Time Turner Madness

"Kill the spare"

A green jet issued forth from Peter Pettigrew's wand, but just as Cedric had accepted his fate, a conjured granite slab appeared in front of him, and at the same moment, two stunning spells hit Pettigrew and Voldemort's homunculus.

Harry, surprised at the unexpected but not unwelcome interruption, blinked, looked around and saw the familiar face of his best fried, Hermione, and his godfather, along with blonde girl he didn't recognise, and a rather eccentric looking man.

"Sirius? Hermione? Not that I mind, but how did you get here?" In answer, the blonde girl pulled out a time turner and said "the wrackspurts told us that we needed to be here"

Hermione chose to interrupt at this point in order to give a more coherent explanation "What Luna means is that we expected that something was going to happen, , so we put several tracking spells on you before the task began, and when you disappeared here, we used a time-turner to go back in time, Sirius and Xeno, that's Luna's father met us at the shrieking shack and apparate us to a point not far from the point you were portkeyed to and lay in wait."

Just as Hermione finished her explanation, Pettigrew began to stir, Hermione hit him with another stunner, and Sirius vanished all the bones in his arms and legs. In response to Hermione's look Sirius just said "Hey, if a Hogwarts teacher can do it to a student without consequences, doing it to a Death Eater can't be so bad."

Meanwhile, Luna and Xeno had been drawing out a ritual circle, and had place Voldemort's homunculus form in it. Luna and Hermione stood opposite each other on the side of the circle and began chanting. Soon, a black tar-like substance was ripped from Harry's scar, and from across Britain several more soul pieces joined it and subsequently joined with Voldemort's homunculus. Once all of the pieces had joined together, Sirius stabbed the homunculus with a dagger, and the homunculus screamed and dissipated into nothingness. Across Britain, a number of witches and wizards clutched their arms, and then collapsed.