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** "J" **

( "Jammed" )


"Just scoot over a little more, sir. With the storm outside we need to take a few more people," The cab driver instructed a fuming Gary Oak. He wrapped his arm around his girlfriend, then told her the issue.

"It's a bitter situation, Babe, just sit on my lap and all will be well."

The bright-haired girl nodded, complying to her love.

Gary looked out the window to see the driver waving over more people from the sidewalk towards the car, trying to figure out who was headed where.

"Gary," the girl on his lap spoke up, "do you have any idea when we'll be getting home?"

"Sorry Babe," he shook his head.

She looked down at her pale legs, exposed by the skirt she was wearing, and brought her hands to her face. "I'm so terrified of thunderstorms, Gary."
"Oh, Sweetie, I know that," he placed a kiss on her cheek, which quickly turned into a heated kiss between the couple.

They were so distracted, they didn't even notice the driver shoving two more people into the car until the door slammed loudly behind them.

She quickly pulled away, her cheeks tinted red.

Gary turned to see who was in the small car with him and his girlfriend, only to wish he hadn't turned at all.


"Looks like you still got that scrawny carrot top following you everywhere," Gary teased the redhead next in between the two boys.

"Can in, Meat-head!" Misty defended herself whilst scooting closer to Ash. The Pokemon Trainer wrapped a protective arm over her.

"Gary, who are these people?" The brunette on his lap asked.

"Old friends, I suppose," Gary answered.

"And if you're being held hostage, just tell us, and we'll find you help," Misty told the girl she had yet to be introduced to.
"Leave her alone, carrot top," Gary rebutted, holding his girlfriend closer to him.
"Misty, just ignore them. We'll be home soon," Ash told her, allowing her cuddle up close to him.

Not like they had much of a choice. Between the four of them, there was at most two inches of space. To make it worse, the passenger seat was taken by "unmovable packages" of the driver's.

"So, Ashy-Boy, what have you been up to? Catch any new Pokemon?" Gary attempted to make small talk as the small car was stuck in a bumper-to-bumper traffic jam.

"A few, you?" Ash could always talk about Pokemon.
"Same," he paused, his girlfriend nudging him, "You two finally get together?"
Misty shot up and glared at him, a smirk across his smug face.

"That is none of your business!" She shook a finger at him, Ash tried not to smile.

"Who's the girl?" Ash asked when Misty nestled back into his arm.

"Leaf," the brunette answered for herself, her sophisticated voice bringing a new tone throughout the backseat.
"Yeah, Leaf. She's something special," Gary kissed her cheek.

Ash nodded, "I bet she is."
Misty looked at him, "Do you think she's pretty?"
"Well, she's not ugly," Ash tried to avoid sleeping on the couch in his house tonight.

"What does that mean?" Misty wondered, slightly angered by his answer.

"I mean, that, there is another attractive female in this very small backseat that we're currently trapped in and I'm very aware of it and I'm also very aware by talking that you are very angry and I'm sorry I love you?"

Misty glared at him, "that was one hell of a run-on sentence." She pulled herself closer to him to get more comfortable as he sighed in relief.

"That was close," Gary joked.
"Why was it close?" Leaf wondered.

"Well I know who's the prettiest girl in the car, Leaf."
"And who would that be?" Ash wondered, ready to watch the same argument play out with two completely different people.
"You, of course, Leaf."
"But do you think Misty's pretty?"
"Not prettier than you."
"But you think she's pretty."
"No, in fact I don't," Gary replied.
"Watch it," Misty growled.
"I would stop talking if I were you," Ash mentioned.

The car seemed to be stopped completely, and in total silence, when a loud roar of thunder broke the silence, causing both girls to scream out.
"Shh, Babe it's okay," Gary kissed Leaf tenderly to console her.
"Misty, Misty, relax," Ash grabbed his trembling girlfriend in hopes to calm her down as well.
The rain continued to fall, pounding harder on the windows of the car.

Suddenly, the car- which had broke through the traffic jam and was now moving at a considerable rate- came to a halt.

The four assumed it was more traffic, but the driver turned around in distress to tell them all but good news.
"Looks like trouble," the older man said, "the battery just gave out. Must be the all the rain. I'll call a truck and see what I can do."

"Ash," Misty cried into her boyfriend's shoulder, frightened.

"Relax, Sweetheart," Ash consoled, rubbing the small of her back.

Leaf, who absolutely dreaded thunderstorms, was beginning to panic.

"L, it's okay. We're going to be fine," Gary whispered into her ear, then slowly kissed her neck.

Leaf turned herself around to face Gary, ferociously planting her pursed lips onto his mouth. A few low moans escaped from them as his hands wrapped around her arched back and to her messy hair. Her hands rested on his jawline, which she could easily tell he hadn't shaved in a few days. He moaned lowly again as she pulled away from his lips and moved to his ear.

"I'm ready," she whispered to him, groping him between the thighs. He wrapped his arms tightly around her back, preparing to lean her back into the middle of the bench seat of the back of the car.

Meanwhile, just as Gary and Leaf were beginning their make-out session, Misty had tucked herself into Ash, who was stroking her back.
He began to kiss her forehead to comfort her, which in turn led to her beginning to kiss his jawline. Ash pulled her over to him, kissing her harder and more passionately. Misty smiled through each connection, running her fingers through his mess of hair. She pulled back, biting her lip.

"You sure?" Ash wondered.
She nodded furiously, her hands wrapped tightly around his neck.

He swept her around, ready to lay her back in the small space where she was sitting before. But right before her back touched the pleather of the taxi, Ash's head made hard contact with Gary's. The latter, in very much pain having collided with Ash's hard cranium, dropped Leaf next to Misty.
"What do you think you're doing?" Gary wondered to Ash.

"Me? What are you doing?" Ash retorted. In his defense, he's never been the best at retorting.

"I, uh, I asked you first!"
"Looks like you were about to get it on with you're girlfriend," Ash smirked.
"I don't think I was the only one," Gary replied, smirking back.

"Look, there's not enough room in here for all for of to, get busy, so-"
"I'm not watching you get lucky," Gary interrupted.

"Same goes here," Ash replied.
"So, no one's having sex in this car." Gary finalized.
A moment of silence rang through the car as the girls stared at their horny boyfriends.

And almost, as if on cue, the the couples began taken off their respective significant others clothes.

It was a tight squeeze, but they somehow made it work.

After all was said and done, Misty was huddled into a shirtless Ash, wearing nothing but her bra and matching panties.

Gary and Leaf were in a similar set up, her in her own matching set and him wearing only boxers.

"That was hot, babe," Misty mumbled, kissing Ash's cheek.

"We certainly steamed up the windows," Gary added, pecking Leaf.

"What happened to the driver?" Leaf wondered, trying to clear up one of the windows to peer out of it.
"He's probably still out trying to find a phone," Ash said.
"No worries, we'll be home in no time."

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