Summary: During Naruto's training with Jiraiya. He met a strange girl, with strange abilities. During his time with this strange girl, he finds himself falling for her. The thing is this girl isn't human. And with her possessive nature... well Konoha and Akatsuki just better watch out, because this girl isn't giving up Naruto without a fight. Assassin's creed elements. Naruto X OC

Author's note: Now, your probably wondering what took so long with this chapter. Well, I guess you could say that I have been way to much fun with my summer, and I had to help my father move a REALLY large bed inside the house. (Took us at least an hour to get through the stairs.)

Author's note#2: Just a little heads up, this chapter is more of a filler if anything else. Though there is a bit of story advancement its still more of a filler.

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Author's not#4: Well, it looks like many people agree with saying that Anko is possibly the strongest Kunoichi is the leaf. However, a lot of you did bring up a lot of facts, and arguments about the others.. In a sense, we could never truly know who is the strongest unless they all meet in a battle royal.

Author's note#5: Well, I believe its time that I give attention to my Naruto/Shakugan crossover. The next update will be that story, well I hope you enjoy the chapter, even if it is more of a filler.

Orochimaru coughed roughly as he sat on his throne. His hands shook as his coughing became more erratic, and forceful. He hissed in pain as he held onto his chest for several moments. He grit his teeth as he remembered how this happened to him. 'Damn you, Sarutobi-Sensei.' He thought in pain, and anger.

He shakily reached out, and grabbed hold of a small bottle full of pills. He slowly undid the cap, and fished out two pills. He placed him thm in his mouth, and dry swallowed the pills. He breathed heavily, and he reached out for a glass of water. He quickly gulped it down, and breathed a sigh of relief. He felt the pain, and the effects of his dying body fade away.

Soon, soon he would possess Sasuke's body. And he would be able to master all of the Jutsu in the world, and possibly find a cure for his... Illness.

Until than he would mold Sasuke into the perfect vessel, and the perfect body for his soul to inhabit. And all the techniques in the world would belong to him, just thinking about it made his mouth water with the possibilities.

On a side note, its time that Kabuto reported if his little pet was doing well. Orochimaru turned his attention towards the door when it opened, and Kabuto strode into the room, a soft frown on his face.

"Kabuto." Orochimaru spoke.

Kabuto looked up at the mention of his name "Orochimaru-sama."

"How is our little pet?" The black haired Sannin asked.

Kabuto frowned slightly "His education has been going along nicely, and the training program you set up for it has worked wonders." He answered.

"Than why the frown?" Orochimaru asked with narrowed eyes.

"Ever since it read the word 'freedom' from the dictionary... I've seen him giving longing looks to the exit of the base. And he has asked me several times, why he is never given a choice." Kabuto explained with a scowl.

Orochimaru scowled slightly "That isn't good. It seems we must teach him his place once more. Tell F-43 that I intend to... Discipline later in the day." Orochimaru coldly stated.

Kabuto bowed deeply "Hai Orochimaru-sama." He stood, and strode out of the room, a smirk on his face as he imagined the discipline F-43 would go through.

Orochimaru smirked as he thought of his pet. Ah, yes, his greatest creation he had ever created. All the research, time, and data that was put into F-43 was well spent. He had created the perfect weapon. A creature that held powerful potential. A creature that far surpassed the mind of both animals, and human.

A creature with an intellect so vast that all the knowledge given to him was learned, and memorized within moments. A creature that was nearly a beast in combat, but highly intelligent, nearly human like when conversing. It truly is amazing of what you could do with with a wild fox, Senju blood, and a quite a sum of the Kyuubi's Chakra.

However, despite all of the creature's merits, it lacked one thing that Orochimaru could never give it... Brutality.

It was refused to kill when it saw no reason for it. It just simply refused to kill senselessly, and without purpose. That was why Orochimaru placed a seal on the creature, should F-43 ever disobey a direct order, the seal will activate, and destroy its heart.

After that, it was more cooperative in its studies, and it was more willing to kill. However, it still hesitated. Every time it was in combat, it would purposely move its attacks so it didn't kill its foes. Even during combat when it had many openings to strike its target down, it never took them.

His weapon may have been powerful, and dangerous, but the hesitation to kill its target had always denied its full potential. The worst part? Every method that Orochimaru tried to turn his weapon into a killing machine had all, but failed.

In the end, it was probably a failed project to begin with. Still though, F-43 was useful, and as long as he remained useful, than he won't dispose of him. Besides, he's interested in what would happen should the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki come to blows with F-43.

F-43 was created from both the blood of a Senju, and the Chakra of the Kyuubi, and Orochimaru was very interested in learning what effects would take place should the two ever come to blows. Many variables could happen should the two meet. However, Orohimaru was confident that Naruto would win. After all, that brat had always managed to pull through no matter what.

The boy's battle with his snakes summons? He somehow beat it. The boy's battle with the Inuzuka boy? He beat him through shear determination, and will. His battle with Hyuuga Neji? He beat him as well with the same amount of determination, and will. His battle with Gaara? Again, the same methods. His short, and brief fight with Kabuto? He managed to severely wound his silver haired assistant.

If there was one thing that Orochimaru learned about the Uzumaki boy. Its that it is a large mistake to underestimate him. And if he heard correctly, the boy was on a training trip with Jiraiya. And Orochimaru suspected that the boy is already powerful, but how powerful is the question.

Orochimaru wouldn't be surprise if Jiraiya taught the brat everything he knew. The snake sannin wondered how a conflict between both Sasuke, and Naruto would result in. He knew just how powerful Sasuke was, the 'last' Uchiha was at least low Kage-level. However, Orochimaru was curious at what level Naruto was, it could be the same as Sasuke, or at a lower level. However, Orochimaru wasn't to worried about the blonde exceeding past that.

After all, he knew the council would have tried to influence Naruto's training, so that he didn't grow too strong. Orochimaru nearly snorted. The council was always trying to keep things in the village under their control, especially Danzo, and the elders.

Orochimaru snorted, and he slowly rose from his throne. The snake sannin slowly moved towards the exist, and walked down the halls. His yellow eyes glinting as methods on how to discipline F-43 surged in his mind.

And it did not bode well.

"I am fucking bored!" Hidan shouted in boredom, and frustration.

Kakuzu, who was walking along side him, twitched slightly as his partner turned to look at him.

"Kakuzu, are we there yet?" The silvered haired Jashinist asked.

"No." The hooded mercenary curtly responded.

Hidan cursed under his breathe, and stayed silent. Five minutes later, the red eyed member of the Akatsuki opened his mouth. "Are we there yet?"


"Are we there yet?"

"No." Kakuzu answered again, growing increasingly annoyed with his partner.

It was silent for several minutes, and Kakuzu reveled in that silence. To him silence was holy, and simply beautiful. If there was a such thing as the god of silence, than he would gladly worship that god with vigor. For Shinobi silence was golden, for Shinobi lived in the shadow's, and silence. It's why he was always so damn annoyed with most of his comrades.

Deidara was always so damn loud, and blew shit up. He could tolerate Sasori, as he was quiet, but he wished that the puppet master wasn't so obsessed with puppets. Kisame he could stand, he just didn't like how Kisame constantly spoke with his opponents like old friends. Zetsu? He could tolerate black Zetsu, white Zetsu on the other hand annoyed the shit outta of him.

Konan? Out of everyone in the Akatsuki, Konan was his favorite. She was quiet, she was stoic, she didn't speak unless spoken to. And best of all, from what he had been able to gather, she valued silence just as much as him.

It made being in the Akatsuki at least more bearable. Than again, he shouldn't be surprised that its almost unbearable being in the S-ranked criminal group. After all, they were just a bunch of physcopathic killers to begin with.

"Are we there yet." Hidan's annoying voice brought him back from his thoughts.

"No." He answered with a glare. Oh how he wished that he could just rip off the fuckers head. The problem is that he would still be speaking after words.

"Are we there yet?"

Kakuzu twitched "No."

"Why are we walking towards lightning country in the first place? Can't we just run there, its not like we'll be tired!" Hidan shouted, impatience, and annoyance in his voice.

Kakuzu sighed "As you know, leader-sama ordered us to capture the Nibi Jinchuuriki, but he was never specified an exact time limit."

"I know that! Why are we going at such a slow pace!?"

"We might run into a sizable bounty along the way." The masked bounty hunter responded.

"We haven't run into anyone for the last two fucking hours!" Hidan shouted.

"Hidan. Shut. Up." Kakuzu dangerously demanded.

"Fuck you Kakuzu!"

"If you promise to be silent, I will allow you to perform your damn ritual on the next bounty we find."


Wordlessly, Kakuzu nodded, and Hidan went silent. Kakuzu took this time to close his eyes, and enjoy the silence that fell upon them. Oh how he loved silence, truly it seemed that Kami had answered his prayers this time.

"Are we there yet?"

Kakuzu wondered if it was possible to fake his death and making it look like he had underestimated his opponent.

Kakashi hummed as he surveyed the area with narrowed eyes. The area of last nights festival was riddled with unconscious villagers, and the scent of sake was strong in the air.

It was to be expected, after all, out of the area's in the festival, the section with the most games was the one that was mostly packed. Though Kakashi was a little surprise at the amount of villagers that were intoxicated.

He rose an eyebrow when he noticed how everyone was groggily beginning to wake. His eyes caught a flash of pink, and instantly he moved towards that direction.

It didn't take him long to find Sakura just beginning to awaken, her hair was a mess, with a few knots, and her eyes had a few bags under them. Kakashi sniffed slightly, and the scent of sake was strongly attached to her. Her groan of both pain, and annoyance shook him from his thoughts.

Well... It seems his student was drinking, and was now experiencing her first hangover. Surprising but not unexpected. He had noticed the interaction between Sakura, and Shiroi. Ever since the incident between the two of them, when Sakura tried to attack her, he had been keeping a very close eye on the two. Especially Sakura, considering her temper.

He noticed how her fists clenched slightly every time her looked in Shiroi's direct, and how her eyes showed a flicker of anger. He didn't know what Sakura's problem, but he hoped that the pink haired girl wouldn't anything stupid like she did the first time.

He was barely able to save her from getting her head sliced clean off by Naruto. Though Naruto was moving at speeds most Jonin couldn't keep up with, he was able to see the blonde's movements. And Kakashi must say that he was surprised at the speed the blonde moved. Each time Naruto did something now, it reminded him somewhat of his father, and mother more, and more.

It was a bit scary.

Nonetheless, he kept a close eye on Sakura since than, and he constantly asked himself why the pink haired girl held a grudge against Naruto's fiance. However, he couldn't find an answer, other than jealousy.

"Ugh, Kakashi-Sensei?" Sakura's voice slurred voice brought him from his thoughts.

"Yo." Kakashi responded, doing his signature eye smile.

"Ugh, what happened last night?" Sakura asked, holding her head.

Kakashi hummed "I'm not sure." He stated "Why don't you tell me?"

Sakura groaned "I'm not sure." She answered, her hand glowing with green Chakra. "All I remember is that they brought out the sake last night. Tsunade-sama told me a couple times that she wanted me to try sake one day. I always wondered why Tsunade-sama loved sake so much, so I thought would try it out myself."

Kakashi rose an eyebrow "Really? Well, did you like it?" He asked.

"I don't want to drink sake anymore, if this is the result of it." She answered.

Kakashi chuckled slightly "Well, at least you know what's its like to have sake. Though, you may not have a taste for it, it'll grow on you if you drink every one in a while."

Sakura groaned "No way, I'm never drinking sake again!" She declared, giving her former teacher a glare.

Kakashi rose an eyebrow "You say that now, but since your Tsunade-sama's student, I just can't take you seriously on this matter." He teased.

Sakura's eye twitched "KAKASHI-SENSEI!" She roared, clenching her fists.

"Oh would you look at the time, gotta go!" With that said, the grey haired Jonin was quick to use a shunshin.

Sakaura growled lowly, and she stood slowly. "GET BACK HERE! SHANNARO!" She roared, chasing after the direct where she felt the Jonin's Chakra signature.

Several moments after Sakura was in view, Kakashi simply walked out from the back of a hot dog stand. The former ANBU shook his head slightly as he read his orange covered book. "Disappointing Sakura, you can't even tell when its a clone your chasing after." He stated "It makes me wonder just what Tsunade-sama was training you in. It also makes me wonder what all those private sessions you had with her was all about."

Kakashi sighed slightly "I'll save those thoughts for another time!" He suddenly chirped "Right now I have to see if Taruto will allow his lust to consume him while he, and Shiri are alone in the forest." With that said, the masked Jonin walked away, all while giggling into his hand.

Somewhere in Suna, both Naruto, and Shiroi felt like beating Jiraiya to death for no reason.

Meanwhile in the hot springs of Tanzaku town, Jiraiya shivered, and he felt as if he should stay away from his student, and fiance for a couple of weeks. He shrugged it off, and assumed it was nothing.

Hyuuga Neji was a honorable, and prideful man. Sure, he may have lived half his life despising half his family, and tried to kill his cousin at least once, or twice. But he had long since redeemed himself in both his teammates, and families eyes.

Since than, he disregarded his brooding, and loathing air that he carried around, and instead became a bit more friendly with both his team, and the other Konoha twelve. He had long since apologized (With some minor difficultly) to his teammates for the way he acted towards them. Tenten merely gave him a slap on the shoulder, and he was forgiven, while lee, and Gai tried to hug him, and to drag him off somewhere to do with youth.

He stopped that plan of action when he disabled their Chakra points, thus allowing them not to move. Both eccentric Shinobi knew not to try that again, but that didn't stop them from trying to get Neji to partake in their training exercises.

Next on his list was apologizing to both his cousins. When he apologized to Hinata, the Hyuuga heiress merely waved him off, and told him there was no need to apologize. She merely said that his actions were based on misguided anger, and resentment.

Hanabi however, was a bit difficult. At first the little sister of Hinata merely ignored him. After several days she finally began acknowledging his sincere apologies, after a week, she finally began speaking to him. After that, Neji assumed that their relationship had been mended. He quickly regretted assuming that, as Hanabi demanded that for him to apologize fully, he would be her personal servant for the next month.

It was grueling. Being the servant to eight year old girl, who was basically a princess no less, was NOT fun. Especially when said eight year old forces you to dress in a butler uniform. Thankfully on one knew of this, and Neji made sure that all witnesses were... Encouraged to forget everything they saw. Although it did become somewhat of a private joke among a small group of branch members.

After that, Neji's life gradually became better, and it was all thanks to a certain blonde Jonin. Neji owned Naruto a dept, a dept that he may very well never repay. Thus Neji decided that no matter what, he would try to repay Naruto in what ever way possible... Even if it meant becoming the blonde's personal bodygaurd when he became Hokage.

Before, Neji believed that Naruto may never become Hokage as it was.. Well 'fate', but Naruto proved him wrong. Since than, Neji decided to take his life into his own hands. While he publicly cannot do anything about the caged bird seal, he could make the workload easier on the branch family. In a way, he had become the unofficial leader of the branch family.

His uncle Hiashi had also become closer to him, up to the point where weekly visits would occur between the two. And to think that this all happened after his encounter with Naruto.

Though his pride wouldn't let him say it out loud, he was very much glad he lost to Naruto that day in the Chunin exams.

When he heard Naruto was returning to the village, he felt excited to see the person he owned so much to. Unfortunately he had been on a mission the day the blonde returned, and wouldn't be returning the next day since it was only simple border patrol. He was disappointed to discover that the blonde was already on a mission on his own, but he could remain patient.

He was shocked when he discovered the blonde was actually engaged. Truthfully, he never would have thought that the blonde would be the first one to settle down with someone. The blonde was simply to wild, and free for that. But it looks like he was proven wrong, yet again.

With renewed patience, the teenage Hyuuga returned to the Hyuuga compound to patiently wait for the blonde's return. When he passed by Hinata's room however, he became interested as to why Yamanaka Ino was speaking to Hinata about, and he with some reluctance (Bullshit) listened in on their conversation.

He was interested in what they were talking about, and when the subject of Naruto's fiance came into the picture, he assumed they were thinking about befriending the girl. However, he was wrong, and instead they were planning on separating them. He immediately felt both angry, and disappointed. He was disappointed because Hinata was allowing her anger to fuel her actions.

And he was angry because the Yamanaka was using his cousins anger. He didn't know why the Yamanaka was so against the idea of this Naruto having a fiance, nor was he interested. All that mattered, was that he couldn't allow this. With that in mind, he set out to inform Hiashi of Hinata's ire. After that meeting, he was given the task of sabotaging all the plans that Hinata, and the Yamanaka came up with.

Since than, he found himself spying on the two for the last two days. And they had already come up with various plans.. Ones that Neji had to face palm at how all of them somehow backfired.. Horribly. Seriously, he had no idea plans could fail that bad. Obviously, they never took into account the various thorns that would be at their side.

A good example would be Naruto's estate, they tried to sneak inside the building for whatever purpose, and Neji was about to move to intercept them. However, it appears someone (Naruto) took it upon themselves to place both security seals, and containment seals that held low-level lightning Jutsu within them. Thus, they were electrified for only two to three seconds, before the lightning finally stopped.

Neji nearly covered his ears as he heard Ino loudly complain about her messed up hair, while Hinata simply coughed up smoke.

From than on, they began brain storming om plans, all while steering clear of Naruto's estate. Some of the various plans were outright stupid, or outrageous, while other's actually seemed like they could work. It was the ones that seemed like they could work, that Neji sabotaged.

And as Neji sabotaged their plans, he felt himself growing amused as they became more upset, and made plans that backfired. Watching them to 'borrow' a few nin dogs, so that they would attack Shiroi when they ordered, only for those very same dogs to try and dry hump them. He felt like cracking up as he noticed the sign at the door, the girls didn't pay attention to.

The sign simply stated 'Untrained dogs'. Neji wished he brought popcorn, of course when members of the Inuzuka clan began to enter the building, wondering what the noise was, Neji made sure to discreetly distract them until the girls made it out of the building.

It wasn't long before they began to suspect that someone was spying on them, and they began to meet in more private locations. That led to Neji's current situation. The long haired Hyuuga was blankly staring at the sign in front of him, the sign read 'Women's bathroom'. Neji twitched.

The two girls had entered the bathroom for some private planning, and unfortunately, they had to go in to the bathroom... That was twenty minutes ago, and Neji knew they were cooking up some plans in there... He just had to find a way to listen in on them.

Neji looked both ways, and slowly inched towards the door, only for him to propel backwards,and dive into bushes when Anko walked by, whistling a peppy tune. Sweat dripped down Neji's face as Anko stopped, and looked towards his direction with a raised eyebrow.

After a few moments, Anko simply shrugged her shoulders, and carried on like nothing was amiss, whistling her peppy tune once more.

Neji stayed still, and silent, and once Anko left his line of sight, he sighed in relief. He was well aware of how ladies treated perverts, however, Mitarashi Anko was well known for her... Unique methods. Most of which involve a Kunai, some poison, and a castration.

Nonetheless, Neji was glad that the trench coat wearing Jonin was gone. However, Neji felt his blood run cold when he felt a hand grab onto his shoulder, and he shivered when he felt the cold metal of a Kunai on his cheek. A very soft, and seductive voice sounded in his ear.

"Well, well, seems like a little Hyuuga is being naughty. Mind telling me why your hiding in the bushes near the girls bathroom?" The voice cheerfully asked.

Robotically, Nejo turned his head, and was met face to face with the grinning visage of Mitarashi Anko.

Neji gulped, and without thinking, he said the first thing that came to mind. "Igniting my inner flames of youth?" Shortly after that, Neji felt like committing suicide, while Anko merely stared at him in bewilderment.

On the other side of Konoha, Gai, and Lee suddenly stopped in the middle of the street, making the other villagers stare at them in confusion.

Gai suddenly dropped to his knees and shouted loudly for the heavens to hear "YOSH! ANOTHER YOUTHFUL INDIVIDUAL HAS DECIDED TO EMBRACE THE FLAMES OF YOUTH!"








The two green jumpsuit wearing Shinobi suddenly hugged each other, and behind them, a sunset formed.

The villagers of Konoha screamed in horror, and terror as they were forced to lay their eyes upon it.

"Kami-sama! My eyes!" One villager screamed, clawing at his eyes.

"My eyes! My eyes! They burn!" Another villager screamed, his eyes resembling eggs.

The rest of the villagers were all frothing at the mouths, and they all dropped to the ground, twitching, and shaking.

Neji blinked, and he idly wondered why he felt responsible for sending various people to the hospital.

Meanwhile Anko merely stared at him in disguised horror, and shock. "Dear Kami-sama, its begun." She whispered "Gai has begun spreading his youth." The purple haired Kunoichi began to hold the Kunai tighter. "I refuse to have more Gai's around. So the only way I can think of that will turn you back to normal, would be to torture you until you come back to your senses." She declared.

Neji shuddered "W-Wait! Gai-Sensei didn't infect with his youth! Just let me explain!" He almost begged.

Ank stared at him for several moments, before she nodded slightly. She removed the Kunai from his cheek, but still kept a tight grip on his shoulder should he decide to make a break for it.

With reluctantly, and begrudginglyn Neji began explaining to the purple haired Jonin his mission given to by Hiashi to keep an eye on Hinata, and Ino, and to sabotage any plan they may come up with to separate both Naruto, and his fiance.

Throughout the entire explanation, Anko merely raised an eyebrow, and tried to seem as if she wasn't interested. However, body language betrayed her attitude, as she paid rapt attention to the Hyuuga.

By the end of his explanation, Anko merely stared blankly at Neji, making Neji gulp slightly.

However, his fears were unfounded as Anko broke into a grin. "So, based on what I'm seeing, you might need some help. I'm willingly to offer my services, for a price." She stated.

Neji eyed her warily "What type of price?" He asked.

Anko grinned "How much money do you make?"

Neji gulped "Enough to pay for hotel for several weeks... Why?"

The purple haired Jonin's grin got larger, her grin was so large in fact that it threatened to split her face. "That should be enough to cover you hospital bills."

Neji blinked in confusion, what was she talking about? "What do you mean?" Neji asked, backing up slowly.

"You see, I have new torture methods, and idea that I just recently came up with. "She suddenly pouted, and her eyes glistened with fake tears. "But, there hasn't been anyone for me to torture for the past two months. No missing nins, or bandits for me to torture, So understandably, its been quiet, to quiet. Its gotten to the point where Ibiki began sending people on leave. Sadly, I was one of them. I haven't tortured anything in over a month, that a million years for me!" She exclaimed.

"So how about it? I help you, and you let me try some new torture techniques on you."

Neji paled slightly "W-What torture techniques we talking about?"

"Oh nothing. Just some poison... Some snakes... A rubber duck."

"Whats the rubber duck for!?"

Her only response was a large grin.

Neji gulped, was this really worth it? Was he willing to be tortured by this woman all so he could spy on both Hinata, and Ino on whatever plan they were thinking of? He glanced at Anko, and he thought of it, however, he narrowed his eyes when he saw the slight shaking of her shoulders. He mentally rose an eyebrow, and looked at her more closely.. Was she biting her lip?

Neji frowned "You... You were joking weren't you?"

Anko's response was to burst out laughing. "HAHA! You should have seen your face, I don't think I've ever seen a Hyuuga scared! It was priceless!"

Neji twitched slightly at the Tokubetsu Jonin. He continued to stare at her laughing form, before she stood, wiping away a fake tear. "Oh man, that's one for the text books. Now about that help you were asking for."

Neji twitched again, when did he ask for help? Because he didn't recall asking for her help!

"I can be persuaded to help... that is if you pay for two months worth of dango." Anko said, a cheerful grin on her face.

Neji twitched, what... Was wrong with woman? She was a grown woman, yet... she acted like such a child. Than again he was a Hyuuga, and Hyuuga's were taught self control,, and maturity at a young age. Hyuuga's were taught to be better than others... Wait... That sounded a bit arrogant.

Neji blinked.. Okay, maybe he should stop being around other Hyuuga's for awhile.

"Why are you so willing to help Mitarashi-san?" Neji asked.

Anko simply stared at Neji for several moments, before she grinned. "Does it matter gaki?" Neji twitched at being called gaki. "My reasons are my own, and mine alone. I'm offering help, help you obviously need, and that is all that should matter to you."

Neji stared at Anko intensely. What could be her reasons? Why was she doing this? What could possibly be her motives? And was that a flash of anger in her eyes? Thinking about this gave Neji a slight headache. He sighed, even when Naruto wasn't here, he still managed to somehow give you a headache.

He stared into Anko's, and he wordlessly nodded.

Anko grinned, and slung her arm around Neji's shoulders. "This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!" She said with a cheeky grin.

Neji sighed. Just... What has he gotten himself into?

The moon shone brightly into the clearing, the winds breezing by gently, the leaves of trees rustling in the wind. The night sky scattered with millions of stars, constellations forming, and disappearing.

A figured garbed in a full body cloak slowly walked across the clearing, his face covered in the darkness of his hood. The figure suddenly stoppped, and spun around, his hood shifted slightly as his head moved around, searching for the object, or person that disturbed his senses.

When nothing happened, the individual merely passed it off as him being paranoid. He turned around to resume his trek, only to come face to face with a orange mask with spiral pattern.

The cloak individual jumped back, and instantly pulled out a Kunai. The figure stared intensely at the masked man, wary of any movement he might make. The cloaked man took the time to properly examine the masked man in front of him, and he instantly recognize the black cloak with red clouds.

His grip on his Kunai tightened, what could this shadowy group of S-ranked missing nins want with him? He couldn't have something that could interest them... Could he?

"Yare, Yare." The masked man began "There's no need for that Kunai you know. I'm just here to ask a question."

Before the cloaked figure could react, his Kunai disappeared within a swirling vortex. The cloaked individual instantly jumped back, and went through several hand signs. Before he could finish the last hand sign however, his hands were caught in a tight grip, and he was flung across the clearing like a rag-doll.

"As I said before, I just want to ask a question. Now are you going to allow me to ask it, or do I have to kill you" Tobi darkly stated.

"Who are you?" The cloaked figure asked, his voice slightly raspy, yet it held a small childish quality to it.

Tobi wagged his finger from side to side "No, no, no, no, no, no. I'm asking the questions remember? You are meant to answer them." Tobi mocked.

The cloaked individual growled "Fine, ask your question."

Tobi chuckled "Thank you. Now tell me... Are you Hiroku of Konoha? The same Hiroku that is reported dead?"

The cloaked figure tensed "What do you know of me? And how did you find me? No one knows I live."

Tobi chuckled "I know many things Hiroku-chan. I know that you are talentless Shinobi." Tobi mocked, making the cloaked Hiroku clench his fists. "I know that the only reason your powerful right now, is because of the various bloodlines in your body. Bloodlines that you've stolen."

Hiroku, having enough of Tobi mocking him, threw a Kunai at the masked Uchiha. Tobi casually tilted his head, and let the Kunai fly past him. "Oh? So you want to fight?" He mused, his Sharingan glinting in amusement. "Very well."

The only warning Hiroku had, was the wind suddenly brushing against his face as Tobi's face suddenly impacted into his face. Hiroku gasped, but promptly disappeared within a burst of speed.

He reappeared several feet away, and he surveyed the area, looking for the masked Shinobi. He felt a hand grip his shoulder, and her spun around. A Kunai held in a reverse grip. He attempted to impale the Kunai into the masked man's skull, however, it simply phased through him. Hiroku's eyes widened behind his cloak.

Tobi cracked a grin behind his mask. The masked Uchiha hurled Hiroku over his shoulder, and tried to stomp on the cloaked man's head. Hiroku rolled out of the way, however Tobi anticipated this, and had already performed the hand-signs. A ball of flames spewed from Tobi's mask, and it successfully hit the cloaked Shinobi.

Hiroku frantically removed his cloak as it burned to ashes. With his cloak removed, Hiroku's features were finally revealed to the world. Spiky short white hair, along with pinkish red eyes. He wore an outfit that consisted mostly of white, and he had white bandages worn on his lower face, arms, and legs.

Tobi chuckled, amused at Hiroku's appearance.

Hiroku glared at the masked Uchiha, and in a low voice, he hissed "I am going to kill you!"

"Yare, yare. So violent." Tobi mocked "And here I was about to give you the offer of a life time."

Hiroku rose an eyebrow "An... Offer?" He asked, interest lacing his voice.

Tobi smirked. Hook. Line. And sinker. "Yes. You see, your special abilities would be well utilized within the ranks of Akatsuki. Of course, what type of deal would this be if I didn't offer you something you wanted."

"There is only one thing I want." Hiroku darkly stated.

Tobi frowned beneath his mask for a moment, before a smirked took its place. "Ah yes, the Sharingan of Hatake Kakashi."

Hiroku's eyes widened slightly, and he eyed Tobi warily. "How did you know?"

"As I said, I know many, many things." Tobi answered vaguely.

Hiroku 'tsked', and he glared at Tobi "I'm not really interested in join your group, and besides... The only reason why you would even be trying to recruit me.. Is because one of your members has betrayed you or... They're dead. Besides, you want to use my abilities to your benefit. Am I right?"

Tobi's shoulders twitched, before he threw his head back, and laughed. Hiroku's narrowed his eyes in confusion, but kept silent. Finally after several moments, Tobi stopped laughing, and his voice was full of amusement as he spoke.

"Do not flatter yourself Hiroku-san. You may bellieve that the reason we want you in our ranks is because of your abilities, or because one of our members is dead. But the truth is, you couldn't be even farther from the truth. The only reason I'm even speaking to you now... Is because you were the easiest to find. There plenty of missing nins around the elemental nations." Tobi stated, amusement shining in his Sharingan.

"You are far from the strongest Hiroku-san. I would place you at high A-rank borderline S-rank. You are probably the weakest of all the missing nins in regards to of Konoha missing nins. Even Uchiha Itachi, who is decades younger than you is stronger than you. And all because, you lack talent. And because you lacked talent, you resorted to stealing bloodlines from various other Shinobi, and now your want to get your hands on Hatake's Sharingan."

Tobi chuckled in a condescending manner. "You were so pathetic, and talentless, that you borrowed power from prominent Shinobi. The power you are using borrowed, and I find it fitting that your power will now be 'borrowed' by Akatsuki. Willingly, or not."

Hiroku grit his teeth behind his bandages. "I have my own agendas. And joining Akatsuki is not one of them!"

"That's to bad." Tobi darkly began, his voice inches away from Hiroku's ears. "Because as I said.. willing or not. But should you join willingly, I can assure that you will obtain Hatake's Sharingan."

That caught Hiroku's attention, however the white haired missing nin kept his glare on the masked Uchiha.


Tobi tilted his head "Ah that got your attention didn't it?" He said, amusement evident in his voice. "Yes, should you decide to join the Akatsuki willingly than I will personally deliver you Kakashi's Sharingan."

"And if I don't decide to join?" Hiroku snapped.

"Than I will break your mind, and leave you as a mindless husk that won't be able to take a shit without my directions." Tobi darkly answered.

Hiroku analyzed his options. On one hand, he could continue working on his own to obtain Kakashi's Sharingan, and while he was certain that he could obtain it on his own, he knew he would have to deal with some pesky Konoha nin before that. However, should he join Akatsuki, he would have at least some backup in the form of one of their members.

After all, if the rumors he heard were true, than they work in pairs, and the two partners are always together unless it involved personal reasons. He glanced at Tobi, while he was certain that he could break out of any Genjutsi he could create, there was still the small chance that he couldn't... Ultimately, Hiroku decided to take the path with less risk, and a higher chance of success.

"Very well, I'll join Akatsuki in exchange for Kakashi's Sharingan." Hiroku finally answered.

Tobi grinned under his mask "I knew you would see things my way. Welcome to Akatsuki Hiroku-san. During your time with us, you will my partner. Let us work well together Hiroku-san." The masked Uchiha said, extending his hand for a handshake.

Hiroku slowly took Tobi's hand, and gave a firm shake.

And with that, a new member has joined the ranks of Akatsuki.

Tobi turned around, and began moving towards the forest, Hiroku's following behind him. 'Now that I've gotten Hiroku to join, its time to pay a visit to Naruto-kun. After that, I will move onto the monk boy known as Sora. And the Chakra of the Kyuubi that he possesses shall be mine.' With that final thought, Tobi disappeared within the darkness of the forest.

A chill passed by the clearing, and the moon seemed to bleed as it changed into a eye-like structure. A pupil with rings surrounding similar to Pain's Rinnegan, however, it held nine Tomoe, like that of the Sharingan. However, just as quickly as the image came it vanished, leaving only a chill to pass the night.

Chapter end. So Tobi has finally gotten his newest member. How will things change now? Who knows, we'll just have to find out. That whole scene with Kabuto and Orochimaru talking about F-43? Well you could say that I got the idea from Kiba and Akamaru. I figured, why not give Naruto a companion as loyal as Akamaru? I don't really know why Kishimoto didn't go through with the idea in the beginning, but I believe it would have helped Naruto a lot while growing up. F-43 and Naruto will meet when of course Naruto goes to Orochimaru's hideout.

And the whole thing with Orochimaru creating it? It seemed more believable that way. After all, Orochimaru did a LOT of experimenting didn't he? There probably dozens if not hundreds of experiments that Konoha has yet to find in his many, many hideouts. Heck, he just proves to be more cunning, and slippery as well.

Seriously, it shocked the hell out of me when he came out of Anko the way he did. I Remember the first time I saw that chapter, I just stared at the page thinking "What the fuck does it take to kill this motherfucker?"

Anyways, in my opinion, there is probably many experiments that Naruto, and friends have yet to find. And considering with how everything is going with Naruto, I'm guessing we will probably never find out as well. Seriously Naruto is almost over. Although I am hearing rumors of a new Naruto series. Though I refuse to believe it unless there's proof.

And now for the Omake! This is something me and my friends came up with when we were extremely bored.

Omake: Why Madara REALLY left the village

"Madara!" Hashirama yelled in desperation, and hurt. "Why!? Why did you leave the village!?" He screamed through clenched teeth.

Madara glared at the Shodaime Hokage, and he snarled. "Don't play dumb with me Harshirama!" He roared "You know exactly why I left the village!"

Hashirama blinked in confusion, and the Shodaime tilted his head to the side. "I do?" He asked questionably.

"Yes you do!" Madara angrily answered.

Hashirama blinked, and he thought to what could have happened that would have forced Madara to abandon their childhood dream. "Uh... I don't really know why you left the village Madara."

Madara's jaw dropped, however he quickly regained his composure, and he glared at Hashirama. He pointed a finger at the Shodaime Hokage, and he was gritting his teeth so hard that they were making sounds of metal scraping against metal. "YOU CHEATED ON ME WITH MITO YOU SON OF BITCH!" He roared at the top of his lungs.

The entire forest fell silent at that declaration, and the shout could be heard from miles away. Hashirama stood, stunned, mouth agape, and his eyes so wide that they would fallen out of his sockets. It took several moments for the Shodaime to regain his composure, and he opened his mouth to speak-


-Only to be cut off by the sound of a sword being unsheathed. He stared at Madara who held a sword above his head, Sharingan spinning wildly as he glared down at him.


Hashirama dodged, and he stared as the blade cut through wood as if it were made of butter. The Shodaime gulped, and unsheathed his own blade. "M-Madara!" He yelled desperately "Can't we talk about this!?"

Madara's answer was for his sword to clash against Hashirama. The Uchiha leader glared into Hashirama's eyes, and he ferociously pressed forward, "If I can't have your dick! Than I'm cutting it off so on one can have it!" Madara snarled.

"Holy shit!" Hashirama screamed as Madara attempted to slice off his third leg. The Shodaime gulped, and he wondered why Madara was so angry. After all, they weren't even in a relationship in the first place.

Omake end. And that is what really happened at the valley of the end, and the reason why Madara betrayed the leaf village... I swear if this actually did happen... Lets just say that I might have to go to the hospital for laughing so hard.