Hey! Okay, so here is the start of the collection of oneshots about the kids from Stolen Lullabies. Anyways, I'm probably going to go between the relationships of the kids and the families. And, since this particular couple has been bugging me for ages, I decided to start out with a glimpse at the SwissAus family and the Nordic families.

Okay, so quick review of the kids here:


Kurt Mozart Zwingli-Edelstein: Vienna

Sebastian Bach Zwingli-Edelstein: Geneva


Topi Vihtori Vainamönen-Oxenstierna: Helsinki

Davin Eduard Vainamönen-Oxenstierna:Stockholm


Christian: Copenhagen

Freya: Oslo

Lilli Zwingli (Liechtenstein) shifted uneasily in front of the door, her sea-green eyes flickering down to the two young boys that were clutching onto her hands. A boy with chin-length brown hair and identical eyes returned her gaze with a small smile before turning back to the snow-laden pine trees that bordered the house in front of them. Liechtenstein chuckled quietly, her smile faltering slightly when she turned to the other boy.

Kurt, her oldest nephew, didn't look up at his aunt. His bright violet eyes were trained with a murderous intensity on the tops of his worn brown snow boots, apparently oblivious to the locks of bright blond hair that were beginning to fall onto his pale forehead. He glanced furtively towards his brother for a brief moment, only to look away immediately when Sebastian returned his gaze, his other hand clenching into a small, tight fist around the handle of a shiny black case. Lilli sighed.

I really hope he isn't like this all day, Lilli thought. Honestly, there were times when Kurt was a little too much like his parents...

The young country glanced up as the door opened, her lips curving into another smile when Emil (Iceland) appeared in the door way.

Iceland's lips twitched into something that could almost resemble a smile, only to flinch when a loud crash and a muffled yelp came came from the room behind him.

"Hæ (Hi)," he muttered. "...Thanks for doing this."

Liechtenstein shrugged and flashed her boyfriend a second smile as she helped her two nephews into the house, her eyes widening in surprise when a blond boy launched himself at Iceland, his skinny arms wrapping tightly around Emil's neck. Emil grimaced and stumbled, earning a triumphant yell from the small creature latched onto him.

"...You've met Matthias's (Denmark) son, já (yes)?" Iceland muttered.

Lilli laughed and gently removed her hands from her nephews' grip. She moved forward and pried the giggling boy away from Emil. Emil nodded to her in gratitude, his indigo eyes narrowing slightly as they went to Liechtenstein's companions.

"Ah... weren't there two of them?"

Liechtenstein gasped and whirled around, her mouth falling open in horror when Sebastian merely stared up at her with questioning green eyes.

Kurt was gone.

The city of Vienna bolted down the unfamiliar hallway, his violin case held in a vice-like grip against his chest. He flinched when an unfamiliar voice called his name, his violet eyes locking on a door at the end of the hall just as several sets of footsteps began to echo in his ears.

Kurt reached out and twisted the doorknobs with shaking hands, a low sigh of relief breaking through his lips when it opened without a struggle, his blond head ducking through the portal moments before he slid the door shut behind him. The blood pounded in his ears and he leaned against the door, his breath catching in his throat when footsteps walked past the door without a moment's pause. Then... Silence.

"Danke Gott (Thank God)," he whispered.

The Austrian boy waited a few moments to make sure that no one else was coming before he turned to study his new surroundings, his chin lowering in a small, satisfied nod when he saw that he had managed to find the library. Kurt edged cautiously into the room, only to pause after a few steps, his gaze flickering down to the case in his hands with an almost-mischievous gleam. He hesitated, risked a glance back towards the door, and edged closer to the middle of the room before he gently lowered the case to the ground, his slim fingers brushing reverently against the case's clasps as he opened the black shell. A small, rare smile flashed across his delicate lips at the sight of the polished violin shining against black satin and he lifted the instrument with quiet reverence to his chin, his eyes slipping closed as he began to play.

Soft music filled the room, weaving around the silent boy in a tangled, soothing web. Kurt smiled again, a pleased shiver slipping through his spine as his cheek brushed against the violin's cool surface. A low hum rose in Vienna's throat and mixed with the music in a quiet duet.

"Niin kaunis (So beautiful)..."

Kurt's eyes flew open and he whirled around, his lips twisting into a snarl as he brandished the bow in his hand like a sword.

"Wer ist da? (Who's there?)" he snapped, his eyes narrowed into slits as a smaller shape inched cautiously out of the shelter of the bookshelves.

A small boy stared up at Kurt, his pale lips still parted in a small "O" of awe, his indigo eyes bright beneath delicate, wire-rimmed glasses. Fringes of silver-blond hair brushed against his thin, pale face in a delicate wave, accentuating the thin bones that rose beneath ivory skin.

The boy was beautiful... Not that that stopped Kurt from wanting to kill him.

"Hallo (Hi)," the boy chirped, his voice barely audible, even in the relative silence of the room. "You're lovely."

Kurt stiffened, his eyes widening in shock at the boy's statement. "I... What?"

"When you play," the boy explained breathlessly. "You're so lovely when you play. Your music, too. It's perfect."

Vienna flushed a bright, furious red and glanced away, his fingers flexing anxiously around the instrument in his hands before he lowered it back into the case.

"Ah...Danke," he muttered.

The boy beamed.

"I'm Topi," he said happily. "Topi Vihtori. Sometimes äiti (mother) calls me Helsinki." The boy, Topi, paused and glanced at Kurt expectantly, his delicate, porcelain hand already outstretched.

Kurt's blush deepened and he took the hand with obvious reluctance, his violet eyes focused on the plush carpet beneath their feet.

"...Kurt," he sighed. "Kurt Mozart. They call me Vienna."

Topi smiled again, and Kurt's heart lurched.

Why did that happen? What's wrong with me?

"How old are you?" Topi asked pleasantly, apparently oblivious to the fact that their hands were still clasped.

"...Eight," Kurt murmured.

"Oh wow, you're really old," Topi giggled, causing the Austrian to frown again. "I'm six. Six is a good age, kyllä (yes)?"

"I like being eight," Kurt snapped. He stiffened at the surprised look on Topi's face, waiting for the boy's face to crumple, for the tears to start rising in those bright indigo eyes and pour down those porcelain cheeks, just as they had poured down the cheeks of countless others. His Spanish and Italian cousins, Sebastian's Polish friend Akiana, even Sebastian himself... They had all learned to hate him, to stay away from his temper... Why should Topi be any different?


Kurt blinked and focused again on the Finnish boy, his lips parting in surprise when the younger boy smiled at him, his bright, silver head cocked to the side in confusion.

"W-Why what?" Vienna demanded, struggling unsuccessfully to soften his tone.

"Why is eight a good age?" Helsinki asked curiously.

"I- Because- Ah..." Kurt paused and glanced down at his violin, his eyes softening at the sight of the burnished wood. "...because I got mein Geige (my violin)."

Topi's eyes followed Kurt's. He nodded silently, his expression bright with silent reverence as he studied the instrument.

"... Eight is a good age," the Finn sighed. "I hope I get that old."

Kurt frowned slightly and glanced back at Helsinki, confused. "Why wouldn't you?"

Topi blinked up at him, his brow furrowing in the tiniest hint of a frown. He opened his mouth to speak, his eyes widening when no sound escaped his throat except for a small, hoarse gasp.

Kurt yelped as the Finn suddenly collapsed at his feet, his slim shoulders shuddering in time with the rattling gasps that broke past his lips. Topi looked up at Kurt with wide, frightened eyes, his trembling fingers reaching tentatively for Kurt's feet.

"H-Help... Help!" Kurt croaked. "Helfen sie ihm, bitte! (Help him, please!) Help him!"

Footsteps came towards the room, echoing in Kurt's ears, pounding in time with the thrumming of his heart. The Austrian forced himself to stay where he was, his knees buckling beneath him as he reached out to grab Topi's tiny hand. Helsinki stared up at him, tears spilling across his perfect features as another shudder ripped through his trembling frame.

"D-Don't cry... You're going to be alright, o-okay? S-Someone's coming," Kurt stammered.

The door burst open and Iceland ran into the room, an anxious Liechtenstein close behind him. Emil bent immediately to lift Topi into his arms, his stoic features crumpling with worry at the sight of his nephew. Kurt whimpered and made to follow Iceland as the Nordic left the room, only to have Lilli hold him back.

"It's okay," Liechtenstein whispered gently. "Just give them a minute. Emil knows how to help your friend."

"He's not my f-friend," Kurt choked, his violet eyes still locked on the door that had shut behind the tiny Finn.

Lilli raised her eyebrows but kept silent, her fingers brushing gently through Kurt's silky blond hair.

"Sebastian was worried about you," she murmured. "He's out in the living room with Davin, Freya, and Christian right now."

"I don't know them," Kurt snapped.

"Davin is Topi's big brother. Him and Freya are both pretty quiet, but I'm sure you all would get along... And you've met Christian. He came out to meet you when we walked in the door."

Kurt winced, remembering the loud platinum-blond blur that had nearly tackled Iceland to the ground and sent him running for his life.

"...I want to wait... for Topi," he mumbled.

Liechtenstein smiled despite herself and nodded. "I'll ask Emil if you can when he comes back."

Kurt bowed his head and knelt beside his violin case, his hands shaking as they tucked the gleaming instrument back into its case.

"Danke," he whispered.

Iceland sighed heavily as he left Topi's room. This had been the second attack in a week... Hadn't the doctors said that that was a bad sign? God, why the hell did he even agree to watch these kids? It was painful enough watching his nephew suffer when he wasn't the one in charge... He didn't even want to picture Tino's face when Finland learned that his son had collapsed again...

Emil turned to go back into the living room, only to freeze when he nearly collided with the silent boy that was now staring at him over the edge of a shiny violin case, his violet eyes latched onto Iceland's with an odd mixture of irritation and worry.

"...Is Topi okay?" Kurt asked.


Vienna hesitated and glanced down at his case before forcing himself to look back at the pale Nordic country.

"Can I... see him?"

Emil blinked slowly, his thoughts flashing back to the small boy that had stared up at him with bleary eyes and mouthed something about a violin. He nodded.

"He's resting but... Yeah."

Kurt nodded stiffly in thanks before walking silently into the room, leaving a surprised Iceland in his wake. Emil paused for a moment before edging closer to the half-open doorway, careful to keep himself hidden as he strained to hear the hushed whispers that had suddenly filled the silence.

"...happens a lot but it's okay! I just hate making people worry..."

"I wasn't worried... Just... Ah..."

"Are you lonely, Kurt?"

Silence for a moment. Then: "Ja. I... I'm not nice."

"I think you're nice."


"Want to be friends?"

"...Want to listen to another song?"

"Ooo! Kyllä! (Yes!) What song?"

"It... It's one of mine..."

"You wrote it?"

"...Ja... It's okay if you don't want to-"

"I want to listen to it...Please."

Emil waited until the softest whispers of a melody had started to leak into the hallway before he turned away, the smallest of smiles playing across his features.

...Maybe he would have something good to tell Tino and Berwald when they came home.