"Honto ni...Mori Samaaa?"

Dekomori runs at Shinka and hugs her tightly, putting her head in Shinka's bosoms, giving Shinka a slight tickle.

"H...hey, cut that out! What is with you!?" Shinka tries pushing Dekomori off of her, and they eventually fall to the ground, with Dekomori on top and inbetween Shinka's legs, still holding onto her.

"Ow!" Shinka rubbed the back of her head, feeling lucky that they at least fell onto softer ground. "Get off of me already, you idiot!"

Dekomori finally lifted her upperbody up and offered to help Shinka up, who complied. After taking both of Shinka's arms, Dekomori pulled Shinka in suddenly, with a naughty grin on her face.

Not too soon after, Dekomori's twintails had been wrapped around each of Shinka's arms. "What the...!? What are you...!" Shinka panicked. They dropped back to the floor, and now that she was unable to use her arms to defend against Dekomori, Dekomori rips off Shinka's shirt, gaining a full view of her bountiful breasts. "S-stop this! I'm not like that!" she protested, but it seemed futile, as Dekomori continued on her assault, sliding Shinka's panties off, while keeping Shinka from being able to kick her arms or body away.