"No..." Shinka cried to no avail. Dekomori dove in, first with a long deep kiss to Shinka's mouth, giving little room for Shinka to breathe. When she finally let up, Shinka was already short of breath as Dekomori started nibbling around the side of her face, to her ears, illiciting high pitched gasps from Shinka who had trouble keeping up with the pace, and was thus not able to catch up in breathing. Shinka would keep moaning more and more as Dekomori continued her domination on her prey, moving onto Shinka's sensitive neck. Shinka squeezed her head into her neck because it was a little ticklish, simultaneously trying to pull it away from Dekomori's lips and especially her tongue.

"Let me go, you pervert..." Shinka said, with tears developing further in spite of this rape.

But then Dark Flame Master came in, and transformed into Dark Flame Masterbater, masturbating to this entire scene, with his dick turning into diamonds. Embarrassed, Dekomori shot a surprised look at Dark Flame Masterbater, who was holding a camera in one hand and his diamond studded dick in the other.

"Please, continue, this is getting me all hot, and making me rich at the same time" as his diamond dick had been continuously spooging more diamonds to lace his penis up with.

Suddenly, Rikka comes into the scene and grows two dicks using her Wicked Eye Powers, and stabs both Shinka and Dekomori in each of one of their eyes with each dick, giving them a reason to install a magical eye replacement as well.

Dark Flame Masterbater became grossed out and slapped Rikka upside the head with a clothesline. "Please, yuri is supposed to be a pure form of love and you are ruining it with your 8th grader syndrome," he said, before spooging diamonds into Rikka's face.

Then they went off to live in paradise on a secluded eye-land using all their riches from the diamonds he spooged.

The end