll make her move... She just had to be patient.

Jiraiya noticed the predatory gleam in her eyes as she looked at Naruto, and he inwardly smirked. Naruto really needed a girl in his life, plus he needed to get passed that other girl Sakura. In Jiraiya's opinion, the pink haired girl didn't deserve Naruto's attention. but this girl... Maybe she can take Naruto's attention away from Sakura.

"Okay gaki you can hang out with your girlfriend another time. It's time to rest up in a hotel. Because we're leaving Tanzaku first thing tomorrow." Jiraiya stated. Naruto stuttered as the notion that Shiroi was his girlfriend. I mean why would a girl as beautiful as her want him as a boyfriend? The stray thought depressed for a moment.

Shiroi didn't deny the girlfriend joke. On it was the opposite really, as she found herself giving Naruto a predatory grin. 'Hmm, Uzumaki Shiroi. It has a nice ring to it.' She blissfully thought.

"Well, time to go gaki." Jiraiya said before he turned to Shiroi. "I glad you kept my student company Kami knows he needed it." Jiraiya grinned. Shiroi tilted her head slightly, what did he mean by that?

"Okay, by Shiroi-chan. It was nice meeting someone as awesome as you!" Naruto said in slight disappointment.

Shiroi grinned. "Hey now, you didn't thhink you two were the only ones traveling the elemental nations did you?" She playfully asked. Jiraiya and Naruto looked at each other before Naruto gave Jiraiya a look. Jiraiya mock sighed in annoyance when inwardly he was jumping for joy at the prospect of his student becoming a couple with the silvery haired girl.

"Than how would you like to travel with us? Shiroi? Was it?" The white haired toad sannin asked. Shiroi eagerly nodded at Jiraiya's question.

"Than welcome aboard! Shiroi-chan!" Naruto shouted in excitement.

Shiroi giggled, while Jiraiya muttered something along the lines of 'inspiration for my next book'. That made Shiroi's eyebrow dangerously twitch before she reigned her temper, and followed the toad sannin and his apprentice.

It had been over six months since Shiroi joined the traveling duo. And she must say they were both entertaining and amusing what with their quirks and whatnot.

She now understood why her instincts wanted her to mate with Naruto. He had such conviction, loyalty, determination, courage, and bravery that not just anyone had. As time passed she actually found herself falling for him, he was quite literally the perfect mate. The fact that his blood was delicious was only a bonus~

Even when during training, when Jiraiya demanded he do something that seemed impossible, he would whine at first but would comply and do the exercise without complaint. And with his method of training he was quickly growing stronger at a alarming rate. Everyday he would create small armies of Shadow clones to learn chakra control, and chakra theory that the toad sage had him work on, while he himself trained his body.

And because of his physical training, he built up a rather excellent body build. His musle's were not to big and not to small either. They were the perfect mixture of both. Shiroi had to restrain herself from jumping the blonde than and their.

Also his hair had grown out making him have to keep it a a low spiky pony tail much like Jiraiya only much shorter. And two bangs stopping at his jaw-line, unknown to Naruto he looked much like his father with his new look.

After three months of that routine, Jiraiya switched it up. He taught him taijutsu stances and had him use and train it on his own, while his clones worked on learning some wind based ninjutsu Jiraiya had over his Shinobi career.

They had checked Naruto's chakara nature and to their surprise it was wind, a rarity in the land of fire. After that it was simply a matter of getting some wind based ninjutsu for the young blonde. So far Naruto mastered wind style: air bullet, and wind style: great break through. The others were taking a while but he was getting their.

The real challenge however, was getting Naruto out of his orange monstrosity as Jiraiya called. Naruto stubbornly refused for a good two days, before Shiroi decided to talk with Naruto about it. Jiraiya didn't know what happened but Naruto came back with a blush and glazed expression on his face, while Shiroi had a pleased look, and a predatory smirk on her face.

Jiraiya knew that look, It was one that spoke victory and satisfaction.

And so they had the blonde try out various outfits, but one of them worked. However Naruto picked clothes he actually liked other than orange related clothing. And they were surprised with what Naruto picked out. They had Naruto try it on and they both agreed it was an excellent choice.

The clothes he had weren't things a Shinobi would normally wear, but than again Naruto was always different and unpredictable. So imagine their surprise when Naruto out with his new robes on.

They were largely gray in color. Accompanying this, the robes also had a gray-white fur padding on the left shoulder and Naruto chose to wear a dark orange scarf around his neck. The robes also bore the Konoha insignia and a small, adorned buckle in a shape of diamond, which connected the belts which crossed over his chest. There was also an upside-down Konoha insignia on the tip of the hood that was made onto the robes. Additionally, small patterns appear to be imprinted on the grey fabric of the robes. (Ezio's outfit in Assassin's creed revelations except the scarf is dark orange and the Konoha symbol is where the assassin's symbol should be.)

Also Naruto had long since stopped wearing his headband since he got his robes. He preferred to allow his insignia's on his robes to let other's know whose side he was on. Thus his bangs fell freely into his eyes at times but it was no bother for Naruto. (In Shiroi's opinion it made him hotter than he was.)

Both Jiraiya and Shiroi agreed that the new look was amazing and the outfit was best for Naruto.

All in all, Jiraiya was most pleased with Naruto's progression, by his estimate Naruto should be low-Jonin level. Though with experience he will no doubt be high-Jonin level. However Jiraiya was certain that when Naruto's training trip was over, he would be at Kage-level Shinobi, if not higher!

He just needed to progress more, and gain experience and he will no doubt be one of the strongest Shinobi in history. Second only to Senju Hashirama, and Uchiha Madara.

Speaking of progression, what really progressed over those six months was Naruto's relationship with Shiroi. At first it just them being simple friends, than gradually over time they spent more time together. Learning about each other and finding their favorite hobby of showing their displeasure with Jiraiya whenever he was peeking into hot-springs. Than they began to go on dates, It was awkward at first but they managed to dissipate the awkward air with talking, going to dinner, and finally watching the sunset together.

Than the two were basically inseparable, And every time a girl would give Naruto an interested look she would glare at them until they looked away. Jiraiya tried to separate them at one point and he ended getting thrown through a wall by Shiroi while Naruto kept glaring at him for a whole hour. He didn't even blink, which creepped Jiraiya out.

They learned a lot of things about each other.

Shiroi learned that Naruto despite having idiotic moments was actually surprisingly cunning and smart. She learned he played pranks on his entire village, (which made her laugh hysterically at the pranks he pulled.) He loved Ramen, his dream was to become Hokage, and that he would do anything to protect his precious people has he put it.

Of course she asked if that included her even if it was a joke, his answer made her heart swell with love and admiration for the blonde. "I would protect most of all Shiroi, after all you are one of my most precious people!" That was his answer. And it warmed her heart to hear that.

And Naruto learned a lot about Shiroi in turn. He learned she loved sunsets and the moon light that bathes her at night, (which made sense seeing as she was a vampire.) She loved drinking his blood (which had become hobby, so pretty much Naruto isn't affected when she drank his blood.) Her favorite food was Caramel apples (Because in her opinion it is both a sweet and healthy fruit.) And she absolutely adored foxes for some reason.

That earned her some points from the Kyuubi, as such the Kyuubi silently approved of her mating with his container.

He learned that she hated snakes, wolves, raccoon's, and Arrogance. When asked why all she was "You try being surrounded by a shit load snakes, wolves, and raccoon's all of them hungry mind you. And the reason why you were surrounded by them in the first place is because you were to arrogant."

Naruto nodded in understanding, and left at that.

However, after six months Shiroi was finally going to ask Naruto if she could review his memories after all, she was starting to get curious on why Naruto was always a little reluctant on the subject. Which led to their current situation with Shiroi sitting in front of Naruto with her legs crossed while they were just out side the outskirts of Shukuba town. a fair distance away from Konoha.

Jiraiya had left them so he could meet with one of his "contacts" when both Shiroi and Naruto knew he was just gonna go peek on women in the hot-springs. Shiroi let him go because she wanted to be alone with Naruto when he asked him her question.

"So what did you need me for? Shiroi-chan?" Naruto asked with a tilt of his head with his eyes showing curiosity, as he removed his hood from his head. He had gotten a habit of keeping his hood up at all times, when asked why he merely said he wanted to keep the mysterious air around him... Plus it was funny watching others try to see past his hood by carefully trying to peek under it.

Shiroi looked Naruto dead in the eye showing the seriousness of the situation. "Naruto... I have a little trick that will let me see your memories, I would like to see them... That is if you'll let me." She decided to just get out with it and be blunt about it.

Naruto hesitated, and he uncertainly looked into her eyes. If she wanted to see his memories than that would mean she would learn about Kyuubi, would she begin hating him just like the rest of Konoha. He couldn't bear it if she began hating him, after all he had fallen for the girl a while ago. She was just so beautiful, kind when she wanted to be, and she had a strong personality.

If she began hating him... Than Naruto would forever give up on love.

Inside his mind Kyuubi snorted, the girl was a vampire, and vampire's were always treated as outcasts by humans. As such she would judge him just because he was in his container. The boy had trust issue's the Kyuubi decided.

Shiroi seeing Naruto's distraught and hesitation smiled reassuringly. "It's okay, Naruto-kun. I promise my opinion of you won't change." She assured.

That was all Naruto needed to know as he nodded with resolutely. "So, how does this work? Shiroi-chan." He asked.

"It's quite simple, you see for vampire's blood is our primary source of strength. It heals us faster than we normally would, it replenishes our strength when we are exhausted, and at times if we have enough we could temporarily become a Shinso vampire." She lectured. Seeing she had Naruto's attention she continued.

"Another useful ability is to see the memories of the person we drink blood from." She explained.

"how does that work?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I don't really know to be honest. All I know is that it's all about genetics in our DNA. Apparently somehow our blood stores our memories. I don't even know how's that possible." She shrugged.

Naruto merely sighed in annoyance, that would have been useful to know. "So, what do I have to do?"

Shiroi grinned. "Isn't obvious?" She deadpanned as her canines grew longer. "Of course." Naruto blankly said, however he had a smile on his face when he said that. He removed his scarf, and exposed his neck by tilting until his bare neck was exposed to the world.

Shiroi didn't need an invitation as she crawled towards Naruto like a predator stalking it's prey. Once she reach him, she sat in his lap, and placed her mouth near his neck.

"Ready?" She whispered. She felt Naruto nod, and she sank her fangs into his neck. Like all the other times Shiroi bit down on his neck, he felt a dull pain before it faded.

Shiroi prepared herself for the memory backlash that was sure to come, and she was right as she felt her mind drifting away at a speed so fast that it could have surpassed the Hiraishin. Soon she was in a sewer-like place with water dripping at random intervals. She raised an eyebrow in confusion, what the heck was this?

She noted how there were faintly glowing blue bars scattered around the ceiling. She assumed that was his chakra... But what was that red one? She shook her head, she had more important things to do. Like finding a door labeled memories.

So she wandered... And wandered... And wandered. Until her eyes started twitching. "WHERE THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO GO!?" She shouted in anger and frustration. The red bar glowed brightly before a small ball of red chakra appeared in front of her. "What?" She muttered.

The red orb just flew around her for a moment before it moved down the tunnel and turned right. Shiroi with nothing better to do simply followed it. After countless seconds of following the strange little ball. She saw it stop at a white door with a gold plating labeled memories on it. She looked at the little orb and gave it a thankful look.

She watched as it moved back to the red bar, and the red bar reabsorbed it like water. She looked at the door, took a deep breathe before she entered it. Inside she dozens of screens. She looked around in confusion before the little orb of red energy came back and positioned itself over a small button which said start at the bottom.

"Your really helpful aren't you little guy?" She giggled before she turned her attention on the button. She pushed the button, and so her torment as she watched Naruto's first twelve years of his life.

She could do nothing but watch as food vendor's harshly threw him out of shops without even a second glance. She watched as he was kicked out of the orphanage at the age of five.

She watched the beatings he received for simply walking down the street with a small smile. She watched as he tried to play with other children, only for their parents to take them away and glare at him with contempt and hatred. She watched every single detail, not leaving anything out. She watched his happiest moments to his moments of despair.

She watch everything, all the way up to his training trip with Jiraiya. When it was all over it, there was an eerie silence in the area. Shiroi's bangs over-shadowed her eyes, and soon an aura of pure malice and hatred erupted from her. She slowly lifted her head, and her slitted pink eyes were glowing a menacing pink. Her iris and pupils disappeared and all that remained was her menacing pink glowing eyes.

Her aura began getting darker. Kyuubi watched in interest as her aura became even darker and more malicious than his. If the Kyuubi were honest with himself he would admit to feeling a small shiver of fear going through his spine. But he shook it off, he was the king of the Bijuu dammit! He didn't fear anything. He quickly retreated deeper into his cage. NOT because he was afraid! It was because he was bored! YES! yes... Bored. He wasn't afraid at all.

Shiroi slowly formed a snarl on her face before she faded from the mindscape.

For Naruto it had only been two minutes before she noticed Shiroi slowly detach herself from him. He was about to greet her... That is until he noticed the furious snarl on her lips as her fangs grew longer than before and her aura of malice blood-thirst burst from her form. Everything about her at the moment screamed one thing... Fury.

Sheer, unadulterated fury, and rage. A loud growl emanated from her throat, as she glared maliciously in the direction of Konoha.

"Shiroi-chan! calm down!" Naruto shouted.

kill, KILL, KILL!

Was the only thought thought going to through Shiroi mind. Her instincts begging, pleading, DEMANDING! That she go to grounds that Konoha laid upon... And to burn it to the FUCKING GROUND! A furious growl erupted from her lips as her eyes glowed dangerously brighter.

She felt something grab her hand, and her head snapped towards Naruto's direction. Only to see him worriedly squeeze her hand in a reassuring manner. "Shiroi-chan... Please come back to me." He said with a pleading tone.

Slowly Shiroi's features returned to normal, her pink iris and slitted pupils returned. Her canines returned to their normally usual longer and sharp length. And her aura of darkness and malice disappeared. Though she still held a silent rage in her eyes. "Why don't you hate them?" She began softly. "If it were me... That village would have been burned to the ground a long time ago... So why... don't you hate them?" She asked in desperate confusion.

Naruto smiled warmly at her. "Because.. If I lash out and kill them... Than I'm no better than them." He explained. Shiroi looked at him silent amazement.

"Do you recall when ero-Sensei spoke to us about hatred in this world?" Naruto began. Shiroi nodded, she remembered that conversation.

"My dream is to become Hokage, not only to earn my villages respect and recognition, but to protect those precious to me as well." Shiroi eyes widened, but Naruto paid it no mind as he continued. "Ero-Sensei said that there was to much hatred in this... I want to do something about this hatred. I still want to become Hokage. But that can wait. My new dream is to rid the world of this hatred that has been brewing for a long time! It may seem impossible now, but I know true peace can be achieved! So if There is a such thing as true peace than I'll seize it!" Naruto shouted with a bright smile.

Kyuubi listened to Naruto's speech in interest and a slight... Hopeful look? In his eyes. 'Naruto... Are you the one old man Rikudo spoke of?' The Kyuubi thought

Shiroi stared at Naruto in admiration and awe. This boy... No this MAN was truly something else. He was gift, a gift from Kami-sama which others took ofr granted. She loved, she decided. This was the only male worthy of becoming her mate. The only male she would ever touch, and the only one she will truly love. "Naruto." She lovingly said.

"Yes?" He tilted his head in confusion.

He didn't have time to react as Shiroi's soft pink lips connected with his. His eyes widened for a moment, before they slowly closed and he leaned into the kiss. the kiss began to get more heated as Shiroi straddled him while their tongue battled for dominance. In the end Shiroi won because her feral instincts provided her with the edge she needed.

She eagerly explored Naruto's mouth to all of it's contents, getting a small moan from Naruto. After three minutes she pulled back with a trail of saliva connecting them before it snapped. "Wow." Naruto uttered. "So... What does this make us...? Shiroi-chan?" He asked.

"Lovers." She happily answered, as she rubbed her cheek against his, thus rubbing his whiskers as well. Naruto could only purr in approval as the sensation of her rubbing his whiskers kicked in.

Jiraiya with his back against a tree, looked up at the sky seemingly looking at the heavens. 'Minato, Kushina. You would be so proud of your son if you were here.' He thought in pride and contentment. A perverted expression crossed his face at the thought of catching both Shiroi and Naruto in the act. But decided against for his own safety.

He happily began thinking of what he was going to teach Naruto next. 'Hmm? Perhaps I'll teach him wind manipulation. That way he can find a way to complete the Rasengan. Than I'll teach him some meditation... after that I'll let pa take for sage training. and for the rest, he'll take some A or B-ranked missions.' With his new training regime for Naruto completed, his form disappeared in a burst of speed deciding it was best he let the newly form couple enjoy their time together.

Chapter end