Omake for Rejected: Hermione back in time

Hermione woke from her... dream? Nightmare? Vision?

Hermione now knew one thing with certainty. She would not, could not let Harry down. She would be there for him when he needed her. She might also kill Ronald Weasely at some point, but that could wait for a more convenient time.

Then another thought hit her... Luna. Luna had been there for Harry when she had abandoned him. Luna loved Harry, and Luna's love for Harry was quite possibly stronger than her own. Luna might not end up trapped in an abusive sham of a marriage as she had been, but neither would she find the happiness that she had found with Harry

Hermione would not let that happen! She might be the only person Harry thought of romantically, but he was a teenage boy, even if he didn't always like to admit it. She would have Luna and Harry, and she would make sure that she was there when the Snorkacks were found.

A year later, Harry, Hermione, and Luna were married in a three-way ceremony, and once again, Hedwig was resurrected as phoenix when the dursley-induced bindings on Harry's magic broke. Hermione was happy that this time, her first marriage was the right one.

They'd found the Snorkacks, stumbled across the Flamels, and were throwing themselves into the study of warding.

All was well.