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"Awesome," Daisy Waterflower would chime to a young redhead. Misty looked up from the book she was buried in to acknowledge the existence of her older sister. The younger of the two looked around the lobby of the Cerulean City Gym, then back down at her book, unsure of why her sister randomly spoke out. "That's so awesome."
There it was again, that word. Awesome. It was only two little syllables, seven letters. But among her three sisters Misty heard that word in every other sentence. And it annoyed her more than anything in the world.
Misty looked at Daisy. The older blonde was talking on the phone, Misty couldn't figure out for what reason, or to who. But every other word seemed to be 'awesome'.

And that was the last thing it was.

"Oh Arceus, that's so awesome." Daisy squealed into the phone.

Misty rolled her eyes. At that moment, the door opened, and an ambitious young trainer waltzed through the glass doors of the gym. He seemed nervous, yet excited to battle the leader.

"Oh, I gotta go, a kid just walked in. Yeah, sounds awesome. Buh-bye." Daisy finished her conversation and hung up the phone, then looked to the young boy who'd entered the building. "So, we got us some fresh bait." Daisy smiled.
"I'm Fletcher," The boy announced shakily, yet a tone of confidence in his voice, "I'm ready to battle."

Daisy smirked at the young kid. "I'll lead you to the gym." Daisy walked out from behind the counter and led the boy through the doors and to the pool, where the battle would take place.

Misty watched as her older sister and the trainer walked away, and the young child took the opportunity to prance behind the counter of the gym. In her small stature she could barely see over the blueish color of the marble. She hopped up in the large chair Daisy was sitting in a few minutes ago. She looked through the papers sitting on the marble, and noted the open phone book next to the pink phone receiver.

Misty leaned over, tucking a loose strand of red hair out of her young face and looked to the phone book. 'Nifty Nails' was circled with highlighter. That must've been who she was talking to. The six-year-old sighed, leaning back in the chair. She liked it when she sat behind the counter, it made her feel important.

"What are you doing behind there, runt?" Lily's voice rang out into the silent lobby. Her pink hair was pulled back into a ponytail that swung back and forth as her blue eyes stared daggers at Misty.

Misty looked up to her sister. Lily was only twelve, not nearly as authoritative as Daisy, who was going on sixteen. "What's it to ya?" Misty asked, spinning in the chair.

"Oh Arceus, you are so annoying." Lily walked over to Misty. "Where's Daisy. She's supposed to be keeping an eye on you."
"Well I guess she didn't do a very good job." Misty smirked. Lily wasn't impressed. "She's in a battle."
"Oh, awesome." Lily shrugged, walking back behind the counter.
Misty rolled her eyes again.

Lily rolled Misty backwards and began to look through the papers on the marble.
"You're not s'posed ta look at those. That's Daisy's stuff." Misty told her sister.
"I know that, Runt." Lily turned and looked at Misty. "And who's not going to tell her?"

"Who's going to buy me something?" Misty repeated in the same tone of voice. Her aquamarine eyes stared back at Lily. "Day-" Misty almost shouted her oldest sister's name out.
Lily slapped her hand over her little sister's mouth. "Can it, runt. That's so not awesome." She sighed, flipping her hair over her shoulder. "Fine, I'll buy you an ice cream sundae. Just don't tell anyone."

Misty smiled, nodding. "Sure thing." She hopped off the chair, heading to the stairs. "Sounds awesome."

Misty hopped up the stairs and into her room. Maybe I could get used to that word.

Two syllables, seven letters.


-\ -\ -\ -\

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